Suisse Programme Eye Makeup Remover

Let’s get right to it. I am not a fan. Cause everytime I use this, my face doesn’t get clean off properly. The make up doesn’t get removed properly. Even though there is oil in it and there is the word eye remover, it still is not a strong makeup cleanser. I guess it will work well for anyone who doesn’t use a lot of makeup.  

Esprique Forming Beauty Pact UV 

This is just a sample. A really cute one at that. I really like how this is basically just a piece of card and ya it has powder sample in it. This can be used like what 4/5 times. This has a SPF22 and in the color OC410. Looks light on when swatch but it blends well on my face. Kind of a more fuller coverage, and can look quite powdery if used a lot. 

It can be used wet or dry. If wet, it is better actually. It actually sinks into the skin better. I mean it blends in better. More like a creamy foundation. 

It also last a good amount of time. Kind of prevent my face from being oily, kind of, but will still be. So touch up is needed. I am not sure if I really like this. I feel that I need one more sample to try it out. But so far so good.  

Deep Moisture Mask

A moisturizing mask perfect for my skin. I’ve been using a lot of pimple cream so my skin is kind of dry. So this is really good at bringing moisture to my face. I just have to leave on for 15 minutes and my skin is back to normal. 

This can also be used a moisturizer as long as a thin layer is apply. But don’t like that as my skin is still the oily type, so it just made my face oily after a few hours. So yes as a mask, no as a moisturizer. But good for anyone with dry skin though.  

Mua Lipstick Shade 13

Can you tell I love red? This is more of a classic Dior red. It’s more on the warm tone red. It’s really so pretty for a night out. 

Like all MUA lipstick, it’s very nice and easy to use. Inexpensive too. Love it.   

White Plus Renew Original Essence

This is a very light serum. It smells nice. It basically is to renew the skin to be radiant and clear. It absorbs into the skin rather quickly but it feels slightly sticky on the skin. Plus I feel this break me out. After using for 2 days, zits started forming. So not my favorite serum.  

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Sand

There will just be those days when you decide to buy something luxurious. In this case, it is Chanel singles. The casing just makes me so happy. Sand is a typical neutral brown. It is actually quite light and it’s not so pigmented. I don’t really think that this is a good quality product. It is quite patchy. 

First swatch is uneven. So it has to be layered. On the lids, it is ok. It is just a plain neutral shade. I like it for the crease or for all over lid color. Overall it is an easy color to use. And of course there is the factor when you use it, you’ll be happy cause it’s Chanel.   

MUA Lipstick Shade 8

It’s the only £1 red I have that is glittery. It’s different is that this is sheer. Its glitter is not that obvious. but it is very shiny. The shine is the shimmery shine. It’s also more on the sheer side. So two layers make it more pigmented. It’s not as smooth as the others when applied but it is alright on the lips. Inexpensive, beautiful color and comfortable on the lips. What’s there not to like. Really great option for anyone who wants a red but not a full on bright lips. 


Lip boom OMG

Some picture is bad, and this is a bad one. The swatch on the lips is ok, but the lipstick doesn’t show its potential. OMG is a pink coral color lipstick. It just look orange on the packaging but when swatch depending on the lighting, it can look coral or pink. It is actually very pretty and has a potential to be good. But it is quite drying on my lips. It just looks so dry and my lips don’t  look smooth. It only looks better with gloss on top. And the gloss is your chunky. So I just prefer to use a glossier balm on top. Pretty color but not my favorite. 


Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Toilette

The perfume opens with notes of orange blossom. Jasmine is in the heart, including both Grandiflorum and Sambac, whereas the base consists of cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord.

Personally, this edt is more of a florally scent. I like it, I just am not sure what flower it is. Maybe it is orange blossom but I don’t know what orange blossom smells like. It’s also sweet smelling and very light. Especially for edt, it is so much easier to wear. The best part of this perfume is that the scent is not overpowering. I can smell it when I put my wrist under my nose, but just generally then no. So it’s a really good, light daily perfume to be use in the day.