TheBalm Plump Your Pucker

There was a time when I loved lip plumper. I love the tingling sensation. It’s just fun regardless of how it made my lips look. I don’t see my lips get bigger, so quite a useless plumper. But it tingles and it is good as a gloss. I thought the color will be too light for me. But it’s actually a good nude shade. In fact can be worn in one thin coat and it will appear clear. Two coat will be better, but it really depend on your skin tone I guess.
Oh, the color is Cocoa My Coconut. A cream nude shade that’s not too pigmented. It smells lovely. Like a combination of cocoa and coconut. But not coconut tropical scent. It also doesn’t linger on the lips. It has a good amount of shine and doesn’t feel as sticky as some gloss does. But you can feel it on the lips. Some product feel so comfortable you forgot it was there, this is not one of the product. The applicator is a doe foot, so it’s pretty standard. Overall not bad, but I wouldn’t purchase it again. I forgot how much I paid this for, but it was not cheap (as compare to NYX, of course). And it is one of those thing that you need to scrub your lips before application. Chapped, cracked lips are visible otherwise.

Revitalizing Gel Eye Strips

Cooling eye mask – yes, please! I’ve been quite lazy to do masks lately. Even though this year I promise myself that I will post up 2 masks review per month just so that I will used up my sheet masks and used up my samples. But I’m me, so I rather use eye masks as it’s less messy but I am still pampering my skin. Or at least the eyes area.
I like the cooling effect. That’s about it. Cause I don’t really see much difference using this. I guess dark circle will always be dark circle. But I don’t have puffy eyes when using this, so I can’t test that affect out. Psychologically I am happy with the product, as I really can never tell with eye creams and masks.

Nivea White Sparkling Scrub

I used this cause I just need some scrub desperately. It used to work well on my teenage skin. But now, I can’t use this anymore. It just doesn’t suit me. The scrub is medium gentle. Good facial scrub. But it’s just a bad product for me. I break out using this. So yah, your skin changes as your grow. So one thing to note is that one product may work now doesn’t mean it will work for you next time.
That’s all about this facial wash. Nothing much to talk about.

Payot Lotion Essentielle

This is a neat little toner to have around for traveling. The bottle is so much smaller than most travel size bottle. I don’t like the opening though, as it is just too big and the liquid will just flow out.

This is alcohol free, revitalizing toner with wild rose hip. It is a gentle toner to help cleanse and prepare you for the next step in your skincare regime. So ya, really gentle, a good way to remove and residue left over. It smells quite nice too, nothing to strong, just a calming scent. Surprisingly for 10ml, it lasted forever.

Pantene Hair Fall Control

I’ve been using Pantene since I don’t know how long. Last time, it wasn’t such a big deal what shampoo or soap you are using, as long as it is decent. Now I find that I’m more choosy. I got the Pantene set for traveling as it comes with its own bag. And I got the conditioner cause I really like the packaging. I am weird right?!
The shampoo is decent enough. It doesn’t actually help to prevent hair fall, but it did help control my oily scalp looks clean for a day. So it is just average enough to me.

As conditioner goes, it just as good as others.

I also got the 3 minute leave in treatment. It is alright. I just find that it just makes my hair smooth, which it will be with a normal conditioner anyway. Sa but redundant. I want to tell myself that it really makes my hair better, but it doesn’t really.

For the proper full size one intensive hair mask, I use it a daily conditioner. The packaging just makes it fun. Cause you don’t have the turn the cover, just open and close kind,so it is easy. It is just cleaner and faster to handle. Plus what I really like is that a little does help to condition my hair. I don’t leave it on for 3 minutes as what it said, but it just spread out beautifully.
Usually conditioner, you have to use according to how much your hair need. For this a little and it somehow spreadable. Like you apply on the left side of your hair and the leftover residue which probably nonexistent on your hand can be apply on the right side too. Even when it feels like nothing is transfer onto the right, it just helps making hair smooth.
It is hard to explain in proper sentences, but I hope it makes sense.

So I really feel these don’t help with hair fall control, at least the mask is a good conditioner. The price is not that expensive. I bought it at Chinatown for less than $5. So it is not bad.

Color Riche Balm

Pop shades limited edition – Lilac Sweetness. A beautiful neutral with a hint of mauve. It’s a very comfortable color that suits every occasion.
The balm is more pigmented in texture than ordinary lip balm. That’s why I categories this as butter instead of balm. Remind me of the Revlon lip butter.
This doesn’t last long on the lips but it’s nice as it covers chapped lips pretty well. So it’s nice on the lips. I really like the formula of this color riche.

Ziaja Natural Olive Body Butter

Ziaja Natural Olive Body ButterI am always scared to try anything olive. I am just cared of the scent. This smells better than the TBS olive series though. I don’t really know what it smells like but it is alright. It is quite thick, unlike the goat milk body lotion.
It is quite easy to blend, feels quite moisturizing. It also feels nice on the hands. It sort of helps with my elbow’s dryness. But I don’t think I will purchase the full size as I am just not in love with it. There are better body butter out there.

Oriental Princess Popping Cheek Blush Puff

I’ve been looking for this kind of container since forever. I loved the Dior one, but they do not have it anymore. I guess it is just not hygienic or maybe it’s just not popular. But I do like it cause it’s so easy to put the blush on. Just puff and tap onto the skin.

This is in the shade Poppy Pink. A light pink with a hint of shimmer. But it’s so light that it can’t be seen on my skin.

The packaging can be twist to open and close. The problem is I don’t know when it is close or when it’s open. No matter which way I turn, a tiny bit of product will come out. So it’s very frustrating. Plus the fact the color can’t be seen on my cheeks, I just use this mostly if I look super matte, which is seldom. It’s just a top up blush. A highlighter. That’s what I use this for. Cause of its shiny appearance. I mean its shimmer glow, it’s better as a highlighter than a blush.
Quite a fail product I must say. Still can use, but I not that good. Bought this in Bangkok too, so it’s hard to get hold of.

Too Faced Melted in Melted Fuchsia

I get why people love this. The color is pretty intense. Ok, wait. First of, I only have this color. So it’s pretty hard to judge. But this one is intense. The color is pigmented and just in your face. Which is why I am not loving it so much. I am finally comfortable with red lips. Bright Pop Pink is still WIP. It takes time to get used to things. But nevertheless it is a beautiful color. (I know I will eventually get used to this color and regret my just ok review here. Hehe we’ll see.)
The texture is a bit dry. But I feel it is more of staining texture without the staining effect. So it is that. Suppose to be a long wearing lipstick, which I guess it is. But it wears off. I prefer something that can stain my lips.
Not overly uncomfortable. It just hug your lips. But definitely need to scrub the lips before using this.
It’s better than lip tar as the application is direct. The sponge tip is nice. I like it as I have love my Clarins gloss. But ya it just different. Putting on Clarins one is nice. It goes over smoothly on the lips. It glides. Melted just takes a bit more work. Doesn’t glide so I mostly tap tap around the lips. Or I squeeze a lot out for it to smooth over the lips.
Oh the nice thing is when I just use a little. I can use my fingers to sheer out the color. So pretty. So this can be used sheer or pigmented.
I wouldn’t repurchase this but I do want other colors to try out.

Dr.G Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm

This just seems a bit too dull, too grey. It just looks that way, even on my face. But using it a second time, it makes my face brighter. It’s just so strange. I don’t know what to think of it. It doesn’t leave me oily, which is awesome. Makes my face brighter, which is good. With a grayish undertone which is not good. So I tweak and try and I find that a little is good. With little product, my face don’t seem so gray.
It is a medium coverage. As I don’t need to use concealer with this which is great, one less step. Smooth and easy to blend, has a nice scent too.
My face is so dry nowadays. Too much medication product for my acne I guess. So my face has been very drying. This really helps a lot. It helps to prevent dryness. In the sense that my face doesn’t flake as much. It just covers my face nicely.
So overall, good for dry skin or even oily combo skin as it doesn’t appear oily at all. Wouldn’t buy it again though, but it’s a nice sample to have. Especially on dry skin day.