Moonshot Dark Spot Concealer -301

I wanted to try something else from Moonshot. Of course I have to get the concealer. I’m just obsessed with concealers and I’m trying them one brand at a time. So the shade I find that 301 once blended is perfect shade for me. I want to say that it look peachy. But it doesn’t really cover my black eyes. Cause when I try to use this under my eye, I still can see like the shadow underneath. I still prefer CLIO Kill Cover. (I know I previously said that Clio is not as good for the whole face. But I was wrong. I just got lazy and use it for my whole face. It’s just so full coverage and brighten up my face.)

This is suppose to be better for undereye. But I find that covering my spots, it will do a good job. I guess cause of the shade. Like it match my skin. 

The packaging looks alright but when you hold it feels cheap. The wand this feel cheap too. Cause it’s just too light. It pick up the right amount of concealer though so that’s nice. The product consistency is quite thick. It is a medium full coverage. But still show thru for deep dark undereye. But other than that, it’s good for covering. And the best part it’s easy to blend. Surprisingly for a thicker concealer, this blend quite well. So that is what I like about this concealer. 

Anyway this is $29 from Sephora. So the price alright. And I feel the more you use it, the more you like it. 

Avene Cleansing Gel

I’ve been using this for a few travels and I never get to finish it. For 25ml, this sure can last forever. I’m quite impressed by how long it last. It’s a typical gel cleanser. Not exactly gel, but a bit on the flowy side. It’s a good cleanser. It cleanse up enough the first time round. Well as long as you don’t use heavy makeup. Waterproof mascara is also a no. So it’s best to remove makeup first, then use this to cleanse the face. It’s gentle and a good sample to have. The best part is you can double this up as a shower gel. But it’s quite a waste I feel, as Avene ain’t exactly a cheap brand. 

First Impression: Baroness Tomato Mask Sheet

This is quite thin and quite cooling. It has the right amount of essence. So it’s quite comfortable to put on. I don’t like the smell though. It also kind of itch my forehead a bit. I don’t really enjoy the experience using this. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t buy it again. But this suppose to be for acne. Like it will help to prevent that. So I guess I just have to try other tomato masks. 

Manhattan Soft Compact Powder

This is in the shade 9 Chocolat which looks really natural on the pan, when swatched looks quite ashy, on my face though, it looks pretty dark. This is a shade that will be alright on me during summer. When I have a bit of a tan, this will be perfect. Even though it sort of match my skin tone, it just makes my face look darker. I guess it kind of oxidize on me. 

While the powder is a semi matte finish, it doesn’t last as long. But I mean it’s fine, you can always touch up. The packaging is bulky. There is a very thin sponge which you can use on the go. But it’s just thin and not a good quality one. I don’t like using it. Overall, I don’t like this. 

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer – Watermelon

I always gravitate towards mauve shade. This is in the shade watermelon, but it’s not red at all. I pick this up base on the colour of the cap on the packaging. It seems like a good shade to use for daily. The colour on the tube look scary. But when swatch it is actually quite sheer. So it just gives a really nice shimmer with a hint of colour. And the shimmer is not strong at all. So it’s actually very pretty. 

I always like this, cause it’s cooling and it’s a thin lip product. So it’s perfect to put inside your jeans pocket. But the one in Guava doesn’t suit me at all. 

Oh the bad thing about this is I drop it once and now the turning tab doesn’t work. So I can only turn it out very little at a time. So that I can still close the cap. 

28 Colour Eyeshadows

I bought this cause why not. It’s not too expensive. With coupons and stuff, this cost me about $10. I think so. There is no brand. It’s just a plain plastic packaging with 28 shades. It ranges from shimmer to matte. This is a waste of money. Some shades are better than others. Some pigmentation is a bit patchy. Some pigmentation is alright. Some is quite good. 

The first 3 rows are quite weak. Sure the colour get washed out by the camera, but it’s just so bleh. The shades all look similar. Sort of. The shadows themself are quite ok. It’s smooth to the touch, but it’s not fine. It doesn’t feel as nice. Row 1 shadow 4 is like very powdery. 

The middle rows, the 4th and 5th are better. The colours are quite good. I mean they’re nicer than the first 3 rows. And it is quite nice to have a purple I guess. Even though it looks much lighter in the pan. Row 4, the second colour is my skin tone shade. Beside it, is the same except it’s glittery. 

The last 2 rows are the most pigmented ones. I especially love the last row first shade. It’s a deep brown with a hint of purple. It actually look more purple here. But this one the pigmentation is superb. Below it, it’s also very pretty. I should depot all these shadows and choose the ones I like. 

I think now there are a whole better shadows out there. So this is not a good buy. There are a lot of these 28 shadows pan that are better in quality. Some are branded and some is just an OEM. I feel most of them come from the same factory anyway. But ya, it’s still fun to play with makeup. I just wish I have little kids to play with these shadows. Cause I think this will be a great palette for them to play. 

Asprey Purple Water Shampoo

This is actually quite nice. I love how this make my hair really volumous. But as with any  random shampoos, I can only use this a maximum of 2 days. On the third time I used this, my hair start to have dandruff. So I like this on a one time use kind of shampoo. It smell nice. It can last a whole day, sort of, without making my hair oily. Anyone with normal hair and want some volume should try using this. 

Shills Party Time Anti-Wrinkle & Repair Black Eye Mask

This is such a cooling mask. Plus the mask looks like I am going for a mascarade party. I just think it’s slightly too big for me. But it’s ok, it still fit quite nicely. I like this as it’s quite moisturising. Not sure about the antiwrinkle part, but this mask is filled with essence that it just kept dropping onto my cheek. So I just spread it in the corner of my lips. The essence is to prevent wrinkles anyway. This cost me NT29. So it’s about $1.35. I do enjoy using this mask. So it’s a really good for value mask. 

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme – Adorable

I got this for about $10.20 on sale. It’s a really nice neutral colour. I like how it gets to be a really comfortable matte. I like the shade. It’s a really pretty nude. But it’s not concealer nude. It actually suit my skin tone quite well. As in it doesn’t look dead on me. 

What I like the best is the comfortable factor. On the lips it doesn’t feel dry. So it’s just nice. It doesn’t really transfer. So it’s good. It last quite well too. That’s all I have I to say. I like it. I want more neutral shades of this. 

boscia Clear Complexion Tonic

Kind of always wanted to try boscia cleansing product. But this is the one I had from the Sephora Gold member gift. I like anything spray. It’s convenient and perfect for my laziness. This is a tonic, so I’m assuming a toner. Which the description did say to use after cleansing in the AM and PM. I also can use this to refresh my skin. So that’s nice too. 

It’s not overly sticky. But after spraying you can feel a bit of essence on the skin. The spray is very strong. Even though the bottle is tiny, the nozzle is powerful. Therefore, one spray is enough. But I like to spray at least twice or thrice. Sometime even 4 times. Since its powerful, it’s not a fine mist. But it doesn’t make your face overly wet. So the droplets dissappear on your face rather quickly. I like it. So easy to use. Love it. It’s small good for travelling.