Lash Sensational

Finally something waterproof. I’ve been using a lot of mascara lately. That’s mean I have a lot of opened mascara at the moment. I’m just like that. Pretty obsessed with one thing at some point of a time. I always love mascara and lip glosses, lipstick now, but it’s been awhile. 

I am not so in love with The Rocket or They’re Real. But I have to try this.  It’s a typical Maybelline tube. Suppose to be a lilac pink, but I don’t like the color. The wand at first does look quite weird. It’s a curve and with a little fangs at the inside of the end. Remind me of the L’Oreal Wings (end up I bought that to compare). But this one the “wings” is not so prominent. 

I quite like this and I’ve been using it a lot. I wanted to review so many mascara, but I feel since this is the newer one in the market, so I just want to get it out there. I’d used this for 2 months plus. So it’s a good amount of time for a proper review. The formula is average, not wet not dry. It’s lengthening, the more coat you use the more it will clump. But the length it can create, just wow. Plus the volume, can be seen as it’s just thicker. I mean it is a black mascara, so obviously it will darken your lashes. 
The wand can be bent but it’s not flexible. And I find that I don’t use the outside curve of the wand. I use it to separate my lashes but it will fail most of the time. Cause more product will just cling on instead. So, I use about 2/3 coats and it just gives the most natural finish ever. It just gives your lashes a coated look. Plus the little fangs really help with coating the outside lashes of my eyes. 

Exage White White Milk II

I have no idea what this is. I guess it’s more like a cleansing cream but you are suppose to use this after you actually cleanse your face. So it’s like a toner, but in cream form. But anyway, you are suppose to use this with a cotton pad. I guess that’s a cleaner way to go. As using your hand might just defeat the purpose. Anyway, I kinda like this. It just remove whatever makeup  I still have left on my face. And at the same time it gives me extra moisture.  


Smooth illumination can now come easily with Albion Exage White Milk II. A milk tonic that helps to replenish and control oil balance, it whitens and hydrates skin for instant brighter and smoother complexion.


· Milk tonic for brighter & smoother complexion

· Replenishes & controls oil balance

· Whitens & hydrates

· Smooth illumination in an instant


After washing your face, take a desired amount (about 3 pumps) onto a piece of cotton. Place on 5 areas of the face (forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin) and rub it thoroughly over the entire face.

So Ya, a unique product. I read online that II is for dry to normal skin while the I is for normal oily skin. So it’s kind of confusing when this also for controlling oil. But oh well. 

Baby Lips – Pink Punch

I always wanted to try the baby lips. The one from the US. So many people rave about it. I finally got to try it. It smells really nice. Love that. The color is nice too. A nice pink. It’s a light neon pink. On my lips, the color kind of show but not as great. For a lip balm, it’s not as moisturising. In real life, my lips kind of blotchy and dry and it just shows. This looks like the 17 lipstick, but baby lips is a lighter pink. I prefer the 17 which is a more a candy apple pink. So Pink Punch has a really nice scent, but to me is not a good lip balm at all.  

LM Tinted Moisturiser

 Just had to try again. This time I got in shade nude. The swatch is alright but I feel it is still not the perfect shade. I think I should have choose Bisque or Sand. But according to the creme compact, Blush is a good match for me. I guess it really depend on the look after I blend it. 

Still the same. It doesn’t leave my skin matte so it’s better for colder months. But this spread so much easier than the last time I tried. I feel now I am so much choosier in term of finding something I like. I mean I like a lot of things. But I will be more incline to say no it’s ok but I don’t like it. Last time I ok, but I will try to make it work. Now, what doesn’t work, I try to give it away to people who like it better. 

So, this is still a so-so. Maybe when I finally find the best shade that fit and my skin is more stable, I will like this better. It’s still a great tinted moisturiser. I just feel for an oil free one, it’s not great.  

Tea Tree Concealer

Heard a few good things abouf this concealer. Here is my thought. If there is one shade that match me perfectly. It will be this. This shade 02 is my exact skin tone. Its an easy concealer. For tea tree, I thought it will be good for my spots. But really the color is so much better for my under eyes. And it last much longer as an under eye concealer than as a spot concealer. 


Not a fan of the packaging. The cap got loose. The little dot just got sand down so I cant bring this around. 

Overall coverage is ok. Not a very thick, but since its my shade, so it covers undereye quite well. For spots, it wont last as long. So its not good as that. Doesn’t crease. So its alright. A bit expensive to me. TBS is quite pricey actually. Oh well. 

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Wanted to see what’s the big deal about this. It’s just a normal serum for me. Moisturising, yes. But it’s not really suitable for oily skin. I don’t know. I think this will be good for colder countries. But in Singapore, I don’t think it’s that good. I don’t feel that extra hydration. So ya, not sure about this.  

First Impression: Pure Smile Blue Heart Mask

This is like one of the cutest mask I’ve ever used. It’s just fun to apply especially for sleepover. It’s a bit scented so that is sort of something to take note of. From the foil it smells horrible. On the face it is ok. Still can smell it, but it wasn’t as bad.  

Pure Smile Facial Mask-Blue Heart:

*Damask rose flower extract gives moisture to your face skin.

*Portulaca oleracea extract keeps your face skin healthy.

*Witch hazel extract organize and tighten your face skin.

*Hyaluronic acid gives your face skin tension and flexibleness.

*Collagen gives your face skin tension and luster. 

I kind of like it except in the end the scent kind of get to me. It’s a very wet mask, so can be a bit slippery. But it stick on the face, so it’s alright. And it fits my face quite nicely even though it doesn’t seems that way. It’s just comfortable on the face. It’s hydrating. Plus I’m using this in an air con room, and my face feels very cooking. It’s like the mask absorb the cold. Overall, I like it. 

17 Mirror Shine – Shouty

For a lipstick, this has more of a jelly texture. It’s really nice to apply. But it feels more like a balm. The color is surprisingly good. It stays true on my lips. I love it. The thing about this, is that it is such a soft lip product, so it’s better not to bring this out. So I never put this in my purse. 

I don’t know. I like this. But I don’t really reach for it. It’s also not cheap. To me cheap is like Essence or Catrice that kind of pricing. So, it’s kind of a waste of money for me. But I still like it. I just prefer my other lipsticks.  

Baby Veil Hair Fragrance

Work made me eat at hawker centre a lot. Which is fine but it can stink up your hair. So I bought this just to counter that food scent. This is in the Floral Savon scent, which is very floral. It smells nice, a bit fake like a salon scent. It just makes my hair smell so much better. No more that food court scent. So love this for that. 

This is 80g, made in Japan. The height is as tall as an iPhone 6+. So it’s actually quite big for the handbag which is what I wanted to have this for. I think a 50g pacakaging will be much better, more travel friendly. So because of that, I don’t really use this as much as I would like. Such a pity. But I think you can always store this at the office and use it in the ladies. Not recommend to spray in air con room. The scent just a bit too much for everybody.  

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

I read review that this shade medium is a good shade for those with NC35 skin. I might have read the review wrongly cause this is just way too dark for me. It’s also for normal/oily skin. So not true. This turns oily after a couple of hours. I mean look at the swatch, it’s a shiny reflective cream.

It’s quite thick but apply on skin quite ok. It’s a light to medium coverage. Blends in alright and will stay on your skin. But it’s not for oily skin. 

If you have this, really have the shake before use as the product will seperate. Not pretty. I quite regret getting this. I guess it’s the color. Maybe if I get one in light, it will be much better for me. As oily skin can be blotted. Oh well.