Naked Basics 2

I wanted the Naked palette, just like most girls. I don’t even care which one. But there are many dupes of them in the market. So I was thinking, maybe I should just get the basics as I do want a matte palette. So I finally cave and bought one. Was contemplating between the 1 and 2. Finally I bought 2 cause I don’t really use black as much. 2, the darkest shade is just dark grey, which not as dark as the 1. Even though this is a cool palette, I still feel that I will use more of all these shadows as compare to the basics 1. 


The colors are:

  • Skimp – pale nude satin
  • Stark – nude-pink matte, not much pink
  • Frisk – warm gray matte
  • Cover – muted red-brown matte
  • Primal – muted brown matte
  • Undone – deep, smoky charcoal matte 

Givenchy Le Rouge

Mini lipstick is the best! This is also from the Sephora set. Surprisingly, the color is not a really hot pink. It is in the shade 202 Rose Dressing. The lipstick is smooth and really nice to apply. It also gives a clean finish. It looks really good on the lips. Comfortable too, is like you are not wearing any lipstick. The packaging is also a good quality one. Really loves this for the handbag. I do want more Givenchy lipsticks but I want these tiny ones. 


LipSurgence in Blissful

Got this in the Sephora lip set. I guess they give this out, cause the color is something most people don’t really use. It is a pretty orange, a bit on the milky side, like an orange pastel Popsicle. The gloss itself is not as pigmented, so the color is sheer out, thus making it easier to wear. It is a bit on the sticky side so it will last longer on the lips. The wand is also quite unique. The tip is a bit pointed. So like has a flat scoop. Overall is good lipgloss. Just the color takes a bit getting used to. 

Sephora 8HR Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation

I needed a new powder, as powder is the most important face product for me as I don’t like to use foundation. So I will just conceal then powder it up. There are times I don’t even bother with concealing. So I was like why not try a Sephora one. It’s only $28, and it is quite alright without the 20% sale. I only try to buy from Sephora during their sales. 

When the SA tried to color match me, I was quite surprise to get a match for Clear Light 20, which is on the lighter shade of the foundation range. The powder is alright. Will not leave you matte for 8 hours, but it is good enough. Touch up is easy enough. You just need to get use to the sponge as the shape is not round. When applied it is quite sheer but it is not transparent. So a good light application. On my face, the color is good. Even though it seems light when swatched. But since it is sheer, so it is ok.  

UV Aqua White Trial Set

I have the toner, serum and cc cream. Purifying Toner is a typical toner. So nothing much to say, but it does contains witch hazel extract. The Daily Defense Serum is nice. It is light and absorb into the skin quite easily. It has a powdery scent is that can be a bit off putting if you don’t like scents. As the brand is UV Aqua White, I always associate it with UV rays, with SPF, but these products doesn’t contain SPF so they can be use for day and night. 

The CC Cream is for care, correct and cover. It has an exquisite blend of 5 botanicals with a SPF of 30. Have to shake the bottle if not it kind of seperate. The cream is greyish tone but once blended, it will be skin tone. It is a bit too light for me. So it brigten my face up quite a bit. A little goes a long way. This is to be used as a sunscreen, skin tone corrector and/or a primer, but the color is already quite pigmented so it will be good on its on. 

Do I like these? Yah, not bad. They are small, the perfect size for traveling. I wouldn’t really buy them as I thought they are for the sun, but I guess the name is kind of misleading. Well, at least to me. So it’s alright. Worth trying out. 


GlamGlow Powermud Dual Cleanse Mask Treatment

GlamGlow Powermud! Just had to try it. This is cool cause after using it as a mask, you can wet it and it will be a cleanser. 

This has a very sweet scent. It is your light, and will spread out easily. So it’s an ease to apply. I will just apply them in a thin even layer. It doesn’t tingle, but it will heat up in certain area. I don’t know what it is. But it will sort of work on your skin. Like it will, ok it will tingle, but not as painful as the original. This also dry quite fast. They say to leave on for 5-10 minutes. And yes it will dry within that period. Lipstick in Elegant Rose

Frosty lipstick – checked. 

Not a fan of frosty lipstick, but for some reason, this does look alright on my lips. The color is not too frosty. It is not frosty, it’s just I don’t know what to call it. It’s just a light pink with a slight silver frost, which can’t really be seen. So the color is good. The pink also not so strong. It is easy to apply and glide onto the lips. The color looks good on me, the lipstick is those that will stick. For $5.50 it is not a bad product. 


Inglot Freedom Duo

I always wanted to try Inglot. In the US each shadow cost US$7. In here it cost S$12. I bought the duo palette and a brown eye shadow shade 357 at 10% discount at Wisma during their opening week. Then in June, I bought the brow powder in shade 557 at $9 after a 25% discount. I got this duo was for my brows. But I wanted eye shadows so that I can use it on the lids too. In the end I found out the different is that shadow is more fine, so it will be smoother. The brow powder will be able to grab onto the hair better. So ya. 

557 is a brown matte. Just brown. Like those crayon you use to color tree trunks when you were little. The 357 is a light tan brown. A matte color, that is is swatch as brown which is darker than the pan. So when swatch they both are quite similar. I mean you can see the difference. One is darker than the other, but it’s still some how similar. You can’t tell much on the brows. Personally it is easier to use the brow powder on the brow as compare to eye shadow. It just as what it was meant to be grab onto the hair easier. But the shadows are good too, but just takes longer. 

The products are pigmented. For the price, quality and choices, Inglot is fair. Sure it’s cheaper to buy them in the states, but still alright to buy it here especially during sales. Plus I like that you can slowly collect the colors. But it will get expensive. So buy with caution. 


TBS shower gels – Honeymania & Passion Fruit

Love the fruity scents. It was buy 1 get 1. And I had the most difficult time deciding on what to get. I just love most of the scents and there are just a few that I have not try. I know I wanted to try out their Honeymania, so I took that. I wanted to try something new too but I also wanted an old favorite. In the end I choose Passion fruit cause the color is cool. 

I always find gel is a bit harder to lather on as compare to soap. But using a puff helps a lot. It will help to foam up and making it easier to scrub. The scent is lovely. It lingers quite a bit. Not as strong as the body lotion but still very refreshing. The honey is really nice. I love the scent. It smells like honey but those fake gooey sweet scent. But more of a gentle calming sweet scent. My friend hates it though. She said it smells fake. So I guess it really is dpdp. 


Essence Lipliner – 07 Cute Pink

Love the color. It’s the perfect pink for me. It appears more on the nude pink side, I guess that is why it looks nice in the lips. As always, the lip liner is awesome just like every Essence liner I’ve tried. So it’s only a matter of color. Like this, love this and I will repurchase over and over. Cause not only I use this as an outline, I use this on its own. It just is not drying, but it stay put. It is comfortable on the lips. Just a great product to have!