Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I have here 3 Kreastase Elixir Ultime deluxe samples. Mot exactly deluxe as each sample is 3ml. These are beautifying scented oily that can be used on wet or dry hair. These are made in Spain and the samples are cute as they are small and you only need one or two pumps of oil. In this case is just drops. 

The purple one is Oleo-Complexe + Rose Millenaire which is for fine and sensitized hair. To protect and nourish hair making them look shiny and smooth with a lightweight touch, feeling rejuvenated. The scent is nice, quite perfumy. More flower like scent. 

The pink one is Oleo-Complexe + The Imperial which is for colour treated hair. The imperial is basically with imperial tea extract. Also the same to protect and nourish, look radiant and glossy with a sensual softness. This has a light scent. A different kind of perfume scent. It is not so strong, and it seems to fade, but eventually it lingers on. Like it takes time for the scent to show through. 

The green one is Oleo-Complexe + Moringa Immortel which is for damanged hair. This is to make hair more conditioned, looking smooth and soft to the touch. The scent is kind of like baby oil, but the good smelling one. Like a clean fresh scent. Not a strong scent too. 


So only the pink one has the strongest scent. The other two is more subtle. The green one even less. So if i just want to smell naturally beautiful, the purple one will be nice. But the pink one will really makes your hair smells really good. The product themselves are good but I dont really see a difference between them. 

As oil products, they are greasy. Only on the hands when applying them. I use two taps, rub my hands together and run theough my hair. Then I will rub the strains together. It helps to smoothen hair and makes combing easier. I do like it, or them. I can’t really decide as I do like them all. But i will probably use the pink one more often if I were to have them all in full size. Cause I don’t have coloured hair and they are not that damaged. 

Colour Rush – 100 Give Me A Cuddle

I love this. It’s different from other pencil/pen lip product I’ve tried so far. This one is more like a lipstick. The texture at least. The finish is slight glossy pigmented shade. It feels quite weird when applying this. Even after all these time, I still feel like it’s suppose to glide like a balm. It isn’t hard to glide, but it is more like a lipstick. So it is much more creamy and thicker. It is all good. Plus I finally found a good light pink that suit me. The best part is that this will stain the lips after. Leaving a shade darker than the light pink. The stain will not last forever but at least once the shine is gone, it will still leave your lips with colour. Now I just want more colours to try. And this will last so much longer than the average jumbo lip pen as its a harder formula.  

First Impression: Transforming Peel Off Mask

Trying out peeling mask. I used to love peeling mask the most as it is fun to peel them off once it’s dry. But this one doesn’t get dry. The scent is alright, the texture is translucent milky white which is clear on the skin. It is sticky and feels sticky. After putting on for 40min it doesn’t appear to be drying. After the 25 min mark, my fave starts to feel uncomfortable already. I guess that is already telling me to remove the mask, but I was persistent. In the end I use water and a sponge to remove the mask. So this is a fail for me. IMG_0784.JPG

Sephora Long Lasting Brow Pencil

I do like this. This is in shade 2 Moyen Medium. I just think it is medium. Anyway, it is not exactly brown nor it is grey. It is sort of a dark brown with a greying undertone. It just suits me. I suit towards brownish brow color. Grey is ok, but brown is better. Even though makeup artist or those SA will look at me and tell me I will use the darker shade (greyish tone) on you as I think it will suit your complexion better. Then they will compare it with a brown and they will be, oh yes the brown is better. So no matter how the rules is set up, sometimes people break them cause everyone is just different. 

Anyway, which is why this is perfect. Grey looks ok, brown looks better. This one is both. A pencil form which needs to be sharpen, but the price justify for it. This cost $15? I can’t remember I lost my note on prices. But this is smooth to apply. Easily glide onto the brows. Has a little waxy texture this keeping hair in place and lasting longer. A good brow pencil.  

£1 Red Lipsticks Comparison 

I just realized I only have 1 dark red. Well not really, I’m sure I have more in my collection. Then I have shade 8, which is the shiny one. It’s a glittery but not so obvious. More of a maroon, but still considered red. Then shade 13 is technically is the same as MUR Lady. It’s quite a cherry kissed red. Both texture the same, wear the same, last the same. MUR Dare is a matte red. It’s the same MUA matte in Scarlet Siren. Both are a cherry red. Doesn’t swatch as beautifully as the others but still MUR Dare is still my favourite as it’s the easiest to apply. I feel all these are easy to apply. Don’t need any lip liner. Plus they all kind of stain the lips, sort of. So it’s just a good, inexpensive, daily red lipsticks. 


Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited in RD 20 C

Love tiny products. This is only 2.38ml. It’s a travel size clear glossy gloss. It’s pink, just not pigmented. But it does makes the lips appear more pink. A jelly finish texture that doesn’t have a scent. The applicator is nice. Nothing much to say other than good travel size product.


MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Aflush

This is so neon. It looks really weird on me. Even though when it swatched really nice and just seeing the lips, it looks good. This is not for anyone with dry lips. I find that it can get between the crevices and it just makes it look awhole lot Bleh. But it’s really a great neon pink perfect for summer of you are the daring type.  

Prime Time

I think this is just a travel size, but I’m not sure. I also forgot how I got this. Probably it’s passed on from my aunt. Anyway, it is a oily silicone texture kind of primer. It feels like a gel infuse with oil. It glides on the face really smooth but it sort of leave your fingers feeling oily. At least for awhile. So even the skin feels a bit oily for a few seconds. But ya I do like it. 

Especially if you have dry skin, I think this will be good as it feels oily which like hydrate the skin. At least the feelings of such. It also creates a really clean smooth canvas for foundations. How long it last, it fairly did well. I can’t say for sure how long lasting as I only use this for night time. But yes it last. Maybe not for 8/10 hours, but it sure stands up on its own. I just don’t really in love with this as it is not a primer for oily skin peeps. Sure they say it combats excess oil, but it doesn’t leave the skin looking matte. So it will just makes skin appear dewy and healthy.

I am torn. But yes all in all, I like it. I will use it but I won’t say it’s a holy grail for me. I will still find a better primer I will like more. But this is not bad. 


Caviar Mask

Just had to try this. I love caviar so I ya nothing much to say. This is for firming, elasticity and luster. I guess I can feel the firmness, but that’s about it. 

I do like this though as the scent is quite nice, very mild. Doesn’t smell like caviar or has any fishy scent of you are wondering. The fit is alright. It is quite suited to my face shape. It is also not drenched in too much essence so that’s good. But it is still wet enough for it to transfer to the face. Overall, I would consider purchasing this again. 


TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

I like this cause it smells nice. I like this cause it does it job.  I like this cause it doesn’t really leave a grey cast on my black hair. While the powder when sprayed is white, it will blend into the hair once comb through or rubbed in. It gives a little volume of you really mess up the hair. But it really just look messy, which is good if you want that kind of hair but it’s too much for me. 

I cannot use this for more than 12 hours though. Cause it will start to itch. I guess 10 hours mark, it will start to itch. So it’s a good solution to remove oil from the hair, but not a good long term fix.