First Impression: Ace Liposome Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask

You know how I don’t like masks that have extra layer of plastic to help keep its shape, this has 2 extra layers. At first I don’t know why the mask is so weird. After getting rid of the white plastic sheet, there is just this blue thing that makes putting the mask very uncomfortable. Plus it is just way too big.
So you see, it just looks weird. Then I read the instruction. It said to put it on and make it perfectly fit then peel off the blue layer. The hard part is positioning it, the mask doesn’t stick onto my face, it kept sliding off. I had to remove the blue sheet holding the mask away from my face. Then I had to readjust the thin mask back onto my face. Too messy for my liking.

So this mask is for revitalizing, anti-aging and whitening. Doesn’t irritate my skin so that is good. The only other thing I feel after using this mask is how sticky it made my face feel. It is just too rich for me? Even though reviews said that oily skin tend to have poor absorption of skincare product. So obviously this is targeted for people with oily and combination skin. Just doesn’t do anything for me though. Quite disappointing.

It has a scent that reminded me of Cetaphil moisturizer. Too medical like.

I don’t like the size of the mask, too big for my face. I totally get the extra sheets. I am sure it will help everyone who use this. Promising benefits, but I don’t see a difference. Well ya, I used it once, but still. So no.

$22.90 from Sasa for 3 pieces.

Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette

vivo shimmerLove baked product, especially food. What I wouldn’t do for a freshly baked bread right now. Anyhow, this is quite unexpected. For the picture online, I thought it will be a much more neutral palette. I guess not.

This is in shade Divine and comes with a blush and 4 shadows. The blush is really beautiful. A bit too shimmery for my liking though. It looks really bright as in dark on the packaging, more like a deep pink, but when swatch, it’s just a pigmented pink shade. It is pretty, but the shimmer just makes me not use it very much.

Like all baked products I tried, these are smooth and pigmented. However the colors I picked up is just something I don’t use much. Yellow and green, when will I ever touch that? I am not daring enough to use those colors on my lids. Yellow can appear light green, while the green can be more teal. They’re pretty not gonna deny that, but it is just something to look at. The other two colors are more wearable. A gorgeous brown and a darker one when swatch. On the back of the packaging, the colors just don’t match very well.
I guess this will be a really fun palette to have. I mean, they do even show you where to apply the shadows. I just can’t find myself using yellow. So I do quite regret buying this. I will be great palette for someone who will use all the shades as it will be great to bring around.

First Impression: Palmer’s smoothing shampoo

Extra virgin olive oil for shiny hair is to smooth out frizzy hair, replenish moisture and nutrients and remove product buildup. I used this on the day where I have a lot of product on my hair. I used a lot of hair foam and dry shampoo. So I thought it was a good time to try this. It is quite a foaming shampoo. After rinsing, my hair is quite strip out if moisture. So it really does get rid of buildup. But any shampoo used in a day, it will be fine for me. So it is not a good test to see how good this shampoo is. Well, more of how good is this shampoo for me. Well at least it smells good.

Tea Tree Oil

I tried a few of tea tree oil products from TBS, but never just the oil. So this is just a little sample of 1ml. I expected 1ml to be so much less than that. Now I know why I can always use sample for more than one time. Anyway, I am sad to say that the tea tree oil doesn’t do anything for skin. Just like everything from the line that I’ve tried, it doesn’t work. So it’s disappointing.

La Prairie Age Management Balancer

My aunt doesn’t like this so she gave me. If there is one thing I have a lot of at home is toner. She said this is the most expensive toner ever. Not sure about that as I don’t know how much this cost. This is 250ml though, so that’s a lot. Probably that factor in the cost.
I am not big on the smell. It just has a very strong artificial alcohol scent. I also feel that it is just a toner just like any other. I don’t really see how this helps my skin.
I have toner that I actually like using, which I really think is normal. But the point is I enjoy using it. This, I don’t really like using it. It does its job though. It helps to get rid of leftover residue so that’s good. Still, I don’t think it is worth the price. Have anyone use this?

Ck Creme Lipstick in Ethereal

ck lipstickI guess ck is suppose to be a higher end brand, however their packaging is kind of cheap. It is just a plain black plastic. So I am not a big fan of their packaging considering the price.
The lipstick is creamy and has a scent of starburst. I feel like eating them every time I open the cover. It swatched beautifully. It just doesn’t cover the lips nicely. It shows the lines and emphasize on the cracked lips. So I will only recommend this for people who has smooth lips.
The color is a neutral pink. But it is more bright on the lips. Still a light pink, but just not appear brighter on the lips, despite me having pigmented lips. I really like how it swatch, and I really wish the color will appear that way or that the formula will be better. So that is too bad.

Dermedex Challenge Pack

The challenge is to use these 2 products for 3 days to get better skin. Challenge accepted.
Biotox cleanser [10g] is quite nice, quite minty. It feels like a cream, but it lathers on quite smoothly. It doesn’t foam up. Even though it says it will. It said you can use this as a mask, but seeing the texture if it, I don’t see how it can be use as such. Too fragile, the consistency that is. Oh, it will foam up if I use quite a lot. But the instruction say to just use a tiny amount.

Biotox refining cream 2 [5g] smells really weird, like ulcer medicine, Bonjela. So it is really unpleasant to put on. Overall thoughts: only the first day I feel that this product is really working. The rest of the time, sure it dry out my blemishes, but that is it. It doesn’t improve it.

Therefore, challenge failed!

Missha BB

You can’t see from this bad quality picture, but the bottle is really gorgeous. The product is also in swirl alternating between white and beige. The white being the moisturiser and the beige the foundations. It’s just really fun to look at. Plus the more you use, the product will go up instead of down, so it’s really nice to see. Plus it doesn’t expose with the air in the container, makes it last longer.
The bb cream has a really nice texture, almost like a gel. I guess it can also feel like a mousse, but less bouncy. It is smooth and so easy to apply. It is nice using fingers to apply, which is the best way to use this.

I only need one pump to cover my whole face. Not a really great pump, cause you have to tilt the bottle and it doesn’t come out smooth as it is thicker than most liquid foundation. So some cream can land on the bottle.

It is quite a light medium coverage. Doesn’t cover under eye blackness though. It is whitening, so it does cover redness. Anyway, the color is too light for me. It doesn’t match my face. So I guess this will only work for people with a MAC NC25 and lighter. So the redness coverage ability may be just cause of it being too light for my skin.

The finish is a dewy finish and basically just makes my face brighter. Putting a setting powder, just makes it appear cakey, so I don’t like that at all. It is a good bb for when you don’t spend time under the sun. I find that it tends to melt and makes my face appear oily. If I just spend most of time indoors, especially in air conditioned room, then this is quite good. So ya, I have a love hate relation with this.

All in all, I think this will be good for people with dry to normal skin or those who need the extra moisture.

Ravishing Love

ravishing loveWhenever I went into VS, I will be so overwhelm by the selection of scent they have. At least going to TBS, I will have a rough idea what to get, as I pretty much tried them all. My cousins got me this as it was 3 for 2. It is blackberry and lilac scented body lotion. It just smells so lovely.

The cream is thick once you apply it on, takes time to apply it on your skin, but it is really fast at absorption. I don’t feel sticky and my skin feels smooth.

The scent does linger, but once its on your skin, it is not as strong.

Overall, it is a good moisturizing lotion the body. And not just some gimmicky scented lotion that looks pretty. so if you love scent, try out Victoria’s Secret lotions.

Gentle Purifying Scrub

avene scrub
I am not a big fan of the wp app on iPhone. Every time I upload a photo, the picture is so huge. This is only 50ml, a travel size. Really good sensitive skin as it is just so gentle. I also like that it is pink. Just gives it a very clean, refresh feel. It is a good scrub just for daily use, but for a deep cleanse, this is not it. But it does its job at removing makeup and even waterproof mascara. So it is that good.