SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Patch

I like to believe that acne patch works, and I am not sure if they do work. Cause Everytime you use them, it won’t heal magically overnight. You have to at least use them for 3 times for the pimple to subside. So that’s three nights which is the same as using normal pimple cream. But using these is just good cause you can see residue sticking to the stickers. So it feels like gunk is being taken off your face. 

This has 6 big patch and 6 smaller ones. You are suppose to put on for 8 – 12 hours which I never have that much time to. So maybe it was suppose to work wonders, but I just don’t have the time to find out. Anyway, despite putting for like maximum 6 hours, I find that it is alright. If you have a huge pimple, use this. Patches really help to reduce the size. Especially on those spots that can see the white pus, I guess that’s what you call it. 


For $2 at Guardian, it’s a really reasonable product. Can be useful to have on hand. 

Hot Mama

I am still loving the tiny packaging. Love the magnetic closure too. The product itself is not bad. So far, no problem with theBalm, I like all the product I’ve tried.
This is a blush, which also can be used as an eyeshadow. It’s a shimmery golden specks peachy color blush. I don’t exactly use it. More for playing around but it’s good. The pigmentation is good. But I guess for me, it won’t show up as much as compare to someone more fair. 

Will repurchase? Probably not. 

Harnn Oriental Rose Hand Balm with Coenzyme Q10

This is made in Thailand. 25g. Not sure if it’s a Thai brand but I love it. It’s just a tube that has to be punctured before use. So that’s a great way to ensure new product. The cream is light and it smells lovely. It is rose, but not so overpowering. I like it. I think I am really getting into the rose scent. Cause I’m now ok with the scent of roses unlike before. But I guess maybe it’s the roses that doesn’t stink as much. Anyway, the best part about this is that it sinks into skin really fast. Like magic. I’m so impress. I think it’s the best hand cream in the world so far. A lot of lotion sink into the skin but not as fast as this. And it just doesn’t leave that sticky feeling. As if I didn’t put on any cream at all. I mean there is tiger fast and then there is jaguar fast, you know why I mean. So ya. Highly recommend this.  

The Wet Brush

I have 3 the wet brush. Well I have 1, I bought the other two for my mom and sis. My sis got the big one. The original which I kind of regret not getting. It’s nicer than the smaller ones as it is bigger. So it is easier to brush your hair with. The bristles will go through your hair so much better. Especially if you have thick hair. The smaller one, the bristle doesn’t hit your roots. I like the feeling of the brush touching my scalp. That’s why I prefer the bigger one. 

The smaller one is good though don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it is a better brush for your purse. 


Anyway, they do come out with different colors. So it’s easy to own one with your favorite color. Even the purples. I have one metallic, one more rubbery feel. 

I started this post with a lot in my head. I want to rave about these but now I just got nothing to say. It is good. Unlike any normal comb or brush. The bristle is good. It helps get rid of tangles. Even though my sis will say yes cause it just chunk your hairs off that’s why it free the tangles. Not sure about that, but that’s an opinion. Nonetheless, it just help me so much. I love combing my hair now. It helps to smooth out unruly hair and whatnot. 

The big one is 15.90, the smaller one is 10.90. And I bought them at 20% John Little sale. So that’s how you buy these. Wait for sale. Watsons sells them too. It’s more expensive in the UK though. 

Monoprix Shampooing Doux Beurre de Mangue

It is quite a curse to have WordPress in a few platform. I wrote a lengthy post on this one and it was gone, just like that. Cause maybe I forgot to refresh? Anyway, I’m too lazy to tell the story again, so in summary due to language problem I thought this is for oily hair when infact it’s an oil type shampoo?! See I even forgot my research. 

Huile de riz, cheveux

Monoprix is like another Carrefour. So this is like 2€. It’s surprisingly quite good for my oily hair. It won’t last more than 12h, but it’s still pretty good. I wanted to tell you that it smells like mangoes but honestly I forgot. Cause my notes also disappear. So ya, just wanna post this up cause it’s already on draft anyway.  

But seriously, for about 5 days, this shampoo helps to survive Paris with looking like a head of grease, I feel that it’s quite good. Unless someone tell me that this is in fact for oily hair, then I would have expect better from this shampoo. 

First Impression: dermasoul Detox Mask with Algae Extract

 Yes I’m attracted to the pink packaging that’s why I bought it. It’s suited for getting rid of skin troubles. Troubles occur when skin is tired and dried from aging over time. Also can be from harmful environments, stresses, and tiredness. 

No really think that Leaders Clinic’s masks are not tight. I mean I still feel that it doesn’t cling on to the face as other masks. It won’t drop off, I tried jumping around, but it just doesn’t feel as pamanpering as others. Anyway, 5 minutes into wearing this, my face kind of itches. 

The mask is very wet. It has a lot of essence, but not messy. It won’t dry out after 15 – 20 minutes. So that will make some people happy. But when I took off the mask, my whole face is just drench in the essence. It doesn’t look like water, more like as if my whole face perspire. Not a pretty sight. I just let it air dry cause I didn’t want to wipe it away. But after 2 minutes, I could not stand it and I took a tissue to pay my face dry. 

My face was moisturized but quite sticky. Plus it itched. Not a mask for me definitely. I saw a brighter face. But dark circles still exist and more prominent cause face is brighter, so the contrast is greater. I just realized I forgot to flip down the nose flap. Anyway, ya, this is a no. 

MUA Matte Lipstick in Siren

This will be the last red lipsticks for a while. I think. I might be lying. Anyway, I’ll probably do a comparison of my MUA and MUR Reds. They are all £1 each, so it’s quite a fair comparison.

mua matte lipstick


This is not exactly look matte in person. Eventually it will lose its shine and appear more matte. But basically, it is just more drying as compare to the normal MUA lipsticks. It is still ok, but not recommended for anyone who have super dry lips. Also, the color is not super red. It is more magenta. So it is more friendly to wear. But at different light, it will appear red.

RT Your Eyes/Enchanted Starter Set

I am slowly collecting all the RT brushes. I really like them. I buy them all from iHerb.
So this kit consist of 5 brushes and a case which I never use.
Base shadow brush is just nice fluffy all over the lid brush. It’s a nice size to use as it is just a good eye lid size. Like one sweep kind of application and you are good to go. It’s a good size, convinient and fast to apply, that’s what I’m trying to say. 

Deluxe crease brush This is quite an oversize brush. I find that it is quite big for my crease. So I use this to blend concealer for my undereye instead. It’s a better purpose anyway. I also will use this as an all over eye lid brush also. 

Accent brush Remind me a lot of the detailer brush from the face set, but the bristles are shorter. So it is great to use under the eyes or even as an eyeliner. Inner corner of eyes too. It will be very precise as it is quite small and firm. Can be use as a concealer brush too. To cover those small pimples. 

Pixel-point eyeliner brush is quite a fat eyeliner brush I would say. It’s a bit fluffy and I doubt it will be good as an eyeliner. Maybe it can only be use as undereye smudger brush. Like at the v area. Or if you want a really thick eyeliner. I’m sure it work, but I don’t use eyeliner so it’s quite a useless brush for that purpose. Instead I will use it as a crease brush. More for deepening the outer crease. But it takes forever to blend. So ya, I don’t really use this brush much. 

Brow brush I really like this. It is not like normal angle brush, where the bristle is thin. The width of the brush is thicker. So it really is great for brows. I guess you can use it for eyeliner, but only if you want a thicker liner. I like those dense fat angle brush for my brows. As I feel that it is easier and makes my brows look so much more natural when using that. Those thin brow brush is just to sharp looking for my taste. 

So overall, it’s a good brush. I like the handle. Purple, and a mixture of thin and fatter handles. I like the thin one more, looks so dainty. It doesn’t shed when washed. It cleanse quite easily. So ya, I do recommend it.   

TBS Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

It had been awhile. Well at least for me. But I just miss scented products. TBS is a cheaper alternative. So I walked into their store. 

They came out with the new Fuji Green Tea series. Doesn’t smell too much like green tea, but it’s quite refreshing and clean. I got the body sorbet cause why not? Actually I am used to their body lotions and body butters but this is the first time I saw the sorbet. I guess it is kind of a mix in between butter and lotion. But it’s kind of more towards a gel like constancy with a mix of lotion. 

It is less sticky as compare to the lotion. But still as moisturing. So it’s quite nice to apply this for summer days in Singapore. 


LaCouture Covering Base BB

This just gives me the most flawless face ever. I applied this with a stippling brush and my face is brighter and very air brush feel. Sure, it’s too light for me. That’s the only sad part, that’s why my face is much brighter. It’s good that it is brighter but it seems to light. I kind of have to bronze a bit. Only then it’s fine. Not a big problem for me. See the swatch, once it’s blended, it’s just a tad light for me. 


This has SPF40, so that’s nice. And I just googled that this is suppose to cover skin stains and even freckles. So yah, that’s why my face is flawless. 

I love this as it gives my face a matte finish. I don’t have to powder my face after. It’s also quite long lasting. Since it covers my blemishes and dark circles, I don’t need concealer too. But under the eyes will be the one place that this bb cream will fade off. Not as bad, but it’s, well it can be better. 

So overall, I love this. Will be the perfect shade for anyone who is an NC20/25.