Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment – Poppy

I love Fresh lip balm and poppy is such a beautiful plum colour. But I still prefer the full size of this. It’s just better on application. Plus when this go soft, it breaks off easily. It doesn’t melt but it became too fragile to use. So that’s really the downside of this. It’s Singapore after all, so this will easily melt. And mine melted even when all I did is put this in my room, away from sunlight. The weather is just that bad. But oh well, it’s still a very beautiful product and shade. 

The Wet Brush Pro

I love the wet brush so much that I bought another one. It is a pink one this time. Little did I know that it is so soft and the bristle is just too flexible. It’s really good if your hair is very smooth. If your hair is not that smooth, then this will have to work a little harder. But it doesn’t hurt at all. And it just makes combing your hair a brisk. The problem is that it takes a little longer than the normal wet brush. It’s just so much more gentler which is good, but the extra seconds to comb through in the morning, I couldn’t spare. In the morning, I prefer the sturdy bristle the old one gave me. Does that make sense?

Therefore, while the pro is better on your hair, I prefer a little tugging action. 

So I went out to buy the normal one. A yellow one this time. It has a “squirts” on the packaging which I assume is just the different handle. My old mini one is metallic, the pastle purple is squirts, while the big one is matte. Upon inspection, the bristle is roughly the same as the pro one. The tip is soft and rather small. So it’s just an improvement on their part. But on the hair, it’s still slightly give the pull as the other wet brush. So only the pro is different. Again, it’s just more gentle. So it’s good for extreme tangling cases. 

Flower Fusion Sheet Mask – Lavender

Lavender is for soothing which leave the skin de-stressed. It doesn’t really have the lavender scent. I like the texture of the mask. It’s rather smooth like a gel. Putting on the mask is not as relaxing. It’s quite strong on the face. Like there is a reaction of the mask on my skin. I don’t know how or why but it affect my skin. It just feels very unnatural. So I don’t really like it. Anyway it’s only $5, so it’s not crazy expensive. But in all honesty, I don’t mind using it again even if it’s unpleasant. I mean it’s only that cause I associate this as a relaxing mask, but I didn’t get that. 

Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

I’m not sure if benefit is still selling this. It’s a bb cream primer. It’s a yellow cream which is a bit more thicker base. As in it is harder to blend into the skin. I like that this has SPF and as an eye primer, it does as well as other primers I’d tried. I prefer those that are easier to blend. So I don’t like this as much. As a sample, 0.1ml, I can use this a few times, so it’s quite a good sample size despite the 0.1. 

Faceit Power Perfection BB Cream

This is my shade. It blends in so perfectly that I can’t tell if the bb cream stayed put or has disappear. Of course this is quite a dewy so it’s easy to tell if it’s on my skin. It’s quite sad that this is for dry skin. If not it will be nice to have something that matches my skin tone perfectly. Plus this has a SPF 37 so it’s quite a high one. I guess it is too bad that my skin is oily. 

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss – Sealed with a Kiss

MUA intense kisses is still one of my fav lipgloss formula. It is only £2. This time round I got the shade Sealed with a kiss which is a very soft neutral pink. I guess it’s a nude with a hint of pink. It’s rather pigmented and glossy. But it’s moisturising on the lips. It is comfortable on the lips. So it’s really nice. I just love it. 

ELF Angled Contour Brush

When I bought this, I never expect it to be so small. It’s too big for the eyes. It’s too small for the cheekbone. At least for me that is. I don’t do any contouring and stuff, so I don’t see the purpose of this. I mean I bought it cause I thought it was bigger, so I can use it as a dusting of matte bronzer as a contour. Since it’s so small, it will be quite harsh for me to contour. A light hand is needed, but it will still be quite sharp. So I use this for highlighting instead. Which I don’t really do. So this brush is quite useless to me. 

The brush itself is soft, not overly dense. It’s angled, so it’s actually quite nice for uneven surface. It’s just a little small so it’s more precise for application. At US$3, it cannot go wrong. In the end this brush is not a need,  it is just an extra brush for anyone who want to do contouring. 

Lancome Blanc Expert Beautiful Skin Tone Brightening Cream

This is a nice cream to be used for me at night time. I Guess my face is just too oily to take in any cream that does not say for oily skin. I found that this works well for the outer side of my face. That’s where my face is not so oily. It’s actually quite normal. Only around my nose area that is really oily. So I only use this at night as I don’t want to add in the shine during the day. 

I don’t see any brightening effect. But maybe I use this too little time for anything noticeable. I would have enjoyed using this if I stay in colder countries. As this is not heavy yet very moisturising. Then again, there are other moisturiser that I feel is better than this. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer

This is suppose to conceal dark circles, imperfections and discolourations. It’s also suppose to last all day. Warm beige is a slight yellow tone concealer. It’s a shade that should be good for anyone with warmer skin tone. When swatched, the colour doesn’t seems to match me very well. But I can get it to blend into the skin. It’s rather thick and sticky. So that’s good for the long lasting claim. But I’m used to easy to blend concealer that this take some time to get used to. 

Maybe if I have the patience, then I can use this with ease. But for now it just annoy me. I also find that if I rub it in, then this will not cover very well. So I don’t really like this. 

No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

This is quite ok. You kind of suppose to use this on a dry face. But I try different methods anyway. In term of cleaning I find it’s alright. But it doesn’t remover my mascara. I don’t know, I don’t enjoy the experience much as I thought I would. But it’s a good cleanser for daily use. Plus as a cleansing milk, it is rather moisturising. So that’s nice I suppose. But ya, this doesn’t leave much of an impression on me.