PureHeal’s Ginseng Berry Eye Lift Patch

Love jelly masks. It’s so fun to put on. Very cooling and you will know when it’s time to remove cause you can feel the gel getting thinner. 

The problem I have with this kind of eye masks is that I’m not sure if the large part is suppose to be inner side or the outer. Google always show different type of ways. Maybe there is no right or wrong. 

Anyway, this doesn’t help do anything to my black eyes. The only thing that it is good at is keeping my undereye cooling. It just feels nice on the skin. 

thisworks Energy Bank Tinted Lips

The first time I tried this, it was super sticky. It’s a clear gloss. I guess it’s suppose to be a balm, but it’s sticky so it feels more like a gloss. And as it was shiny too. I was waiting for it to turn my lips into some natural shade. I thought as it claimed to be a natural lip colour that it will be those natural changing lip colour. But I was wrong. 

Then I happened to squeeze a lot out to take picture for this blog. Who knows suddenly the clear gloss turns to some reddish colour. I tried shaking the product, nothing. Now I know why it’s on sale. The product must have seperated. But behold a red tinted balm. It’s more of a brownish red. When apply it’s actually quite sheer. It’s no longer sticky. So I mean it’s not bad. A good topper. Or if want a bit of gloss but don’t want to use lip gloss, this will be good. 

After the sale, this cost me $15.90. So it’s really pricey. But it’s quite nice for a colour balm, cause it not sticky but it looks like a gloss. So I wouldn’t repurchase. 

DMS Hair Restorer

When it come to hair tonic, I am not that fussy. Well I do prefer one that has a spray. So it’s much easier to apply. This one is cooling, as long as you rub it in. I think most tonic will be that way. You have to rub it in to get the effect. No complain about this, at first works wonder. But I feel once your scalp get used to it, it doesn’t work as well. So ya, I haven’t really find one that I really enjoy using. 

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara

I got this for $15 during sale. The price is quite fair. Eyeko has a few different type of mascara but this was the one on sale. A lengthening and strengthening mascara that is a collaboration with Alexa Chung. It includes a mascara shield which I think it’s a better use for a guitar pick. 

Anyway, the wand is a quite unique. It’s a bit jagged. It has long and short bristle. A bit tempered at the end. The problem I have with this is that it is quite a big wand. The jagged length of the bristle doesn’t make it easier to get into the lashes. So I find that this works better for people with actual lengthy lashes. It’s just hard to really get them coated if you have short lashes. 

The formula. It’s quite waterproof. Well at least to me. It smudge when I apply this cause the wand is too big. But if I remove the smudge straight away, it’s easy to. When I wash my face with a cleanser, this doesn’t really get off. So makeup remover is the only way I can remove this with. 

The only way I find that this work for me is by curling my lashes first. If I don’t, it will just clump. So curling help it a bit. 

So not a big fan of this. I’m sure the other mascara is much better. And I’m sure if you have naturally long lashes, this will be good for you. But for me, not so much. 

Lip Tar – Strumpet

I have this in my draft since forever. As you may know this is like a really old pacakaging. So I got the shade Strumpet which is suppose to be a maroon deep fuschia kind of colour. There is a mini brush also which is quite good just not travel friendly. It doesn’t have a cap, so it will get messy. 

So anyway, this the colour is too out there for me. It’s also quite messy to apply. It sort of suppose to be a stain and it just stain everywhere. It also will go all over my teeth. The worse part is it bleed. It goes all out. So it’s not a pretty sight. 

OCC Lip Tar is good but the colour I got is all wrong for me. I just don’t like the deep colour cause it bleed and I prefer wearable daily shade. Plus now OCC has come out with so much newer updates lip stuff. Oh well. Oh I used to melt plain colourless balm into a clean pot and a drop or two of this and mix the colour to get tinted balm. That’s a much better use of this. 

CDP Eye Color Quad – 201


Was given this and it just remind me of the Marjolica Majorca. It’s just shiny and glittery. This is just the refill. You have to buy the packaging yourself. This is in the shade 201 which a green shade. So the colour is a glittery beige. It’s a base shade. So it’s a lot bigger than the rest. The next shade is a golden green. Next is a forest green. The last shade is like a mauve grey. It is a grey base with a purple hint. I guess it’s duo chrome. It’s a cream shadow as compare to the rest. It is also just shimmery not glittery. 

The shadows are soft and smooth to the touch. So the glitters are really fine. It’s really good. I like the pigmentation of the shadows. I like how it is quite sheer when you swatch it but the colours will show up. I like the pop it brings out to the eyes. But it’s just so shiny that it’s not ideal to use daily. Other than that, it’s good. But there is just so much other brands who are better and cheaper. So I don’t think it really worth the money to invest this. 

Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream


People says that this is cheap and really good. And my face is still breaking out. With no luck finding a cure whatsoever, I just have to try this. And I really see no difference. It took me five days of constant wear for the spots to be less obvious. 5 days! I don’t think that’s a good sign kf it take me a week. I mean I’m glad it worked, but it’s just way too long. And it doesn’t really fully cure it. So I think this works on most people. It’s about 5ish I think. I can’t really remember. So I mean nothing to lose trying this out. 

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EdT

Fresh Floral. Fresh, delicate, swirling. In the first wink, a bouquet of rose, jasmine and orange blossom takes flight to a delicate melody. The second twirl takes place as cherry, apple and blackcurrant enter the stage, refreshed by explosive green notes. Finally, white amber temptations are revealed and a cloud of white musks envelops the ensemble in a cosy halo.

This is EdT which is nice cause it’s not so heavy. Even after 6 hours, the scent still lingers on my skin. Not as strong, and differ from the first scent that come out from the tube. I like the after scent more. It’s more light. Not musky not floral. Just light. 

I really do not like posting about fragrance cause I don’t know what to say, how to describe. I guess I can only say whether I like it or not. I do like it. I feel it’s good for those who want a something stronger but afraid of the power. So this is quite light yet it’s slightly powerful. 

I wouldn’t buy it exactly. But I think it’s nice to have the samples around. For a fancier lunch. Yah this suits those nice lunch at fancy hotel but you don’t want to be the centre of attention. 

Ellis Faas Milky Lips

Ellis Faas product is so cute with them looking like bullet. L205 is a nude pinkish peach-like orange shade. A burnt peach shade I guess. This is more like a gloss I think. It’s too light as a liquid lipstick but it should be under that category. 

The pen has a brush tip and you twist the bottom of the “bullet” to dispense the product. That part is fun. The colour doesn’t suit me as much. It’s not the colour per se, it’s the milky shade. It’s more pastel like, so it doesn’t go smoothly over my lips. Therefore it’s not an easy shade to use. 

I bought this on sale for $28. Not a cheap product, so it’s something that goes into the regret pile. I mean it can be used but I probably will not reach for this as much. So regret. 

Origins Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

I have been using this for some time. It’s a pink mask that you have to use for 10 minutes. It will harden then you have to wash it off. It’s quite hard to. It gets harden quite fast. 

This mask has a peculiar scent. I’m used to it now, but it was weird the first few time I use this. It’s a mask that’s brightening  I don’t know but it feels brightening to me. So ya. Nothing much to say about this. I don’t really enjoy using this. But I just have to finish this.