Rose Face Mask

This is just so lovely. It’s a very herbal like rose scented mask. It’s water down jelly kind of texture. It has rose petals in it. I really like it. It’s just so soothing and it really calm and hydrate the face. 

It will dry on the face after about 10 minutes. It’s easy to clean up. I already bought the full size. It’s just an easy mask to use. Not messy too. And I really like how my face feels after. The rose scent also not that strong, so it’s good for anyone, really. 

Gloss In Love 


Shade 385. Such a lovely hot pink with micro shimmer in purple and other colours. I like the wand, it just hug the lips really snug. It’s quite a thick gloss. Felt sticky, but it wasn’t, not really. I mean it’s sticky and you can tell that you are wearing gloss. But it’s not an annoying feeling having it on. It is just a typical gloss that is pigmented and probably last about an hour or two. But it’s really pretty on the lips. Makes lips look super juicy. 

Snow BB Soothing Cushion 

It’s just so cute. A small sample, with a small sponge. This is in shade 21 Natural Beige. I don’t have any problem with the colour. The bb itself is alright. It’s just not as good as the full size. Cause the sample, the sponge will just break apart. You will be left with tiny sponges on your face. Not easy to remove them either. It takes time, as the cream is still sort of wet.  

So the product itself is ok. Just not that good for oily skin. And the packaging is not that good as small means can be carry around, but this is not a travel friendly product. The colour is good for me. But the soothing cushion is just not meant for oily skin. I feel never cushion is not meant for oily skin period. But I did buy the full size in the pore control just to see how it’s goes. 

Dettol Gold Body Wash

Just look at that gold. It’s sparkly! It’s gold! Ok, the picture don’t do justice to this body wash, but it’s just so tempting in real life. I’m just so drawn to it. It’s like honey. Golden syrup with golden sparkle. When you use it, then you realise it’s just Dettol. It smells like one, it lathers like one and it hydrates like one. At least it’s not drying. But it’s just basically the same as any Dettol soap I’d used. So nothing really special other than the fact that it’s just so pretty in the bathroom. Lipstick – Sultry Ruby


The thing about beautybay own brand is that the packaging is kind of cheap. It’s plastic and so doesn’t seems much to me. The product also doesn’t appear much. But it’s always so lovely on. Well at least the ones I’ve tried. Sultry Ruby is a beautiful reddish shade. A bit pink on my lips. I do quite hate the fact my lips is so pigmented.

Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful colour. Easy to wear. Quite pigmented. A bit jelly finish. So it’s really nice. I think this cost me only $6 but it’s a really good lipstick. Sure, the packaging doesn’t make it look premium, but it’s still a good shade to put on. By right the colour is suppose to be slightly brownish red. But oh well. It’s worth the every cent. 

Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara


So this is a double ended mascara. One side is a primer the other side a black mascara. It’s a natural bristle wand and not too thin not too fat. It is a lengthening mascara. An average one. It’s good for those who already have full lashes. As this will just help to lengthen it. If those with sparse lashes, then it won’t be so dramatic like the ads. 

I prefer to use it on its own without the primer cause I’m lazy that way. It’s very natural looking to me. It coats all my lashes evenly and without any clumps. 

If I use with the primer, I find that it can get a little bit clumpy. Plus your lashes will be white in colour. So you have to use the primer then quickly use the mascara. It has to be fast to make sure that the primer doesn’t dry up on your lash and thus leaving you with white lashes. So sometime it can get a bit tricky. And it will kind of clump. It doesn’t give volume so it’s just not pretty. 

So in the end, I don’t think this is worth the hassle. But I mean it’s a good mascara in the first few uses. 

Foreo VS Clarisonic

I originally bought the Foreo cause people say that in the long run will save your money. So I tried it for about 2 months and no matter what, I just had to get the Mia. I was just curious to compare the two. 


Bought this at airport. It’s the US version so the plug is the only one I have to use an extender. It’s not as bad as I seldom charge it. At first I was like damn, this only last for 1 hour and I realise that 1 hour is actually at least a month of use. And if you don’t use it everyday, it will last a whole lot longer. I like that the charger is magnetic. So it’s really unique, at least to me. I also like the cleanser. It’s very gentle yet effective at removing makeup. It doesn’t break me out and I do think that it helps make my skin better. 

The tool itself has 2 speed setting. And I think it’s a waste of money to get that as I don’t even bother changing the setting. It will automatically off once you use for that one cycle. So that’s nice or it can be irritating if you wanted to use longer. The brush is the sensitive skin. It’s suppose to be gentle which at first I find kind of rough. It’s like sort of exfoliating your skin in a very harsh way. I really don’t like that. Then I put less pressure when holding the Mia. I just sort barely touch the end of the brush on my face. I find that it’s so much better. It’s gentle and cleanse well. So for those who think that this is too harse, it might be the way you handle the tool. 


Foreo, I get the blue one which is for oily skin. Does it really help with oily skin? No. I find that my face get worse with use. As in it just kept getting oily after a few hours. I never change my makeup look, so it just have to be this. 

The tool itself, I really like for a make up removal. It’s very gentle and since you basically just charge once and it can last forever, it’s really convenient too. So far I haven’t had to charge it. It has this +- button to change the intensity but it’s quite useless to me. Cause I just never know when I had max it. But I do like that it does vibrate longer when it tell you that you are done with your cycle. So you can off it. But it will continue to vibrate. So you can continue. But anyway, the point is for you to have it off and on again cause you have to do the cycle twice. The second time is to use the back as a massager for anti aging care. Not sure if it’s useful. Sometime I use it. Sometime I just on and off cause I don’t have time. 

So my verdict? I feel that both tool have their purpose. Like depending on what you want you need different tool. Foreo is good for daily cleansing. Clarisonic is good for deeper cleansing. I like them both. I use them both. But if I’m in a hurry, the Clarisonic is my choice cause it just seems faster. Foreo feels like your skin is being pampered kind of feel. But of course in the long run, Foreo is cheaper. As after about 2 months, I feel my Clarisonic brush head is quite dirty and I need to replace it. Even though I don’t use it daily. 

Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water


There is 2 things I’m quite obsessed about recently. One is micellar water and the other is facial mist. I’ve been trying to buy and collect all the affordable brands and try them out. With mists, at least there is the 50ml, which is small enough and way cheaper. 

So I really like the Avene one. The most is so fine that you don’t feel like it touch your skin at all. But it’s there alright, cause everything else will sort of get wet and you will feel that. Like my shirt for instance or the floor. I’m just bad spraying things okay?!

I do feel that this refreshes my face and really help to calm down any irritation. It doesn’t claim to be any makeup setting or what, but I do use it as that. I have to make sure my face don’t appear powdery. This is good for that. I feel that it also sort of set my makeup in place. I mean no proof of that, but my makeup seems to be able to last longer. I don’t know, it’s just feel that way. Maybe it’s in my head. But oh well. I really enjoy this a lot. Plus there is no scent in this. 

Maybe it’s just water. Probably is. But buying this again, I don’t think I will though. 

Matte Creme Lip Crayon

I was so happy walking into Sephora at Pitt street, as I saw so many brands that is not selling in Singapore. I saw the Formula X too, but I just can’t decide what colour to get so I didn’t get any. Then the next counter I spend a lot of time on is at Bite Beauty. I want everything, but I don’t need anymore lip product. So I decided to just get one to own something from the brand. I wanted the matte shade and R choose the colour for me. 

I got the the crayon in Peche. It retails for AU$30. It’s a very bright beautiful candy red or you can say candy pink. Cause that’s the colour when I swatched. When I try it on my lips at home, it appear more orange like. I don’t know how I feel about it. I just wasn’t feeling it. 

It’s smooth and as a crayon is easy to apply. I feel it’s like the same as the L’Oreal pen. So it’s quite disappointing actually, as the latter is much cheaper. But upon further testing, it’s quite different. This one is more lipstick feel. It’s very creamy and has a sweet scent. It’s very nice on the lips too. I can see why people love Bite Beauty of this is what a preview of the brand is like. I can’t wait to try out more. But wait, you can’t buy this in Singapore. Oh well.  

Sephora Mud Mask

Had to buy this cause I heard good reviews. Plus I want to compare this to GlamGlow. I know it’s quite impossible to compare, but nothing wrong with trying out. 

This is said to be purifying and mattifying. And no, my skin doesn’t get less oily with frequent use. So no difference in that. It’s a very cool dark mask, just like all mud mask suppose to be I guess. It doesn’t smell any less weird that any mud mask I’d tried. In fact, I do like the scent of this. It’s quite deep and calming to me. It applied easily and will dry matte. Unfortunately not a peeling mask, so you have to wash it away. 


It’s quite a painful mask if I’m honest. But no pain no gain, so I continue to use it. It doesn’t tingle, but it just hurt my face. Like my cheeks will just be in pain. So I don’t really leave the mask on for too long. Maybe 5 minutes if it’s unbareable, then I wash it away. Then again, I notice that it happened cause my face is not perfect. I have spots and it just irritate my skin. 

I stop using for a good month or so as I was using other masks. Then I got a shock when I started using it again. For some weird reason, the masks turn out a bit grainy. I guess the mud is drying out, that’s my first thought. I’m not sure if it meant that it spoilt or something. But look at the amount of product I have left. I can’t just throw it away. Then upon researching and I found this draft post with the above photo, turn out the mask has always been that way. Silly me. 


So here is a better look at how the mask is. It’s not a smooth mask for sure. It will still dry to be a matte lighter grey. That part is actually my fav part of mud mask. It’s still quite painful when applied to certain area on my face. But the more I use the better it gets. And see how much product I have left and I had use this a lot. 

The mask is good. Takes some time to wash off the remains. But eventually leave the skin super smooth. In term of getting my skin to be better, I don’t really think so. Cause I still have spots. I feel GlamGlow is much better. Cause with GG I can see a difference even after the first use and I always want to use it. This, I can take a month pause. But I mean it’s not bad. It’s only S$29. So I mean you can’t compare it. Still fun to use if you want a mud mask. It’s not too expensive, it’s quite a fair amount and it will last you forever.