Dior Prestige La Creme Eclaircissante 

So this is targeted for Asian skin. Not sure Asian is the Chinese or darker skin girls. The thing is it’s actually quite good. Cause this is moisturing probably more suited for normal to dry skin even though it says for all skin type. It’s not overly oily on my skin. Maybe only around my nose when I wake up is a bit oily. When I use this in the morning, I use a setting powder, so I have no problem on it. 

I do like this. It has the Dior scent. Very floral, can be annoying for some. But it has that luxurious feel. The scent doesn’t linger so it’s fine. This is only 5ml but lasted me for a week. Not bad, but it’s just not something I will purchase in the full size. 

Sephora 8hr Mattifying Pressed Powder 

I never knew the compact foundation and compact powder could be so different. The foundation is much better. They both are in powder form, and like powders, are all on the sheer side. Granted foundation has a better coverage. They both are meant to be mattifying. But, the powder is really quite useless. I feel like it just coat my face for a couple hours then that’s it. 

The colour is also a bit different. The foundation is more yellow tone. I think the only nice thing about the powder is that it is much smaller. There is no sponge, no mirror. So basically you have to use your own brush or sponge to use. So it’s also not good to bring around. Ya, I wouldn’t recommend this. 

Juicy Shaker – Piece of Cake

I only had this for less than 3 weeks and I’m in love with it. I’ve been using it a lot. I like that it’s like a liquid gloss but it’s not glossy. I guess the proper term is that this is a lip oil. It’s $36 a pop, so quite pricey to me. But I love it. It feels so nice on the lips. It’s light but it gives colour. I like shaking it when the pigment and oil seperate. But if you use it constantly, it won’t seperate. 

It’s not drying on the lips. It’s not sticky. It doesn’t run. It doesn’t stain the lips, which is a slight pity. But it makes your lips look so juicy but natural. It’s like you look good without having to try hard kind of vibe. Plus the shade Piece of Cake is so neutral and beautiful. It is describe as a terracotta nude. But I feel it has more pinkish mauve undertone in it. Like a dusty rose shade. It’s perfect for everyone though. 

The bottle is small, so it’s easy to use your thumb and forefinger to shake it. Then you twist open the cap. Which is way too easy. You will feel that it’s not secure. But when you close the cap again you will hear a click then you know that it’s actually very safe to toss this around your bag. 

The sponge is rather unique. Albeit weird having a soft spongy texture on your lips but you’ll get use to it. I also do like the scent. It smells really good. So sweet and yummy. I really love this. 

OXY 10

This is quite strong. It doesn’t feel like at first. But use it two days, and my face get really dry. I mean, it’s suppose to dry out the pimple, but when you use this you sort of apply around the spots too. And despite using normal skin moisturiser, my skin still gets really dry. In term of removing spots, some really dissappear after 2/3 days. 

It hurts when applying this. A good kind of hurt – those type of sting. I enjoy that too much I think. Anyway, the lotion is not a hard cream. So it spread easily. It is also quite affordable. $3.90 for 10g at SwanSton. The caution sign said that if this is too strong, use Oxy 5 instead, but I find that Oxy 5 is not that good. Oh well, you have to see what is it you want. Strong ones or ones that is less drying. 

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

  • SPF30
  • Easy to blend
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Covers redness

This is in the shade Natural Fair which seems quite light when swatch. But the colour kind of blend into the skin, so it wasn’t as bad. As long as you use a bit, no problem. Too much and the cream doesn’t seems to blend right. I have to set this with a setting powder to make it look more matte. And it will last for about 6 hours till I look quite shiny around the nose area. For a moisture surge CC cream, it wasn’t very moisturising as even after a thick moisturiser, my skin still looks quite flaky. Not sure how I feel about this, but is not something I will repurchase. 

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick

I got this like in 2014 and I’d kept it in its box till last month. I actually wanted the Riri Woo but it was sold out super fast. Then I was watching DivaMakeupQueen and she has the same skin tone as me (NC35). She was saying how this is the perfect red for people with her shade. And I bought it. 

It’s a really beautiful red with a frost finish. I don’t see much frost but it’s like as if it has tiny specks of glitter in it. It’s not glittery but it’s just very nice on the lips. It’s glossy and pigmented. The only thing I find is that you have to really carefully apply. It will go out the line so you have to line your lips first I feel. I don’t know. I cannot get a clean line. But even without liner, this doesn’t bleed. So it’s nice. 

This shade is suppose to be on the blue red side. I guess depending on the lighting, it will be quite obvious. It’s also comfortable on the lips but at times you can feel the dryness. I love the packaging though. It’s a suede red. Or at least it feel suede. Not sure if you can still buy this. Anyway since the proceed of this sales go to charity I don’t feel so bad buying this at a normal price. 

Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector Concentrate Cream

I got the shade medium and I bought this at $48 from Sephora. Quite pricy, but I heard this is quite good. The reason I wanted this cause if you buy two It Cosmetics item, you get the free bundle which consist of the mascara and the bye bye under eye concealer. So instead of getting the concealer I got the corrector instead. 

It’s really good. It’s a peachy shade that is perfect at covering under eye dark circles. It’s so good that I’ve been using this almost everyday since the day I got it. I just love how it really covers and brighten up my face. The bad thing is that it doesn’t last as long as I would like it to be. I guess I should probably add on a concealer on top. But really this covers so nicely I don’t feel the need to add on. 

So I give this a 80% rating cause of the fact It doesn’t last as long. But for $48 and only 5ml, I gladly repurchase. 

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I always like the beachy look. I also happen not to know what to do with my hair most of the time. So I got this just to get that after beach waves. I can use a mixture of water and sea salt and spray it on my hair, but oh well. 

This is good and gives the messy waves pretty fast. You just have to spray it on to your dry hair. Crunch it a bit and you’re set. It gives a nice tousled look. It smells good. Unlike seawater. So I don’t regret buying this. As 75ml is quite small, but it last forever. Plus the spray is quite steady and not hard to use. The full size is probably not worth purchasing. As bigger bottle, albeit plastic, still will not hold as well on the hand. That’s what I think. 

Apocalips – Nude Eclipse


I am one of those people who love apocalips. I don’t mind the scent and I like the pigmentation. This is the nude one, and it’s lighter than my skin tone. If applies more streaky than the rest of the colours. I guess cause this is too light. But with careful application, it will look normal. The shade is surprisingly quite alright on my skin tone. It can look a bit wash out, so it really depend on the day when I use this. On the days I can pull this of, it’s a good nude shade. Wish it was a stain though. But this can’t be worn on dry lips. It just makes the dryness very obvious. If I can rewind time, I will not purchase this. 

First Impression: Pure Smile Best Wishes For Love Mask

I always like the Art Deco Masks from Pure Smile. They are just so cute. I tried finding out more about this one. And the only thing I can find is that it is for moisture. So we shall just stick to that. On the packaging it does state collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. So I’m thinking it’s all in this mask. 

This one is very wet. It has a lot of essence and it’s quite messy to apply. Even after almost 45 minutes, the mask still doesn’t dry out. It’s still rather wet. After, my face is quite sticky. It’s not bad. But it’s really full of moisture. I guess this will be good for those dry months. At least for overseas. Singapore is just sunny or raining, humid all year round. So it doesn’t really do much for us. 

But overall it’s just a fun mask to have during sleepover.