First Impression: Choosy Black Pearl

This smells so nice, unlike White Pearl. This smells like lollipop, really makes you want to eat it up. So I enjoy using this more. The longer you use it, the gel kind of shrink. It doesn’t threaten to come off, so it’s nice. My lips feel nice after less flaky but it’s still quite dry. So I guess constant use would be better. I will definitely repurchase this and will try the rest of the pack except of the white pearl. 

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This cost £4.17 without tax. It’s a nice light glass bottle with a droplet. The look is very clean and simple and the direction is on the bottle itself. If you have a lot of The Ordinary product, it may be hard to keep track of them all. But it’s just a handful, then should not be a problem. 

This is a serum for blemish prone skin. But personally it’s just alright for me. It’s watery so it’s good as application as is easy. But it just feels so sticky on my skin. I have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry before I can use a moisturiser. So it’s not good for daily use when I’m in a rush. 

Other than that for less than $10, I think you got nothing to lose. Plus its minimal design is nice for the table top. 

Horse Oil Cream

I don’t like this. It smells funny and break me out. My Cousin swear by this though. Not all skin are born equally. This gives her such plump healthy looking skin. Her skin is more on the normal side that needs a lot of moisture. While mine is just oily and prone to break outs. So this is either too rich for me or there’s something in it that doesn’t suit me. Oh well, to each her own. 

Huda Beauty The Nude Collection Liquid Matte

Decided to get this when heard people say that Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick out there. It dries down matte pretty fast. Really pigmented and the wand is nice. I decided to get the nude collection, cause I’m just safe that way. So the mini is really nice, cost me about £27.50 minus tax. It just nice applying this. It feels good. One coat is all you need. However, this feels kind of tacky on the lips. It’s slightly sticky, so that doesn’t feel drying. Rubbing your lips together is not a nice feeling. But I still enjoy applying this on. So, 4 different nude shade for every skin tone/ occasion. 

Venus is a nude nude. It’s slightly warm, but looks good on. It’s a kind of colour, you will pick out in a crayon if you want a colour in a tan shade. I like it enough, cause usually this kind of shade can wash me out, surprisingly this doesn’t. 

Trendsetter is slightly in the brick nude. It is more earthy, more red undertone. you cant really see the red, but it’s there underneath. On the lips, it is just brown. The oil in the tube easily separated for this one, but nothing that could be fix. It looks natural on me. 

Flirt is a deep brown nude. It is so dark when swatched. Like a tree trunk kind of brown. In my lips, has a slight greyish vibe. But still looks quite alright. With this, makeup is needed, if not I’ll look quite dead. 

Bombshell is a nude with a pink undertone. It is the kind of shade that I usually pick up. This is just more nude on the lips. It’s nice. I like it. Usually those I tried is either too nude or too pink. This just strike a nice balance in between. 

Overall, I like all of these shades. In their own way, they are different than the ones I already have. I can look at my collection closer, but it is just different on the lips. The best part about this is probably the packaging. It’s a frosty glass like tube that makes it super fancy. Applying this is wonderful. While Colour Pop is way cheaper, it just doesn’t feel luxurious as Huda. I really think it’s the packaging. Or maybe the fact that Huda’s are more oily so it feels nicer. 

I wouldn’t buy them again or the other shades unless there is really a shade that is very unique. For the price, there are others out there that is much better. And I think a matte lipstick is probably more fun to own. But if I didn’t have this set, I would always wonder about it. So no regret. Well, of course not, after all, I do enjoy using them. 

Shills Eye Am Beautiful Eye Masks

It’s so nice to see all the colourful eye masks together. Each mask cost TW29 and all have a different shape. 

Tightening & Angi-wrinkle eye mask should be good with anyone with a broad face. For me, the mask covers pretty much half of my face. So this should be eye and cheek mask on me. It’s alright. It’s quite wet, so you do feel like it’s worth it. But I don’t know I just like putting on mask in general. 

Don’t this one remind you of batman? I don’t see the point of the sharp pointed ears. It just gets on my hair. It’s also quite annoying cause the nose part is a bit too big. It just doesn’t stay down nicely. But this is a black mask, so it’s slightly thicker as compare to the rest, so it’s just alright. This is for brightening & whitening , but I don’t see a difference. 

Charming & hydrating eye mask is quite nice. It fits nicely. I also do feel that it hydrates the skin. My eyes appear less puffy. But this is not cooling at all. So not sure how it works. But overall, it’s fine. 

I like this one. Smoothing & moisturing black eye mask is the one that’s small enough to fit my face nicely. It is less messy thus the one I prefer among the 4. It’s nice on the face and it feels like it just wrap my eyes around it. I don’t know, I guess it’s the better mask, so I’m just feeling more positive towards this. Honestly I don’t really see a difference using this. So actually, it doesn’t really do much. Oh well, miracle doesn’t happen overnight I Guess. 

Ole Henriksen Empower Foaming Milk Cleanser

This is a cleansing milk which foam up. So it’s very soothing on the face. I like it enough, but I don’t see anything special about it. It removes makeup well and doesn’t make my face dry. But the thing is, my face is back to being oily after about 6 hours. So this is not really meant for oily skin. It’s alright, but it is not targeted as such. 

Nothing much else to say about this. 

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Número 8 

Mon Numero 8 is a very elegant scent of powdery iris, jasmine and musk. Supremely chic. Mon Numéro 8, with its luxurious mood, is like a cashmere stole draped over the bare shoulders of a lady one evening at the opera.

It’s a really lady scent like a kind of scent you only get to sniff at high end hotels. It’s just slightly powdery making it more wearable for daily than what you’ll expect of this kind of perfume. The first scent is very strong but it lingers more towards Johnson Baby Powder with a hint of dry sour plum. 

I like it enough as it’s not too strong. But it doesn’t worth the scent to me cause dry plums are what I eat when I feel nauseous. So it doesn’t scream luxury to me. 

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Eye cream, but tinted. It’s actually quite a light shade. Usually I use like a very tiny amount. So the shade doesn’t really turn up. But this just brighten up my undereye by a bit. I guess it’s a nice eye cream too. But it’s just for the morning. I like it enough for an eye cream. But I do think it’s slightly heavy for me. Cause the more I use this the more that I see milia under my eyes. So it should be this causing it. I guess, this will be good for anyone who need a rich eye cream. 

First Impression: Skinfood Egg White Pack

Bought this at about $1.80 each on Gmarket. It’s quite pricey. I didn’t know it just comes with one pack. I thought it would at least be a set of 4. Anyway, the pore pack is slightly on the smaller side. I am used to Biore’s men pore pack. This one also has no slits, so it bends around, but at least it doesn’t tear off. It managed to pull a good amount of blackheads, so not bad. Plus it’s not painful. 

The nose cool down is a gel pack. It’s cooling and nice. I feel that it fits the nose rather well. It feels like my pores did get smaller. So whether this actually works or not, I am not sure. It doesn’t matter to me, cause the price is not worth in my opinion. 

Kebelo Enriching Masque

Supposed to put this on wet hair for 10-20 minutes, then I have to shampoo and condition my hair. It is implied that the wet hair is washed.  So it’s rather troublesome using this. 

I find that this doesn’t magically make your hair super smooth. But it’s good for day 2. Usually conditioner only works for the day you apply them. But this, day 1 is bad. I feel like it doesn’t do anything for my hair. On the second day when I wash my hair, my hair is not so tangled anymore. I don’t have use conditioner and it’s fine. So yah, not exactly the best hair mask out there, but I think it’s good for long term use. but waiting for 10-20 minutes for the cream to work it’s magic before I wash my hair, it’s a bit troublesome. So I wouldn’t bother with this much.