Fresh Sugar Face Polish

To be massaged on cleansed moist skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Can be used 3-4 times a week. This is basically a exfoliating face mask. It is to hydrate the skin revealing a softer smoother radiant complexion. The smell is not strong, and you can’t really smell anything.

Upon using it, the scent kind of remind me of ginger. I don’t know why. Maybe it is cause it’s rather warm. But apart from the scent, I really like this. I prefer this to the gel like mask. It sticks on your skin better. And the exfoliate is very gentle.

After washing it away, my skin is very soft and hydrated. It just feels and looks really clean and fresh. I really like it.


NaturVital Hair Rescue Repair Spray

I have no idea if this is a conditioner, treatment or tonic. I think this is more of a hair product to give definition to the hair.

It can be used for curly hair, to be sprayed onto wet hair before drying. To help with preventing frizzing. For straight hair, it can be applied on wet or dry hair to give volume and body.

So I guess this is one of those product that can be use as a heat protectant, condition the hair and gives it shine.

theBalm What’s Your Type? Black Mascara

It is a nice everyday mascara. Quite drying so it is not sloppy when you apply. Also it coats the lashes nicely. Doesn’t clump. Then again it is not a dramatic mascara. So it just very loosely darken the lashes. I like it as an everyday mascara. The wand is a rubber and the spikes are good enough to coat and separate.

thisworks Stress Check Face Mask

This is a nice sample. You can use this mask as night mask too. But I rather just use it as a mask. It is a clear gel like cream. It has a lavender scent, so good for relaxation. It is quite prickly around the areas of my face that I have a spot on. Since this is supposed to be put on for 10 minutes, I don’t mind so much. Not bad, I feel my face is more refresh.

Oh but this is very hard to remove. When you try to wash it off, it just doesn’t really get off easily. It is easier to remove using a cloth I guess.

Elizabeth Arden Untold

Untold Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Inspire romance and seduction every time you wear Untold. This gorgeous perfume, launched in 2013, is a rich, elegant blend of magnetic ingredients sure to draw your love near. The top notes are and irresistible mix of sweet cassis and velvety red pepper. The luxurious scents cascade into a heart note of Egyptian jasmine. Its heady aroma intoxicates the senses and opens the mind to passionate possibilities. The warm, creamy base notes of amber and musk add a smoky sensuality at the finish. They linger with an inviting allure. Wear this truly feminine composition for intimate occasions.

This is a good scent for a more eventful day. It is a strong scent, very feminine, very powerful. I like it but it is not for daily kind. Unless of course your life is full of interesting events.

Cover FX Cream Concealer

I got the shade P medium. It is a bit on the brighter side. It is a medium coverage. Feels more like silicon kind of smoothness. Not great over primer. It is better on its own. Easy to apply and smooth over.

Atkinsons Amber Empire: Hotel Toiletries

Well just imagine it’s the whole range. This was from Furlleton hotel.

The body lotion is quite nice cause it is very fast to sink into the skin. I love it.

The shower gel too. Well it is quite a standard shower gel. The shampoo is also standard. Conditioner same. The bar soap is just a bar soap. But really good for cleaning my brushes.

I only really like the body lotion. The rest is the scent that is nice. But the product is just so so.

I Love Juicy Shampoo

Bought this at HKD200 for 250g. I love it. It has a mango scent. So really nice when using this. Good for oily hair too. It just makes my hair really healthy. And my hair can last a lot longer than the average oily shampoo. I still have to wash my hair daily, but it’s slightly better. So not bad.

boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser

It is just a really nice round balloon. When you try to hold it, it feels like water balloon.

So the only way to do it is to put in the case and poke using the stick. I was expecting it to explode and the water to gash out. But it was not cause it is made of jelly not water. In future, with a new set, you don’t need the case to tear off the ballon case. It is very fragile and easily tear. But the plastic case is there to have it safer. Also it is to be used as the cleanser holder. After using, it can be used to place the ball in to dry – with or without the cover.

It is really fun. Once the rubber balloon case is gone, the product is an actual jelly. So it is a jelly cleanser. It can be use on wet face directly or using wet hands to get the suds. On dry hands, it is like holding a jelly that will not melt. At least I think it will not melt.

The cleanser itself is not bad. Foam up nicely and easily once wet. Manage to remove waterproof mascara too. In term of blackhead, I wouldn’t say it helps a lot, but it’s good enough.