RMK Casual Solid Foundation in 02

So I just got this cause it was on sale. I bought it at $15.30 from beautybay. It’s a shimmery cream foundation. When I search it, it looks like it a highlighter. The shade is more yellow like golden sand. On my face, it’s shimmery. It’s quite sheer but it will make your face glow. This is good for people with dry skin. I managed to work with it by not putting so much of it and I will avoid the nose area. It will still leave me oily after a few hours, but at least it brighten up my face for the first few hours. 

I tried using this as a highlighter, but it’s too sheer. It just sink into the face. The shade 02 is alright for me. Cause it just blend into the skin and leave with the shimmer. So it doesn’t really affect the tone. If I saw this in store, I will never purchase it. I notice this is only 3g and I used this a few time. But this barely made a dent. So I think this will last a long time. So if you have a dull looking skin, you can give this a go. 

Watsons Cleansing Wipes

I believe there are 5 of them now. I tried two of them during the buy 1 get 1 free promo. My review is here. I also buy these during the promo. That’s why I only have 2. I can’t remember what is the last one. 

3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes. I choose this cause of the mascara on the cover. This is so not for the eyes. It stink my eyes. So disappointed especially the cover has a mascara on it. 

While the Basic Facial Cleansing Wipes has 30 sheets, so I’m interested to see how the plain one fare. It’s basically just a wet tissue. It’s wet that’s good, but I feel that it’s how it will remove the makeup that matter. So it’s ok, but not a good wipe. For a full face of makeup, this will not cleanse as well. This is good to clean off swatches. But I wouldn’t want to really clean my face with this. I still did cause I don’t want to waste it. But I only use this when my face is barely with makeup. So that’s about it. 

Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream

I like this. It’s only 5ml. You’ll get this if you fly Business Class to Aussie using SQ. My aunt gave me a few. I like it cause it’s small. And the scent is quite nice. Not so strong, but alright. It’s nice on the hand. It is not so oily and will make my hand smooth. It absorb into the skin rather fast. Citrus is more of a lime lemon scent. Not really mandarin like, so it’s good. I mean the application won’t overpower the other person beside you. 

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara

This is a very nice mascara. It’s from Sasa for $25.90. Not exactly cheap, but it’s made in Japan. It’s a plastic wand with different size bristles. One side is short ones for volumising. The other side is longer and more sparse. This is to comb the lashes. It’s suppose to help with the curl. I find that it won’t really curl your lashes unless your lashes are already quite curl. Like as long as it’s not so straight and stubborn, it will kinda curl a bit. 

I like this cause it’s waterproof. And it doesn’t make my lashes too crazy. It just coats them nicely. So in term of volumising, I don’t think this does that. It’s just a nice daily natural mascara. It gives a darker lashes, as obviously it’s black and will cost them. 

The thing I don’t like is that when I apply this, it will smudge under my eyes. I think it’s the brush. Even though it’s not so big, but will touch my under eye. 

So overall, for the price, I think there are better mascara out there. But if this is cheaper, it’s a good daily mascara. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Corrective Unclogging Care 

So I’ve tried using this to help me with my imperfect skin. Doesn’t really work. I used up one tube, and I was given another 2 used tube. They were my cousins as it doesn’t work on them too so they just gave it to me. It doesn’t really do much I feel. But now when I think really hard about it and reading people’s blogs on how some product will clog their pores and such, then I realized. Maybe this is it. This help me to prevent clog pores. 

This doesn’t help with my acne. But it does sort of help to prevent new ones from forming. So I don’t know, maybe with constant use, you will get to see the result. Like if you have a mark, it sort of help a bit. I’ll just keep using it. It is not oily and help a bit in term of moisturisation. So it’s fine. 

S&G Flake Away

Among all the S&G scent, this is my fav. The body scrub is a bit hard to lather on. So the way I use this is to take a handful and add on with a bit of body wash. It helps to get the scrub move across my body. The scrub particles are small and not abrasive. It’s rather gentle but powerful. At least it won’t break your skin but will give you a gentle rub down. This is just 50g, which is quite perfect in the bathroom. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It will last awhile. It’s cute. Full stop. 

L’Oreal Colour Riche – Sunset Angora

I don’t look good in Coral. I love the shade, but it’s just one of those shades that just doesn’t really work on me. This one is pigmented enough, but still quite sheer on the lips. I have to go through a few times for its to be a full on shade on me. 

The colour is super pretty, the lipstick is easy to wear. But it will only look good on me when my lips is perfect. That’s mean no chapped lips. This is really a traditional lipstick. It’s soft but stern. It gives a shiny finish. It’s not exactly drying, but it’s not moisturising. It’s just a lipstick. 

Rose Floral Toner


The first time I use this, I wasn’t impress. It takes time to actually appreciate this. To me it’s like any other toner I’d tried. But the more I used this, the more I find the differences. This toner set like a layer of protection on my skin. It just feels like I put on something. Even though I apply this using a cotton round. And that’s the other thing. When I pour this on to the cotton pad, it just made the pad wet, and unlike other toner, this will somehow doesn’t feel like it will transfer onto my face. A wet pad, but it’s just a brush over the face. I don’t know, it just feel weird. I always have the feel to pour more to make it absorb more toner. But of course I don’t. As the cotton is already wet. 

Anyway, the rose scent is not that strong. A bit weird, as most Fresh scent is rather obvious. But the toner I feel quite help keep my skin in check. I don’t know why, it doesn’t improve or worse it. But during the period I use this, I know my skin was suppose to get worse, as I wasn’t as diligent about cleansing and masking. But somehow my skin just maintain being just the way it was. So I know this is the reason why. 

I might repurchase this. We’ll see. 

Zoeva – 110 Face Shape

I love dome shaped brush for so many purposes. I used to love stippling brush the most. But now I think some shaped is my fav. This is especially on the smaller side. It’s soft and fluffy and the perfect brush for a quick under the eye swipe. I used it to blend in my concealers and it’s also great for foundation. A bit small for a quick face makeup, but concealers blending is great. 

This doesn’t shed and doesn’t go out of shape. I really am in love with this. Zoeva is now one of my fav brushes brand. 

Tangle Teezer The Original

I just have to try this and compare it to my Wet Brush. I bought this at asos at £10.50. What I find is that this is as hard and stiff as similar detangling brush. I thought the original will be different. But it’s quit the same. It’s just slightly better.

But I’ve tried it on my sis. Her hair is thick and very frizzy. It surprisingly not tangly. So it’s really easy and smooth using this brush. It doesn’t help to tame her hair. But as a comb, it works well. So it’s good for people with thicker hair.