Sweet Pea PocketBac

Really love the sweet pea scent. I think it’s my fav from BBW. This still has an alcohol scent after applying. But the sweet pea will eventually take over. It’s such a joy to use this. Plus a small gallop is enough to clean your whole hands. Not sure how affective this is at killing germs. But it’s good enough to me. At least the alcohol and the dry time really makes me convince that my hands are clean. 

YSL Eye Pencil

It’s a blue liner in shade 3. It just says 3 dessin du regard – eye pencil. It’s a blue pencil which is very solid but glide on easily. It has micro silver glitter. So it’s not a matte liner, but you can’t really see it. The other end of the pencil is the sponge. It’s a flat slant top sponge meant for blending. But it’s so dense that it can be quite rough on the lid. 

I just like this. It’s so easy to apply on the lash line. I apply as close to the lash line as possible. And it works. It just gives a very thin clean line. Even though I can’t do it in one stroke. But it still gives a very clean line. 

MJ Honey Pump Gloss Neo

The first time ever I used this, I almost cry. The plumping effect was so painful. It was really the worse gloss I’ve ever put on. But I decided for some unknown reason to put it on again and the plumping is no longer there. It just become a gloss. So it’s not a good product at all. Not consistent at all. And the thing is, once I declare it a gloss, it started to tingle again, so it’s like after about 5 minute of use it works. But only for about 3 seconds. Weird product. 

It’s quite thick and shimmery. This is shade 22. Quite pretty actually. Has a light hint of pink in it. But it hardly shows unless your natural lips is really light. Without the tingling, it’s a comfortable gloss to wear. You can still feel it on, but it’s not irritating. Oh well, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Alcina Silky Matt Make-up

This sample is way too dark for me. I think they only have a few shades. But I bet the light will be too light for me. I just use a bit of this and try to spread it across the face. It doesn’t make my face darker. I used a bit, so the coverage is quite sheer. In term of keeping my face matt, yes it does work except for around my nose area. So this is quite a fail for me.

Lift’Argan Exceptional Radiance Smoothing Cream

This has a very light herbal scent. It’s actually quite pleasant to put on the skin. It’s a normal cream but really smooth and easy to apply on to the skin. It absorbed quite fast, leaving my face feeling very smooth. I definitely can see the radiance straight away. My face looks so much brighter, like as if the glow is from within. Really impressed by this. 


I saw this at Priceline and I just decide to buy it. Cause why not. It’s small enough. Seems much better than most of the comb I have lying around. It’s a plastic scalp and body massager. It’s quite soft and you can bend bristle easily but it won’t go out of shape. Well at least as you don’t press too hard. The shape is really good for combing hair. I got this at AU$2.95. It’s quite expensive for a plastic, but it does it purpose rather well. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 05

This colour remind me so much of the the Revlon lip stain that I regreted buying. I always find myself buying this kind of colour. Not sure why. This formula is slightly is better. It’s less drying, still quite dry and especially if you have chapped lips. But on good day lips, this looks quite decent. And it’s a really nice stain to wear. It doesn’t exactly stain the lips, but it’s longer lasting as compare to glosses or lipsticks. The colour is also a nice metallic neutral pink. The rest of the shades are mostly reds and darker. So I choose this which is more office friendly. But it’s not an easy lip product to use. Cause my lips is hardly perfect. 

Sierra Bees Calendula Soothing Skin Cream

I guess it’s more like a body lotion. It’s suppose to moisturise your dry irritate skin. But I just can’t take the scent. It’s really sour. It does help with dry skin. I never really have irritated skin to begin with, so I don’t know how well it will help with that. But ugh I really can’t stand the smell. 

Drops of Youth Concentrate

This is a very thick watery serum. It’s good for night time use, as this leaves my skin looking oily. Not sure how well it helps with aging, but that kind of thing, I guess you do have to use it regularly to really find out. It’s not bad, doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. I think it’s something you can consider if you want anti aging serum that doesn’t really cost a bomb.