Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

I want a mascara that doesn’t clump on me. So I got this in hope that it won’t. It claimed that it won’t. And yea it won’t as long as I don’t use more than one coat. Two coats still alright, but some lashes will appear more close to each other than one coat will gives. But with two coats, you can see volume. This is a really wet mascara. So I am still hoping that it will eventually dry out. It is quite messy though. It just go over my lids, no matter how careful I am at applying. Another bad thing is that it will smudge and run off eventually. It isn’t a waterproof mascara so that’s that. Another but is that it is not easy to remove.
It has a rubber bristle.
Will repurchase? No.

Barry M Creme Lipstick

I love the packaging of this. It’s rubbery like NARS. It is also quite small and compact. This is in the shade 147. A pretty peachy color. The perfect summer color in my opinion. Sadly I just can’t pull it off. I find that the color doesn’t suit me. The formula is alright, creamy, pigmented. You kind of have to scrub your lips before using this. For some reason it appears quite patchy on the lips. And despite the beautiful swatched, it still allow my pigmented lips to show through, so I think this will be better on people who have less pigmentation on the lips.
A real pity, and how I wish I have more lipstick shades to try on.

Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask

michael toddUgh, I look weird in this photo. It is like my forehead sunk.

Anyway, I’ve been trying out the Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask from Michael Todd. It said to be extra absorbent for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. So I think this mask is perfect for me.

It has quite a weird smell. I cant put my finger on what scent it is, but it is not revolting, just not pleasant either. The texture is quite like a gel. So it is nice to put on all over the face. It is quite translucent and thin, doesn’t irritate my skin.

It says to put on for 10-15 minutes, but I find that only after 15 minutes or so, it started to harden. I will then find it hard to smile, which of course I will, as I just like to see the mask cracking. Therefore I will leave the mask on longer than the stated timing.

Washing out the mask is quite a tedious work. I use warm water to wash off. It will get all soft and leathery like a facial wash. I then have to keep rubbing my hands around for awhile for it to be gone. It takes time, but it’s worth. My face will be so soft after. It’s just so “bouncy” like those facial wash commercials; the way they demonstrated the softness of their face.

So I really like the after effect. Therefore, I will recommend this mask to anyone with oily or combination skin.

Bi-White Med Whitening Replumpling Gel Cream

This doesn’t smell as bad as the essence. Plus it is in a gel form so that is nice. It is absorb into the skin upon application and doesn’t leave my skin too oily. So yes I do love gel formula. However this kind of irritate my skin. I never thought my skin to be the sensitive type. But after trying out a lot of brand and a lot of products actually do break me out, now I believe I have sensitive skin. Well at least mostly towards whitening products.
So ya, a nice gel texture cream, I will recommend for anyone without sensitive skin.

EverStrong Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

A set for thinning hair. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I find that this get used up pretty quickly.
Shampoo smells of rosemary. Conditioner smells of mint. I love it. Even though the conditioner has rosemary in it too, but the mint scent is strong. I really like how refreshing it is. Just wakes me up. My hair smells good. Shampoo lathers pretty well. Last me a day too. As for my hair dropping? Doesn’t do anything to help it.
I like conditioner better cause of the scent. So if I were to choose, I choose the conditioner over the shampoo. But seriously conditioner just helps smooth my hair and doesn’t do anything else. And it the first place my hair is already quite smooth on its own.

Will repurchase? Ya.

Korres Lip Butter Stick

The only nice thing about this is that it has SPF15. I love my lip balm and as this is a lip butter, it is suppose to be more moisturizing. The color is also tools here for me. It just doesn’t flatter my lips. It has a light tint of orange but it doesn’t perk me up. It is good as a neutral shade I guess, but I usually wear tinted lip balm cause I want some color on my face.
The thing is, the more I use this the better it gets. I guess cause I am getting used to it. Still not a fan of the color, but the formula I can get used too. It is quite smooth, easy too apply. Bigger than the normal Chapstick, so it is nicer going over the lips. But it can get messy especially if your lips are smaller. Overall, it is ok. I don’t love it, but since I have it, I’ll keep using it.

Will repurchase? No.
In other color? No.

15 Pan Concealer

I thought it will be fun to pick up a concealer that allow you to pick and match the color for your own face. Sure it is fun, but I still don’t know the proper shade for me. Every time I use this, it will be a trial and error kind of moment.
The concealer is creamy and light. Easy to blend and use. The green to counter the red on the face. The first color is for highlight. The darker shades can be use for contour. The pink for brightening. But I really feel if you are just using makeup on your own, it’s silly to have this. Most of the color won’t be used. So this will only be good to be use on many people who have different skin tone. But this concealer don’t last very long. So it isn’t that good in first place.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear

The good thing: SPF15
Bad: Sticky beyond help.
This is the stickiest lipgloss I’ve ever tried on. Sure all long wearing gloss tend to be on the sticker side, but I think this just feels so uncomfortable on the lips. Lasting power also not very long, maybe just 3 hours plus. Ok, it is longer than normal gloss, but it is just so unpleasant to wear that you just don’t really try to do anything with your mouth. So it just sit there unmoving. Most of the time, I remove them minutes after trying again.
The color is pretty though. Pink with gold specks. Doesn’t have any scent. So disappointing with this one. Luckily it is just a sample size and comes free with purchase.


With red lips, I need a blush that doesn’t give me a clown look. I need something subtle yet pretty. Something that doesn’t shine. Reviews kept saying that theBalm Fratboy is the prefect blush for those days when you don’t know what blush to use. Wel,they are right, the color is just neutral. It gives a hint color on the cheek without screaming look at me. I find myself reaching a lot for it as it really is a good blush for any occasion.
The blush is smooth. The packaging is sleek. Lasting power is average.
Will repurchase? Yes.
In other color? Yup.

Rouge Allure in Passion

Rouge Allure in Passion
Upon research, they say this lipstick is suppose to be a bright red. I don’t know, but to me it is more of a red with a berry undertone. It doesn’t scream bright. Or my lighting is not that bright after all. But even on the lips, it wasn’t bright. Or my pigmented lips make the color seems darker? Nonetheless it is a pretty red.
What I love about this is that it has a normal application of lipstick. As in for once, I do not have to use a lip liner to use this lipstick. It doesn’t feather out which is awesome. I still have to be careful, but I can just apply it easily. It also feels nice on the lips.

red lipsticks
So here is the comparison of some of my red lipsticks. If you look at it, you will think all red are pretty much the same. But for some reason, different lipstick just give you a different look. Even though they are pretty much the same shade. That is my excuse as I am loving red and I keep picking up red lipsticks nowadays.

Will repurchase? Yes, love Chanel lipsticks.
In other color? Yes.