ELF High Definition Powder

The dupe of the much rave Makeup Forever HD powder. Personally I’m not a fan of loose powder. So this is just ok for me. I guess it is finely milled and all, and it does highlight your face in a good way. But application is messy. It’s slightly whiter, so it sort of “whiten” your face if you are not fair skin. I sort of like this is if I’m going out for a dinner and not much photo will be taken. They say it will give out white cast, but it doesn’t on me. I guess I didn’t wear enough. But this last forever. So it’s really value for money. A good dupe to try.   

Lipstick Queen Liptropolis Vol 1

I love lipstick, so naturally I want try this. This is a story of lipstick in New York. More exactly created in mind for 3 neighborhood in NY. Each color says something about the women who resides in those neighborhood. The packaging is a really cool magnetic closer book. It’s bulky, but really nice if you can get more. It will be like a nice collection of “books” on the shelf. 


So let’s take a look at the lipsticks. 


Upper East, the elegant nude. How is this nude? I guess it’s a neutral shade. A more wearable shade. It gives the lips a light wash of color. It’s more watermelon pink. A sheer jelly like finish. 


Central Park, the refined peach. This is so not peach. It’s more of a bright pink. It looks more red on the tube.  It’s quite loud. It’s more pigmented than the rest. It’s just a beautiful color on the lips. Really will help to brighten up the face. It’s a shiny finish. 


Soho, the fashionable red. This looks dark in the tube. When swatch, it’s actually quite sheer. A few layers need to be use for the color to pile up. It looks more like a stain on the lips. A berry pink. Well it’s a berry red from far. It’s not an easy color to apply. But it’s nice on the lips. Doesn’t feel like you are using lipstick. So it’s comfortable enough, but still it’s a color that will run off and look patchy. So the best way to use this is to use your finger to rub the lipstick in. Makes the color even and a nicer shade of red and finish. 

Overall, is just a so so brand. I was hoping for awhole lot more from Lipstick Queen. But I guess this is just one of their formula. So it’s an ok sheer lipstick, but it’s not a favorite. But I mean, it’s ok. Just don’t like the price tag. 

VS Ravishing Love Hand and Body Cream

This is quite average thick but easily blend into the skin. It’s a very nice scent. A bit mature and sensual. A blend of blackberry and lilac. It takes sometime for it to sink into the skin. The one thing I don’t like is that it takes forever to finish the whole tub. I guess that’s good, but I just get bored by it. 


Catrice Eyebrow Set

I wanted a new eyebrow set. Sure I have the Inglot one. But at the moment I forgot I had them. So this is cool as it’s only one type so it’s easy to just grab and pay. No need to wonder if it will match you. The one thing I don’t like is the fact that it’s bulky. Well it is small but still quite fat in my opinion. It comes with two, more greyish brown shades. Not exactly brown not exactly grey. 

The lighter shade is quite patchy. A good amount have to be used for it to cover nicely. Unless you have no brows. If not it’s still a good pigmentation on the brow. A good taupe color. The darker shade is quite pigmented. A really dark brownish grey. The colors can be layered too. It will soften the darker shade. And I feel that which shade you use first matter. Well not much different but it differ slightly. 

The kit also comes with a mini tweezer – so cute, and a double ended brush and spoolie. It’s quite small, so I don’t really use it. Back to the shadows, overall they’re alright. The color is good. It matches well for the average people. It lasted alright. Not the best for a whole daylong kind of day. It won’t disappear completely but touch up will be needed. 

So overall, for $6.90, it’s a not a bad product.  

Healthy Summer Skin

Who doesn’t what a healthy glowing summer skin?! Seriously though, the haze is just so terrible these past few days, my skin feels as grey. It supposed to be the last few months of summer here. Well, the temperature will get cooler in December and January. At least based on last year weather. If not, it will be hot all year round.

You are just so used to the hot weather, or the office air conditioned room that you forgot to pay extra attention to your skin. I’m guilty too, my skin was looking rather dull. That is why I signed up for an outdoor activity! I went for #soulscape at Sentosa. We wanted a whole day of fun under the sun, but doing yoga when the haze was strong was not such a good idea. Nobody expected the haze. So it was a really disappointing day. No healthy glowing tan skin for me that day, which made me rather sad. So we just have to fake it till we made it.

No. 1 a healthy glow comes from within. Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate oneself. Coconut water helps. It’s not only tasty, it’s full of minerals and electrolyte to quench thirst. No coconut water around, no problem, water and lemon is good too. Slice up half a lemon, squeeze out the juice and add them into a bottle of water. I also like to try a few different water combo. Usually I just use whatever I have lying around at home.
Water + cucumber
Water + strawberries
Water + kiwi
Water + mint
Water + everything. It just makes water taste so much nicer that you just naturally drinks more. I have one combo that I particularly love – half a cucumber, half a lemon, half a lime, 2 medium strawberries, half a carrot, a handful of mint, all into a jug of water. Delicious!

No. 2 sunscreen and sunblock. Do you know that there is a different between the two?
There are two types of sun protective lotions – chemical and physical.
Sunblock, the physical kind, sits on top of the skin acting as a barrier between your skin and damaging UV rays by reflecting or scattering UVB light.
Sunscreen, the chemical kind, penetrates the skin and absorbs the UVA rays before they are able to reach and damage your dermal layer.
Therefore, sunblocks are formulated to shield against UVB rays, while sunscreens protect against UVA. So in order to fully protect your skin, choose a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen that will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Luckily these days, products often contain a mixture of both sunblock and sunscreen.

The “A” in UVA stands for ‘Aging’. The “B” in UVB stands for ‘Burning’.
Use this formula to figure out the appropriate SPF for you: “SPF Number x Time to Burn without Protection = Time to Burn with Protection”. For example: SPF 15 x 10 minutes = 150 minutes of protection

No. 3 cut down on junk food. Oily fried food is not good for health. Not only that, they’re not good for your skin. While it is so tempting to pig out on a hot day, perseverance is the key. The rule is to eat a balance diet. Lunch junk food, dinner salad. While that may not be the perfect equation, it works for me. Some of you may disagree, but hey, you don’t have to listen to me.

No. 4 scrubs and hydrates the skin. Too much sun may lead to dry skin. So scrub away those dead skin and don’t forget to use body lotion. If suffering from sunburn, use aloe vera gel. I always wanted to try the Nature Republic one, but I haven’t had the chance. For the face – face scrub and moisturiser. A thin or gel like moisturiser will be very nice on the skin.

No. 5 if all fails, and/or natural glow is not what you want, add some shimmer. Highlight the face, well, strobing is kind of popular right now. (Or I’m outdated, and it’s no longer cool?) A good shimmering blush will perks that face up. An all over shimmer bronzer will tan up the skin, making you looks quite healthy indeed. I also like to use Nuxe Multi-purpose Oil; it just makes my skin glow in a good way.

Haze or no haze, sun or no sun, taking care of our skin is important. It’s not about wanting to achieve the perfect summer glow, it’s about how you treat your skin. Cause if you want a good skin, you have to treat your body right. It’s about the steps to get there that is important. Once you are used to those steps, your skin will naturally be healthy. It will glow! And if you find that it is not enough, you can always add bronzer!

MAC Eye Kohl in Rosemary & Thyme

Beautiful olive green with a shimmer. It’s a duo chrome liner. One swipe and it comes out as metallic dirty olive green. Go over a few times and the green becomes more green. Go over twice, the shade will be in between. Such a fun product to use. One pencil and it can gives you 3 colors. This is more on a golden metallic shimmer, so it’s a pretty warm tone. As a kohl liner, it doesn’t set, so this is just good as a shadow base. Or to tight line if your eyes is not so sensitive. But if you don’t have hooded eyelid, this will be pretty on its own. I do love the color very much. It’s just so unique.  

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Anyioxidang Cleansing Facial Wipes

I was so attracted to the shiny metallic red packaging. This is only $4 from Watsons? I can’t remember but it wasn’t expensive. What I like bout this is that it has raised dots on one side. So it is so call exfoliate your face as you wipe them. But it removes make up well. For the price, it’s really good. It’s just one of those wipes that one sheet is enough but you know you still need to wash your face. It never even say it will remove makeup, but it does. Waterproof mascara not tested, cause my mascara are all not waterproof at the moment. But at least I enjoy this slightly more than the Watsons wipes.  

Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment


This is light, it doesn’t even feel like you use a treatment. It’s more of like a watery moisturizer. It doesn’t dry up the skin, it absorb into the skin. So it doesn’t feel like you are using a pimple cream. In term of effectiveness, I guess it is alright. If you have heavy breakage, this will not help. A tiny spot here and there, it sort of did. But then again, without the cream, it will just disappear on its own. But maybe it does help, but you just can’t really see it. I’m not sure. I just use it and hope. That’s the thing with serum isn’t it, you use it hoping it will pay off. 

Kate 32

Something neutral, something sweet, something pastel. Well it’s not exactly pastel but it’s a soft color. So soft that it’s the perfect spring to summer colour. It’s really pretty when swatch. On my pigmented lips, not so much. So have to conceal the lips before using this to get the actual color. It’s a coral neutral, more on a salmon side.
In any case, the Kate lipsticks are good. So I enjoy using them regardless. The way I use this though is to tap the colors on the lips. So it becomes a very soft stain of color. It’s pretty, especially on a fair skin person. With a tan, not so much.