Ahava samples

Finally I tried this. It’s a serum and day cream. I like them.   

Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate is a very thin liquid serum that can be used for both day and night time. The scent is a bit minty but not those fresh one. Like a herbal mint but not the chinese herbal. 

When first apply, it feels quite oily. But then it sinks into the skin quite fast and doesn’t leave the skin looking greasy. So that’s great. 

Extreme Day Cream is also the the same. It’s thicker and less fluid but gives the same finish as the serum. It’s great cause it won’t appear oily after I set it with a powder. I really enjoy wearing them. 

I really like that at night my face appear so radiant. It was weird. I never use anything else except these. And yet I saw a difference. So impress with this. So I will consider this when I run out of moisturizer or serum to try. 

Allround Concealer

I’ve been looking for this concealer for ages. Guardian is forever sold out on it. Finally I found the last piece at Guardian Plus.
I love it. It’s so creamy. It’s not those concealer where it’s creamy when swatch but eventually dry down. This one is just so buttery. Really good for blending. It’s also quite pigmented when swatch. On the face is average. Covers blemishes alright. The darkest shade fits my skin tone. Then again the medium one is ok too. So I tend to mix them both. Mix with the lighter one too.
Red one is so scary pink. It’s really more reddish on the skin. It’s good to counter under eyes circle. But I feel you can still see the red. So I will use the lightest shade to brighten my under eyes. It instantly wakes you up. Even with just the pink shade, you looks much more awake. So it’s a wonderful concealer.
The green one is just green. Good to counter redness on your face. It’s the one I use less as my face is not so inflamed as it used to be. But I will still try to use it around my nose and whatnot. Just so that I will use up the concealer, like all 5 shades. Don’t you just hate it when you hit pan on 2/3 colors and the rest is still full?

Lasting power not that good. It’s just good for 4-5 hours before it start to fade. But even so, it doesn’t take the product off your face. It just appears that you don’t put as much concealer as you need to. It’s still ok but if you are the type that you have to be flawless and radiant, this might not be a good product for you.
I guess is cause it’s so creamy that’s why it doesn’t stick on your face for the longest time.

Overall I love this concealer. It’s buttery, easy to blend and covers alright. It’s $7.50 if I’m not wrong. So price it’s alright. Recommend for fuss free people.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 01

I heard a few years back that this is like one of the best lip gloss in the world. That was before NYX butter gloss exist. Anyway you can’t find this in Singapore. I had to ask my friend to pick this up for me at I can’t remember where. I just wanted to try and know why is this a good gloss. I am also not sure if it is this particular gloss or other kind. They have a few different kind in the same like packaging.
This one is in shade 01 Rose Shimmer. Just a pretty light pink. It’s so sweet when swatch. On my lips, you can barely see a thing. My pigmented lips is too dark for this. It’s still pretty nonetheless.
It’s comfortable on the lips and I like the packaging. I like how when you squeeze the tube, the right amount of gloss will come out. It is a gel like consistency. Well a mix between gel and gloss. The sponge applicator is also very nice. People compare it to a shiny balm, but I guess in this kind of weather you will be able to tell that it is more of a gloss. It is not sticky but you definitely can feel that you are wearing a gloss. The feel is the same as the butter gloss, but cause of the packaging, I like this better.
I think this shade will be the perfect shade for anyone with less pigmented lips. But it is nice to use on its on or with a lipstick.
The price is quite pricey. I got it in a duo, so it’s cheaper. Plus I think it’s from dutyfree. But ya it’s still more than $20 a piece.
I guess go for the NYX butter gloss as the price is better and it’s just more readily available here.

Tseati Cleansing Scrub

My colleague came back from Taiwan and bought me this. It’s a handy little thing. It’s been some times since I used a scrub. So I’ve been enjoying the change.
✅ Good gentle strong scrub
✅ Smells good. Clean.
✅ Doesn’t hurt
✅ Not bad overall
❎ Doesn’t lather very well
❎ Have to use a lot of product
❎ Don’t know where to buy

A good body scrub. I enjoy using it. It’s gentle yet powerful. I just don’t like that I have to use a lot of product. I squeeze out a golf ball size and that will be enough for only both my arms. Sure I can extend it out a bit but I have squeeze more for the rest of my body. I especially like to use this for my legs before shaving. It’s good for that.
I can’t be sure of the price but it’s not bad regardless.

Hee Enternity Hydro-Gel Mask

This is so unique. The mask is is like a jelly. So different from the usual sheet masks. Furthermore it is separated into 2. So you apply the top half then put on the bottom half which cover your mouth area. It is good this way as it can be adjustable. It is just better to suit the different face shape.
So this is a 24k gold and Syn-Ake mask which basically helps to keep the skin texture smooth. I guess since it is a hydro gel it is also helps to keep your skin hydrated. It is made in Korea. And I like how the packaging is so simplistic. Smells really good too. Not sure what it is, but it’s nice. Nothing spa like or florally. But that’s just the essence cause you can’t smell it when it is on your face.
Yah, I really like the mask. It’s just so jelly and fun. Also not as messy as the essence is not overflowing. The mask also has the pattern like snake skin. Cause of this all, it just makes me happy applying this mask. I just kept grabbing at it.
The result, I don’t see anything. Just that my face is happier. Cause I feel good. Skin smoothness is not as smooth as other masks I tried. I don’t know how much this cost or where you can buy it. I forgot where I got this from. But I think is from a few beauty boxes.
I probably will not repurchase, but it’s a fun mask. I wish more masks has this kind of texture.

MUR Lipstick in Lady

Once you are comfortable with red, you will forever wanting to wear red. I’m loving this brighter red from Makeup Revolution at the moment. It’s just brighter and more bold among my reds. Easy to apply, last forever and not drying. It’s another beautiful lipstick to use on a day to day basis. I mean it’s great as a night out too obviously. But the price of this lipstick just makes it so much more comfortable to apply daily. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I rather use cheap product daily and use the expensive ones for special occasion only. A bit silly. But that’s me.
makeup revolution lady
The different between MUR Dare and Lady is that the former is matte. Dare also seems less pigmented. But in person, it is not. Plus you can always layer it. My lips are pigmented enough so it won’t seems like it’s not red enough.
Lady just makes you feel like a lady. I always thought that it will be difficult to pull off as it’s more warm. But it’s actually really classic, bright, bold and pretty. It’s ladylike. It’s feminine. It’s powerful. So in love with red.
But yes I only wear them when I’m not working. Teehee.

First Impression: Whitening Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

Von told me that I should be religious with my mask and I totally agree with her. It’s just so hard to commit sometimes. But reading her blog every Monday where she did Mask Away Your Blues really motivates you to mask. But reviewing is another story.

It’s the same as all the duo lifting mask. The fit and the shape. So it’s not the most comfortable as it is quite tight at the ear area. The masks are too slim. My face is already small, so I wonder how others find this.
Anyway this is the double platinum + white peony mask. Suppose to be for whitening and brightening, nourishing and softening and basically just improve skin radiance. The result, my skin is visibly whiter. Thus it seems brighter. And my skin is so much smoother and bouncier. Even though when you peel off the mask, there is still some essence lingering on your face and it feels really sticky, some part of your face is drier and feels soft. Not sure if that makes sense, but there you go. The effect of this mask is good.
I would buy more if it is a bit more comfortable to wear. It itches. It’s sticky. That’s the reasons I wouldn’t repurchase. It’s a good mask, but it doesn’t feel good when I apply it for the 15 minutes. So here (raise champagne glass) to finding a better mask.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose & Shine

I do like Revlon lustrous lipsticks. They are just a simple very classic kind of lipstick. Nothing much to say except they are just good average. Average color payoff, average usage, average price point. Just average. It is not bad, I do like them. They have so much color but it’s pricey to buy in Sg. So I got them in airport duty free.
Rose & Shine is a pearly rosy neutral shade. It’s very pretty. But on my lips it just look like my lip color with a light bronzy gold shine. So I guess it’s the most nude it can be on me. It is just lighter a tad. So makes my lips more even, more clean and more uniform.
The color can be build up but still nude on me. Overall I do like it. But it’s still an average lipstick. As the color is not something I will use regularly. But I just have to admit that it compliment my skin really well.

Frontcover Party Queen

I got this for Christmas. I love makeup, so I love receiving makeup kits. This is something I never really heard people talk about. I know they sell this in Sephora, but I just don’t see anyone ever mentioning it.

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St. Ives Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Claimed to remove makeup and waterproof mascara. Gently cleanse and soothe in one easy step. The first two sheets are quite dry. The third onwards are so much better. Still not as wet as I would like them. This is not a gentle wipe at all. It’s quite hard to remove makeup. Had to really drag the wipe across my face. In the end it can remove makeup, waterproof mascara a bit harder but doable. It’s just hard on my skin. It’s painful. I wouldn’t recommend this.