Peripera Cushion Pang Ting

I like this. It smells like candy. It’s so sweet and the packaging is so easy to use. It’s a pen with a sponge applicator. So basically you just click on the product to come out; it will slowly stained the sponge and that’s when you know the product is out. It’s easy to apply and you can drag it across the lips or just dab it over. This can be used as a gradient effect, but the shade is quite light so it doesn’t contrast very well. 

My Mine Peach is a light milky pink. It’s just very sweet and surprisingly none streaky. It did stained my hand after the swatched, but on my lips not so much. Not sure if the colour is too light so the tint doesn’t show as much or what. Nonetheless it’s still a beautiful wearable colour. I really enjoy this. 

I bought it at about $12 on sale. It doesn’t have much selection in term of colour. Cause most of them is red, pink and orange. It’s just in those family colour tone. I wanted a more neutral shade so I can wear it daily. So I’m happy with this. 

For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defence Cream

This is a skincare item. I guess it call itself a dd cream. And the dd stands for daily defence. It’s a peach tone cream to target yellowish and uneven skin tone. You are suppose to apply it on to the skin before sunblock. Which is quite weird actually. Thankfully my sunscreen is now the mist, so that makes everything much more convinient. They say to use this together with powder for a natural glow. I mean I use powder to lock everything in and to have a matte face. So it doesn’t do well for me these instructions. 

The product itself is good. It suits my skin tone. But it will leave me oily after 5 hours of wear. So that’s the downside. But I don’t really mind this, cause it really bring out the best in my skin. It really even out my skin, and as a quite medium to full coverage, it really covers imperfections. Only the undereye need extra concealing. So I really do recommend this for those who have combi or normal skin and looking for a “tinted moisturiser” with SPF30. 

Kiss My Face Shimmer – Ruby

This is totally like the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. The shape, the scent and the mint. It’s exactly alike. I can’t remember how much this cost, but it’s cheaper. This is in the colour Ruby, which is quite sheer. It’s still a nice pink shimmer but if you need more colour, this won’t be good. But this is good for those dry lips. It won’t help to make it better, but it sort of hide the dry skin. 

I always like this kind of thing, just the BB is not the right shade. But I like how this is so slim. It’s really good for front jeans pocket – it’s pretty invisible. So yea. Not bad. 

Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask

Is Rachel K the brand even active now? I saw this in my notes and so I guess forgot that I have to blog about it. It’s a gel like texture mask. So it’s really fun to put on. A bit messy, but it’s a nice feeling.  It has 2 layers. One for the top face and one for the bottom. The jelly is quite fragile, a bit of nail and it can tear apart. But I do enjoy using this. This is for normal, oily and acne prone skin, which I don’t really feel it. Also you are suppose to put this on for half hour to 40 mins. So that’s quite long. I don’t really feel much different using this. It also doesn’t say to need to use this more than once, etc. So after using this twice, I really don’t see much difference to my skin, other than I just enjoy using the mask. 

Biore UV Perfect Spray

Saw this at my HDB local store and it’s $2 cheaper than Guardian. Of course I have to grab it. Apparently they have the jumbo size one, but I just wanted to try to compare this and the L’Oreal UV City Mist. So the major different is the spray nozzle. This is more plastic looking but surprisingly in term of press, this is alright. It’s comfortable to use and the spray is very fine. It’s really just mist. So it’s a good sunscreen really. 

This, they say can be used for body, face and hair. It won’t make you oily. I guess that’s why you can use it for hair too. I have a body UV spray and a hair one too. But this basically just said can be use for all. I guess all the sprays can be use for all, but I feel more comfortable knowing that they test it out to be used for such purposes. I am just scared of oily hair and oily face. 

So yes this is just as good as the L’Oreal one and it’s much cheaper too. But I do feel a bit heavy after a few hours. Like, there is some residue setting in on my face. Not sure why. I haven’t really use the whole can yet. Once I’m done I will update again. 

Apocalips Matte in Atomic Rose

The apocalips in Atomic Rose, a matte pink nude shade. It doesn’t appear matte though. The colour is darker than normal nude, so it is very complimentary. It’s more rosy. It’s smooth and easy to apply. It is a beautiful shade. It is pigmented and doesn’t appear blotchy. Even just a thin coat, it will cover the whole lips nicely. If your lips is kind of dry with chapped skin, the flakes can be seen. But it’s not so bad. Cause the colour is so thick, that it just makes you identify which dry skin you can just peel off. Weird, but it’s the thing I will do. 

Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night

Not sure if all Estée Lauder cream smell the smell, but the scent is exactly like the resilience lift day cream. This is also quite on the thin side. So it’s quite easy to blend into the skin. While it’s a nice small sample size, it’s meant for traveling but I feel that it’s so hard to used up. The more you use the more you have to dig into the tub. So as always, it’s not my fav kind of packaging. The cream itself is just so so. I don’t see much difference using this. It’s also not something I will keep grabbing. So a bit waste of money. And for someone who love scented product, this can be a bit sickening for me. Therefore this is not good for anyone who are sensitive to scent. 

Laura Geller Baked Highlighter – French Vanilla

The other day, I was looking to apply highlighter with a fan brush when I realized I did not have a powder highlighter. I have a few of the bronzer highlight or the tiny theBalm highlighters. But no proper highlighter compact, none that appeal to me at least. So I got this cause Becca is slightly too expensive for me to play around. This is a small compact. Not sure if it’s the full size or what. 

The colour is gorgeous. It’s really a French vanilla kind of shade. It’s not overly glittery. It just gives the right sparkle. Especially with a fan brush, this gives a very subtle if not a hint of glow – just a tiny bit. I haven’t see how highlighters are an advantage to me. As in sure I have those samples or in palettes and they are pretty. They will gives such a nice glow to the cheeks but honestly I don’t see how it’s something I need. I’m glad I have this, and I’m sure you can see the sparkle. But it’s not something people will go and say wow. So yes, liked it but don’t really need need it. 

Coc Travel Brushes 

Bought this for traveling. Ok I lied, bought this cause it’s a black handle, white bristle with pink tips. It’s tiny, and a set comes with 3 face brushes, 5 eyes brushes and a lip brush. So it’s really good for traveling. But the case has died, after 3 years. Which is a pity, but small brushes is easy to fit into any old case. 

The 3 face brush. The biggest one is a simple fluffy brush. Small and cute, it’s soft and prefect for powder. The angle brush is ok for blush or bronzer. It’s soft and fluffy too. There is smaller dense brush which I think is good for concealer. This might be created for foundation maybe, but I feel that it is a tad too small for that. Concealer is perfect. 

A smaller version of the “concealer” brush is good to pack eyeshadow base. It is quite tampered at the end, so it can be used as crease brush too.
Then, there is smaller one. I use this for packing darker shadows. Can also be use for concealing.
Angle brush is a bit broad for lining, but a bit too soft for brows. Still can work, but the brow powder must be the right one.
A small detailer,to line the lower eyes.
A mini round dome brush for crease, but it’s small. So it will just give a very sharp finish. So a less pigmented shadows will work best.
Lastly, lip brush. This has a cover, so it will not spoil the case when it’s used and stain it with sticky lip stick or something. Plus it’s nice being able to join the handle together creating a longer brush. 

So overall, it’s a decent travel brush set. I like it enough. All the bristle are synthetic but it works great. So cute, inexpensive and useable. 

Benefit Tints and Beam

Love this trio. It is either $37 or $32 in Sephora. It comes with 3 tiny 4ml Benefit’s tint/beam. Albeit pricey, but it’s good to try these out. The packaging is so cute and it comes with a brush like nail polish. 

Poise Tint is a poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s a good pink and will really stain the cheek. So the way to use this is to dap on one cheek and blend and do it on the other side. On the lips, I’m surprise the colour do transfer nicely. My bottom lip appear more bright cause it’s lighter naturally. But overall it’s not patchy.
Sun Beam is a golden bronze complexion highlighter. Really gorgeous on the cheek. I dot this on the cheek and sometimes use it on the brow bone. It’s a really beautiful highlighter.
Cha Cha Tint is a mango tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s just an orange shade tint. Surprisingly this looks good on me too. It appears more light red on my lips. Again for the cheeks, just brush it on and blend. This can appear quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. 

Overall, no regret getting these. I enjoy using them. They’re a good stain and cheek colours. Small packaging is also great cause it’s hard to use up a full size anyway. I really love minis.