Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack

This cost like $45 for a pack of 16 I think, and each pack is 3ml which is a lot for a one time use. You are suppose to use it once, but I don’t like wasting product so I’ve used it for 5 times, and even then there is some left. It probably is not good for my skin, but I’ve not have any bad reaction to it.
So I really do like the packaging, but I really wish it was smaller. Like I feel even 1ml will be too much for my face. At first I thought the clear substance was water. It is actually a gel like substance. Really nice to touch. The white part is the whitening part. There are a lot of blogs dedicated to the science if this product, so I apologize that this is not one of them. Honestly, sometimes I am interested why a product work, but most times, I just care about the feel of it. And this is that case or most of my posts for that matter.

It really is fun mixing the 2 substances together. You are suppose to use a clean spatula which is provided if you buy the while set, but since this is a sample, I just use cotton bud. Cotton bud can be bad as sometimes there are little cotton flyaway. But get a good new unexposed cotton bud, and no problem.

The mixture is gel like, which is my favorite kind. Plus it smells so good. It feels cooling on the skin and really fun nice on the fingers. It was a bit sticky though. It just feels heavy. I can feel it on the skin. It is not that comfortable, like I know these is something on my face. It really takes awhile for the product to sink in.

You are suppose to use it 2-3 times a week on top of your skincare. But I really see no difference. I don’t feel oily the next day so that is the good thing about this.

I also find that the less amount I use, the faster it sinks in. So it becomes less heavy and just nicer experience overall. I wouldn’t purchase this, but it will be a fun product to have when having sleepovers with your girlfriends. It is fun, like making those DIY Japanese candy. Plus everyone can just use their own cotton bud to get the product.

Better than Sex Mascara

After hearing about how awesome this mascara is about 4/5 months ago. I really wanted to try one. So I got this kit from Sephora that contain 4 Too Faced mini item. I cant seem to find the picture of it. Anyway, I finally got it an the bristle is so huge. It covers my whole eye.
This is not a waterproof mascara, and after applying it will be crisp, so it wont just disappear on you. But it is not smudge proof so I tend to always get black eye at the end of my day as I most often than not will rub my eye. The non-waterproof formula makes removing mascara so much easier. I like that about this.

It is quite a dramatic finish. But I also find that my lashes look quite natural. I mean as natural as they can get with mascara on. So ya, I like it. A lot. But it is still not the best mascara for me.

The applicator is an hourglass shape. The bristles are randomly placed. So it is not neat and it somehow works. It grabs on onto the lashes really nicely. It coats every lashes. So far, it doesn’t really clump on me. The only problem I have is that it smudge. I usually get mascara all over my lid. I guess cause the brush is way too big.

So that is it about this mascara. It smudges, it is not waterproof, but I don’t feel negative about it. So maybe just a thumb up from me.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

My favorite foundation in the whole world (first impression) or at least at the moment. It really depend on my skin. If it is not that too oily, it is great. When my skin is super oily, this gives a matte finish for a while. Then it becomes oily.
This is intensity 2.0 which is a bit light for me. I think the perfect shade will be a shade up. But it kind of blend quite alright. It is smooth, but I did learn, it’s the moisturiser that makes your skin smooth, or the primer. Anyway, it is a medium coverage. I like it as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but it is good enough without the need to use concealer. I have to really use a good setting powder to prolong the matteness.

Even though this is a long lasting foundation, I find that it starts to wear off at the 5h mark. A primer will maybe help by another 2h? So it is not really that long wearing after all. But it’s Singapore weather, so melting is mandatory.

This has a light SPF of 10, so it’s good for photograph. At least my skin looks pretty much ok in photos whenever I use this. That is why despite everything, I still like it.

Lollipops Glossy Lipstick in Fatal Cocktail

Never heard of the brand. It feels more like a gloss than lipstick. I guess that’s why it is call glossy lipstick. It looks more like an orange on tube. Well I guess Fatal kind of describe something more orangey red but ya, I swear on some lighting it looks more of a pink.
I like the packaging. It is suede and sleek, so it is nice to bring around. The lipstick is soft, so just need to turn a bit and hope that it won’t chip off. The texture is nice, not crazy pigmented, gives of the color, but I feel that my lip color still show through. Lasting power is at most 2 hours? It really is more like gloss in a lipstick form.

First Impression: Taut Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask

Firming, hydrating and brightening.
$49.50 /5pcs a box
Recommended for even the most sensitive skin type.
Oh dear, I really do not like this mask. Firstly it is just too big for me. The fit is not right. Secondly, it says for sensitive skin but barely 30 seconds, my face hurts. It is like as if I have an open wound on my cheek. It just irritate my face. But since it says to put on for 10 minutes (the only mask that say below 15), so I 忍. I just hold on till times up.

It doesn’t fully dry out, so it is moisturizing, I give it that. Firming, I don’t feel it. Brightening? Yes my face looks whiter. So it is actually not bad. But, yes I don’t like it cause now my face itches. It is just so uncomfortable. I am going to wash my face now.

Updated: oh no, I have pimples all around cheeks. I’m utterly depress right now.

EcoTools Deluxe Fan

I wanted a fan brush. For some reason it doesn’t feel complete without one. Fan brush can be used for highlighting, a light contour or all over powder. I guess it can be used for blush too.
This is made from soft, cruelty-free bamboo bristle, has a recycled aluminum ferrule and sleek bamboo handle. So I know that EcoTools has change their design which is nicer I feel. Quality is still the same. Price is still fair. There’s no fall out during washing. Really recommended.

Mega Rich Body Lotion

In a foreign country, when the weather is crazy cold, the first thing I do is search for moisturizer. The key word is rich, be it for my face or body. So this Mega-Rich lotion is just music in my ears, or eyes since I read it. Anyway, it is a really thick cream that gets a while to smooth over the skin. Doesn’t have any specific scent. Surprisingly it absorbs into the skin quickly. So it’s really nice. But that’s because the weather is cold. So in hot weather like Singapore, it will be a no.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare

After a lot of raves from the internet, I had to grab MUR. I bought the Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette and some lipsticks. I just had a weakness of the moment, and I bought a whole lot of lipstick. However I only tried one. This is in the shade Dare, a suppose to be bright red. It is a matte shade, and surprisingly easy to use. I do not need to use lip liner at all. I guess that is why I love it so much. I really love it. It is just so pretty on the lips. I am a bit crazy for red at the moment, but it can be a hassle to apply. So this is one that I’ve been reaching for all the time, cause it is just so easy.
From the picture it looks more of a pinkish red. And yes from some lighting it does appear that way. However most of the time, it looks red. It is not as pigmented as I thought it would be. But it can be layered, so it will be more pigmented. I really feel my photo don’t do justice to this lipstick. It is just a daily easy to use red lipstick that is quite long lasting. Plus it is matte, so it is nice. It is comfortable on the lips. Doesn’t really transfer on the glass. I am kind of going around with this review. I just have nothing to say except everyone should have it.
Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare

Institut Karite shower creme & hand cream

institut kariteI have here the Rejuvenating Hand Cream and the Extra Gentle Shower which is a soap. I like both as they remind me of milk. The shower cream is really moisturising, the consistency is more liquify. The scent is nice, however I feel that it doesn’t transfer onto the body. It leaves you feeling clean, doesn’t stink but doesn’t have that extra scent.

I feel that the scent of the hand cream is much stronger. The texture is smooth, albeit thick. A bit oily on the hand. So a little goes a long way. It doesn’t soak into the skin straight away. So I don’t really like this as a hand cream. What I like to do is apply it only on the back of my hands.

It is great on the elbows and knees though. Those areas that are extra drying, this is good for that. The packaging is ok. It is not hard to open and close. Overall, it is alright but not something I will buy again.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask

Sometimes I can be quite gullible and fall through marketing traps such as cutesy products. This masks I bought just because I want Hello Kitty. There are a few Hello Kitty masks around, but I picked this cause it said strawberry on it.
The mask is too big for my face. It is quite a thin mask, but wasn’t as fragile. It is also very messy, lots of essence, which is good if you like more product, but I don’t like it. I rather have a dryer mask. It just gets so messy having droplets falling of your mask. The scent is quite lovely, makes me think of strawberry even though it doesn’t smell like one. It just mentally will gives you strawberry, I guess it’s cause of the packaging.
I don’t think this mask really do anything. I don’t see the glowing skin, even though I’ve used it quite religiously every other day. Plus I don’t like the fact that it is sticky. Every time I remove the mask, my face will feel really sticky, and will remain that way for at least 10 minutes. So I only do just like the sweet scent of this.