Gerard Cosmetics 1995 

After seeing this golden bullet on so many youtuber table, I really want to get my hand on one. I choose one of their more popular shade – 1995. It’s a brownish shade, made famous again by Jenner. I really like it. It’s bold. Not so red, but still in your face kind. It’s very pretty. One swipe is a bit sheer. It gives the colour but no kick. So two swipe is good. 

It’s a solid lipstick. So it’s very hard and won’t melt easily. But it glides on easily. I like it. Seems to suit me. But I don’t know I guess it really do depend on my mood. 

Updated: just after I wrote this and schedule it, the lipstick broke. So much for it being a hard lipstick. Oh well, had to melt it down and stick it back again. 

Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation 

I wanted to own one Cover Fx thing. And I end up choosing this cause I am not really a big fan of liquid foundation. I bought this on sale for $52.80. I tried searching for the shade that will match MAC nc30/35 and Internet says that N35 is the right shade. But when I open this, my, the colour is quite dark. But when swatched, it actually blend into my skin really well. It’s my exact colour. I’m like so wow by this. 

I usually use the sponge provided to apply this. It’s quite convenient as its just under the powder. So bringing this compact around is possible as the sponge is in it. The sponge is also quite dense and springy kind. 

The powder has a light medium coverage. It blends easy but I just think that the claim of for oily skin is not enforced enough. It doesn’t last long. I will have slight oily face especially around the nose by mid day. So I will not recommend this for super oily skin. 

The compact is also made of plastic and the first time I take it out of the box, I feel that the compact is very cheap. It just gives that plastic light feel. So I wasn’t very impress with this. 

Kate 42

Kate lipstick came out with the nude series. I wanted to try one to compare the difference, but there is none. This is a creme finish and the shade is towards the pink side of nude. I wish it was slightly darker. I did not see which shade I wanted and everything was sealed. The only way to know for sure is from the bottom that wrote “42”. That’s roughly the shade of the lipstick. 

This is pigmented but as it’s more of a “milky” shade, careful application is a must. If not some of the colour will sheer through. I guess tapping is a good way to apply this, but I prefer using lipstick by gliding it across. So a but mix feeling about this. Sometime it works, sometime it doesn’t. To me, the better Rimmel Kate Lipsticks are the darker solid color ones. They are just truly the easiest to work with and looks great on anyone. 

First Impression: Leaders Clinic AC-Dressing  Skin Clinic Mask

This is really nice. I always find sheet mask a bit normal. As in it is either too big or it will fit. Messy or not, and if it irritate my skin or not. Cause I feel every masks is quite good. A good pampering experience. It does its job. It’s cooling. I typically like it. The only time I don’t like a mask is when it’s super messy to apply. And masks I don’t like are the one that irritate my skin. So I’m not that chooses when it comes to sheet masks. 

This however is one mask that I feel it’s good. That I want to repurchase. Not sure what so special about this other than the fact that I enjoy using it. I usually prefer gel like masks. So this takes me by surprise too. I guess in the end, products like people, some you like some you hate some surprise you and some will leave u impress. This is one that I just feel connected with. I wouldn’t buy again as I have way too mask masks, but if my house burn down, this is one sheet masks I will definitely buy. 

Milk Face + Body Scrub

This smells exactly like aftershave. So I think it’s really good for men. But after showering, the scent doesn’t stay on. So it’s good cause you won’t smell like aftershave. 

It’s a scrub, it’s quite harsh but it’s moisturising. It is a little on the runny side so not those kind of lumpy wet sugar kind. So it applies easily on to the skin. But it doesn’t lather, so you have to really use a lot to cover the whole body. 

Even though the scrub is harsh, this is ok to be used daily, I feel. It’s not so abrasive as it doesn’t contain as much scrub if that makes sense. So on the face it’s also just a very gentle scrub. 

I got this from Sephora Sg online for $13. So it’s quite decently priced. But I think this is only good for people without sensitive skin and who loves the scent of aftershave. Would recommend it for guys who just want a 2 in 1 product – face and body, so easy. 

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser 

Base on historical data, the one thing I consistently use is moisturiser. While I try out samples on occasion, I tend to stick to one full size moisturiser. And for 75ml bottle, it can last me about 1 and a half year with sparing usage. So despite the higher price, it’s really worth the splurge. This time round I bought the Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser. I wanted to try the goat milk one, but after seeing this oil free version, I feel safer choosing this option. 

I was also debating between the FAB and this one. In the end I prefer this packaging. It’s different. You have to press the pump down for the product to come up and gather at the opening base thing. Anyway this is 50ml, and cost $105. That’s why I bought it during the Sephora sale. 20%, I managed to save $20+. 

The product sometimes has a funky scent. But only if I press too much. So the way I use this is using about 1/2 or 3/4 of the the pump. So I press the pump in that strength. It’s very moisturising and under make up, it doesn’t leave me oily. I mean if I were to don’t use anything, it has that sort of dewy finish, but it doesn’t look greasy or anything. So for oily skin is good enough for me. But for acne, this doesn’t help. It doesn’t irritate and cause more spots, but it doesn’t help to reduce them either. 

But it’s still a good moisturiser I feel. I wouldn’t really buy it again as buying it once and using it for a year will probably bore me and I want to try something else. But I do recommend it for any one with oily or normal skin. 

Anna Sui Cheek Brush

This used to be one of my fav brush for blush. It’s just a nice soft slightly tampered blush. It picks up the right amount of product. It distribute the right amount too. It just fit on to the cheek so nicely. I never really try this for other use, but I think that this can be used for bronzer too. Since the tip is kind of pointed, but spread out, so it will fit into the hollow of the cheek nicely. 

I used this for so long and it still work. The bristle is still good. And there is no fall out when I wash this. It’s a really good quality brush. The handle is also nice. The Anna Sui print is there making this a pretty brush on the vanity table. I don’t think you can buy this individually as I got this with the makeup case. But it really is one of the good brush out there. 

Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

This is just a black liner. In term how dark it is, you sort of have to press the liner or go over it twice. Cause just one run, it’s not very dark. Too me it’s ok, cause I don’t really like too dark. It’s soft and glide on easily. It just doesn’t give a very neat line. I guess it’s just a good liner for smudging. The other end of the pencil is a pointed quite dense sponge. I’m not a liner person. So to me it’s just a liner. 

When trying to draw a line on my lids, it’s not very smooth. It’s quite hard to get the product to transfer actually. It will not be a solid line. Even trying to dot it, it will not be a good line. 

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear

I always wanted to try MUG and I managed to buy one from beautybay at £4.68. Naturally I choose the shade Cocoa Bear. That’s what Marlena call her boo. I always thought that it will be more brick brown, but instead it’s a beautiful mid tone brown. The perfect crease colour I feel. It’s not reddish, not grey, a good neutral brown. I am really happy with the shade.  

It’s smaller than expected. I don’t know why I expect it to be bigger. It’s only 1.8g but I’m sure this will last me a life time. The shadows are not smooth to the touch but it’s super pigmented and there is no fall out. 

It’s a single shadow with a metal pan. The sticker at the back states clearly of the name of the shadow. So convenient. I put this in my z palette. And how I wish I could buy more of them. Anyway, this blends really nice. Without primer, can last for hours even though my lids turn oily. So I imagine with primer it will last longer. So yes, I do highly recommend this. 

Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick – Nude Beige 

Silly me. I specifically wrote down if I were to buy a YSL lipstick, which one I should get – shine oil in 44. Then, I bought this instead cause I had only 12 hours left to get the 12% rebate from Tangs. I got this for $50. 

Did I regret? Sort of. This is the “milky” kind, so it’s not really friendly on my lips. I have to tap instead of glide to get a better full colour. Anyway this is shade 1 in nude beige which is like A pinkish nude. But this is more pink. It’s nice on the lips, but pigment doesn’t spread evenly. 

The other thing about YSL lipstick is the scent that people say it’s very vanilla. While I guess it’s true, it’s really nice but there is a whole more brands that have nice scented lipstick too. The only thing I like about this is that it tasted sweet. I didn’t eat it, but I can taste the sweetness. 

The other thing I like about this is the moisturising property. Other than that, I feel the colour is wrong for me. The formula is nice, but I shouldn’t get a light shade.