BBW White Citrus Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

After using this for awhile, I conclude that I prefer the foam ones. This has a nice scent though. Its citrus with flower hints. It is quite nice for the guest room. It is light but still quite a strong scent to fill up the bathroom. So it musk away those stinky scent. Plus it is good to get rid of fishy scent too. The granules is so fine, you cant really feel it. It just get washed away under the tap just like that. So yah.


Infracyte LusciousLips – 328 Pinkalicious

My aunt bought me this saying that it is highly rave about in the clinic world. It is suppose to plump up the lips naturally. I checked online and it is $49. That’s expensive. It is a really nice pink reminded me of my the MUA plumping gloss. But this is not so shimmery. It is mostly glossy. Even though there is a shimmer in the gloss, on the lips is not so obvious. When you take a picture of it (like above), it does reflects the shimmer.

My lips look very full and luscious, true but this is quite numbing. I wouldn’t recommend on anyone with sensitive lips. It is not that comfortable on the lips. Also it kind of minty and it gives off a toothpaste scent. Not exactly pleasant unless you like that kind of scent. Personally I wont buy it. It is rather pricey. But I guess I can see the the appeal. My lips are not skinny in the first place, so lush lips is not something I actually crave. It can just look too fake. But this doesn’t give that fake look. But again, I just will not buy it.

TF Cream Color For Eyes – 08 Spice

Love this. So pigmented. So soft and creamy. Its like a mousse and a little is all you need. Which is quite hard to obtain, unless you have tiny fingers.

Spice is a beautiful bronze shade. It is shimmery. Can be faded for daytime use or pile on for a dramatic look. It takes time for the cream to set.

First Impression: boscia Charcoal Pore Minimizing Hydrogel Mask

Finally a clearer instruction on how to use the mask. Always peel off the clear lining and put on the mask. The white lining is there to keep the mask in place while you adjust the position on your face. It is harder than it sounds. It is like the mask doesn’t want to stay with the white lining. But with gel, at least once it stick and smooth on the face, it will stay in place.

I love gel mask. It is cooling and feels good on the skin. But this mask is quite itchy for me. And it is rather messy to apply. So you need to apply this in front of a mirror.

After, it is quite sticky. But under air condition, it is not so bad. This will be a good mask for dry skin or dry weather. While it itches me especially at my jaw area, I have to say this mask makes my face clearer. I just look brighter in the morning. I bought this for $12 so it is not cheap. But ya, it can be worth it I guess.

Sephora Rouge Balm – B02 Intense Rose

I wished I had gotten another colour. This looks innocent enough. But when you swatch it, it us actually a bright barbie pink. I actually love the colour on the tube, but didn’t really expect it to be so bright.

The texture is quite nice. Much like the Maybelline baby lips. It is slightly softer, prone to chipping. Not sure if the temperature is too hot or the product is too soft. It also cost $19 which is rather expensive in my opinion. Granted, I bought it at $13, still on the pricier side I’d say.

Moisturising wise, it is alright. Not say super good. But it is average. So for $19, it is not worth the value.

Eglips Oil Cut Powder Pact

This is a tiny chubby little compact. Its actually rather cute. Its a smooth powder that do take oil away. Nothing really special about it. The powder is lighter than my skintone. It disappear enough without making my face whiter. So you can say it turn translucent. But not sure if this affect those with darker skin.

Sephora Yuzu Cleansing Wipes

$7 on sale. Original is $10. So when it comes to Sephora own brand, you can wait for their 30% sale.

These wipes have the scent of yuzu. However, it feels very artificial. The scent is more like a cleaning product. I mean technically this is a cleaning product. Ignoring the scent, the product itself is normal. It cleanse alright.

I also like the packaging cause it is such a nice yellow.

First Impression: Guerisson 9 Horse Oil Hydrogel Gold Mask

This just sounds very fanciful. Horse mark is very moisturising. Guerisson has a horse oil moisturiser that has a cult following. While I do not need strong moisturiser, I do not mind trying out the mask. Gel mask too, which is fun to have on. I like it. And this come in 2 pieces so it fits on the face better. But the mask comes sandwich between a clear and white plastic that helps to keep its shape. I just never know which side to put the mask on my face. Thus it can be messy using this. And the fact that this is a soft gel mask, it is very flimsy and hard to apply. At least the mask is really nice, cooling. My face feels really nice too.

MAC Brow Duo – Brunette

I wanted to buy some shadows that can be used for the brow too. I used to get Inglot shadows and I did plan to get more. But the shop in Singapore close down. Pity.

As time pass, you just seems to find yourself not suited to some colours. Like if you get a tan or change your hair colour; the colour you use just don’t suit anymore.

So far, for now greyish tone work best for me. So I am glad that these actually work. I cannot remember how much I bought this for. There are 2 shadows, coquette and brun. Coquette is a satin muted greyish taupe. Brun is a satin muted black brown. I tend to ignore brun. I usually go with the greyish taupe kind of shade.

It’s a good product. And you can use it as eye shadows too. Cannot go wrong with MAC shadows.

Soaplah Lemon Orange Lime Liquid Gold Body Wash

Nata got me this for the wedding party gifts. It is a brand I never seen before so I am naturally curious to use this. It is a Singapore brand, so probably the first time I actually supported a home grown brand by using this. They have 4 types of Liquid gold body wash and I have 2 of them. This is the LOL which is suitable for normal to oily skin.

It has a very citrus scent. More scent of oranges than lemon, so it is quite refreshing. But it is tad drying. The scent also also linger. I like them enough, but I wont buy this again. It is just nor suitable for my skin.