Passion of Polish

Exfoliating body moisturizer in Cheerful Smile.
This smells good. It has tiny beads that will melt into the skin. It is suppose to be an exfoliating body lotion, but I can’t feel that. The beads are spares and really gentle. It is easy to apply and takes about a minute to sink in. However it will just get quite sticky eventually. So not something I will use again. I guess it is just the humid weather here. I think this will be ok in colder countries.

2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-moist

These are for dry and damaged hair. My hair is oily, but again I just don’t want to waste them. I like the scent. I feel the conditioner smells stronger. But it doesn’t really matter. After drying my hair, the scent is quite soft. The only thing I like about this is that I feel there is less hair drop using this. The bad, my hair feels oily after about 5h.
The shampoo is quite a thick shampoo. You just need a little to lather up. Conditioner is soft and easy to rinse out. Overall should be good for anyone with dry hair.
Will repurchase? No.

Color Elixir Giant Pen Stick

Can’t get hold of Cover Girl, but I heard Maxfactor is practically the same. So here I have a lip crayon in the color Foxy Amber. This doesn’t twist up, so you have to manually sharpen it which can be a hassle. Other than that, it is great. I love the color. A really pretty bright pink. It is glossy too. And it kind of stain the lips a little. It is super comfortable to wear on the lips and last quite a long time. I recommend this but so far I can only get in the UK and I can’t remember how much it cost.

Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream

Has vitamin C with SPF 50, so that’s really good.
This has quite a herbal scent. It is semi thick, quite easy to blend and will sink into the skin. It can appear quite grey on some area of my face. For a shade Fair, I can wear this without problem. I just have to really blend. It doesn’t seems to give a good coverage. I guess for people with fair skin, it will be a better average coverage.
It is an alright bb cream, but I really like the high SPF. Even though it doesn’t leave my skin looking matte, I enjoy using this as I feel I am protected from the sun. I wouldn’t purchase the full size, but I will gladly purchase the samples for beach vacation.

Mega Volume Mascara

I got a bad batch, I’m sure of it. The mascara is just so dry. So there is practically no product in the brush. And true enough when I dismantle the mascara, all the dry practices are stuck at the bottom of the tube. I do lime the brush though. Even though it is big, the bristle is plastic but the combs are tiny and disperse. So it grabs on to the lashes. Since the mascara is useless, at least I can make use of the comb as a lash separator. But I am still disappointed.

MT Honey And Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser

I’ve been sharing this cleanser with my sister. To be honest I asked her to use this cause it doesn’t do much for my skin so I just want it to be finish ASAP. The product, the color, really reminds me of honey but less sticky. The scent is alright.
People always talk about MT and how amazing their products are especially for acne prone skin. But seriously, it doesn’t help me at all. It doesn’t help my sister too. It is not a harsh product; also not a product that I feel can clean your pore. It just feels like it cleans only on the surface. It is good as a makeup remover, which it did said that it removes makeup, but that’s all I feel it does. I mean sure my face feels clean after but I feel that it is not a deep cleanser. And I still have the occasional break out so this definitely doesn’t do much for my skin.

First Impression: My Melody Good Morning Masks

I have 4 really cute My Melody masks to try. There are all different and who could resist a Sanrio character? Not me.
[Orange] Chamomilla Vulgaris & Mint Oil Control Mask: Anti-Acne

Let your pore breathe, in the decent scent of chamomile and mint and feels instantly freshen up. Deep moisture, moderate control over oily skin and enlarged pored. Get rid of annoying oily skin and acne breakouts. Now you too can have soft supple skin with balanced sebum. Feel the difference instantly!

This is very cooling but it smells kind of weird. Doesn’t makes a different to my skin. But after, it leaves my skin really sticky. I don’t like it.

[Pink] Rose Achillea Whitening Mask: Extra Whitening

Indulge in the elegant fragrance of organic Bulgarian Rose. Rich in Vitamin C and Alpine Floral extracts that whitens, moisture and improve dull skin. Now with Elastin and Co Q10 to plump up your skin! Close fitting silk pulp locks in all the moisture and essential ingredient, increases the absorption, so you can have flawless skin even without make up!!

This is cooling but not like the orange one. Plus this irritate my skin. Now I know cause it’s a whitening mask, that is why.

[Green] Lily Crystal Marine Tightening Mask: Skin tightening

Lily extracts to calm your skin. Crystal Marine from Mediterranean coastal, rich in Vitamin C, E, and minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Iron & Zinc. All of these are excellent anti-aging agent. Apply at night, your skin will become healthy glow the next morning just like after spa!!

This is alright. Doesn’t smell bad. It is very cooling and leave my skin smooth. Mentally, my face looks smaller, but that is just what I like to believe.

[Purple] Lavender& Lemongrass Brightening Mask: Soothing

Let your skin enjoy the double goodness of lavender and lemongrass, together with ginseng & ginger extracts. These finest hydro molecules will penetrate to the deepest layer of skin so you can now have a bright, glowing skin!!

This is the only one that smells really good. Really cooling and very refreshing. But my brows kept itching after 5 minutes if wear.

Overall I am not such a fan of these masks. They are just too big for me, too messy and too thin. They are so easy to get torn. Plus I really do not like masks that have extra plastic to keep its shape, even though the plastic is there for a reason.
I guess one good thing is that the masks doesn’t dry out after the 20mins you are suppose to put on. But to me, that is annoying. Cause once I remove the mask, it will still be kind of messy. They are just too generous with the essence, which is suppose to be good but I don’t like. Also it’s so fragile that once I stick it on my face, it is so hard to readjust. If I move it a bit, it will tear. And so cause of the packaging, these are a no for me.

Rouge Allure Laque 75

Rouge Allure Laque 75Chanel liquid lipstick and yes another red. I think when it comes to Chanel lip product, you kind of have to only choose the color red. Ok that’s not true, as I do have others that are not red.

This is a muted red. It has hint of brown in it. But really depend on the lighting.

The pigmentation is superb. The application is good. The brush kind of make it easy to apply without going over the line. It’s precise. It is smooth. It is shiny. It is beautiful and it is pricey. Well I am not the one who buy this, so I don’t know the price. I also don’t know if it is a full size.

But just look at it. Every time I apply this, I always think of candied apple; or Snow White. Just so pretty. The best part is, it doesn’t look scary worn in the day. So it’s good.

Will repurchase? Yup!!
In other color? Yes!!

Aloxxi Colourcare Hydrating Shampoo

So this is for preserving color and helps repair damage. I don’t have colored hair, I wonder Bellabox kept giving shampoo to me that is not for my hair need. Oh well, this smells exactly like redoxon, those vitamin C supplement that you are suppose to pop into the water and wait for it to fizz up then you can drink it. So l love the smell cause it’s nostalgic. The container is nice too.
For once I use this quite fast. Usually a 45ml could last me 2 weeks, but I took less than a week to go through this shampoo. It is a nice shampoo, not drying. But as always it’s not targeted for oily hair. So I will get oily after 10 hours or something. Plus I find that my hair drop more. As in I find more strands of hair on the floor, so that’s not good. I think I really need to stop subscription to beauty boxes, but I always have the thoughts of I don’t want to miss out. It’s so frustrating.

Epicuren Eye Cream

I kind of like this for it is cooling on the eyes. It doesn’t work in a day. With constant wearing, my dark circle starts to disappear so it’s like finally something I can see a difference in. However when I have puffy eye (right eye), it will only remove the the puffiness and not the blackness. So that’s not good. I like it cause I can see an improvement but bad cause it is not that good. I guess this is more for anti aging, so I shouldn’t expect too much.
The packaging is not that good too. The pump is nice to have but the product eventually get stuck there. Therefore still not a good enough eye cream for me.