Holika Holika Soda PoreCleansing Cleansing Foam

I was just attracted to the word soda and pore cleansing is definitely up my alley. Do I like this? I wasn’t a fan at first, but I guess my skin kind of get used to it. Then again, actually no, I don’t really like it. But I don’t hate it either. It’s a good foaming cleanser. But I find that it can emphasis on my pores instead of cleansing it. So it’s quite a bugger about that. Plus my skin do get oily using this. Therefore I don’t really it. 

Natural Mineral Batheraphy Sport Bath Salts

This actually made my whole bath a pale lilac colour. It’s like Easter come early. I wish the peppermint was stronger. But oh well. In term of soothing sore muscle, I guess it helps a bit. But again, a bath always help. So I don’t see the difference in that. I guess it’s just nice to have this around on those days when your body feel kind of sore. 

Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick

I’m not sure if the shade is intimacy lip color or 20100. Anyway this is a bigger version of lip liner or a smaller version of lip crayon. It does say that it is a crayon lipstick. It’s quite dry, I guess cause it’s the fact that it is matte. But I feel the texture is more like lip liner. 

I like the colour. It’s wearable. So it’s good. But it’s just way too dry for me. It also smells like a crayon. I mean I think it’s fine. It’s just gonna be a pain when the product run down. You have to find the right size sharpener. So that will eventually be a bummer. 

MAC eyeshadow – Black Tied Velvet

Swatching this in the finger, just gives a really pigmented black with tiny silver glitter. When you transfer it onto the back of your hand, it’s just very patchy. So tapping motion to apply this is still the way. It’s not a smooth shadow. It’s very course. I guess cause of the glitter in this. So ya, this is nice to want a hint of glitter on the lid for a top up on a smudged black eyeliner as shadow application. 

My Organic Thickening Shampoo Orange and Lemon

I kind of like the bottle. It’s like a suede finish and it’s black with just white words. And the first time I used it, I fell in love with the bottle more. It’s just a very sleek design. Cause the cap is not a full way opened cap. It will just slightly turned up and it becomes a squeezy bottle. It just makes shampooing so much easier. 

The shampoo now. The first time I used this, my hair get oily pretty fast. Which is quite strange. Usually most shampoo is fine with me the first use especially this is targeted for greasy hair. The second time, it’s back to normal. It does give me a full 11/12 hours of use. But that’s about it. I hope that it can contain oily hair better. 

Thin hair, yes not bad. It’s quite light. Doesn’t give me a flat head. So yea it’s fine. The amount of hair I drop is not significant. So it’s good. 

Overall, it’s quite a good fine shampoo for those with normal or not so oily hair. 

Cococare The Yellow Stick and Moisturising Stick

I love Shea butter moisturising stick. It’s a good moisturiser, but I use it more like a body hand lotion. It just melt under the heat of your hand. I like it. It’s meltie and makes my skin smooth. It’s also good for wrinkles, stretch marks and dry skin. 

100% Cocoa butter is a bit harder. It doesn’t really melt on your hand. The way I use these stuff is like how you use a stick glue. Cocoa butter will melt when you rub your skin. So it’s not that hard for it to melt. It’s just a bit more solid. I just think if you like the smell of cocoa, you’ll love this. It’s the same scent as the lipbalm also. This just say that it’s for stretch marks and dry skin. 

In the end cocoa butter is slightly more moisturising. I don’t mind both. But I think this is really good for anyone who are not allowed to scratch their skin, but feeling the itch. Moisturising is good for skin, so you can use the stick to so call scratch yourself. It’s gentle and good for you. Also not overly pricey. I can’t remember exactly. But it should be below $5. 

Astor Anti Shine Mattitude Powder

The packaging and feel of this powder remind me so much of the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder. I think it’s probably the same. I never think much of this as it’s just a setting powder for me. The packaging make it not feasible for me to bring it around. I got the shade 3 which is a perfect match for me. 

My face is not extremely oily these days. But I still need setting powder to keep in control. So this help. This can last me for like about 5-6 hours. It’s alright for work. The oily part of my face will on my forehead and around the nose. Other than that, my face is normally okay. So yea, this is alright. But the Rimmel one is more readily available while Astor can only be found in some part of Europe. 

Solone Classic Wine Lip Tint – 10 Grape Purple

Solone is a Taiwanese brand. They have a variety of product but knowing how much we love alcohol, this wine product is a perfect gift. It’s a cute small packaging in the shape of a wine bottle. What I’m impressed of is the fact the formula is really nice. It’s a gel texture so it’s really nice on the lips. 

The wand is slightly thinner than normal wand. So I do find that it’s good to really get a clean edge. The colour I have is Grape Purple which is a bright purple shade. This doesn’t suit me as much. I feel the colour is too bright for me. 

The other thing I don’t like about this is that the stain is not even. It’s not the lip tint fault but it’s my lips. My lips are uneven in pigmentation. Therefore, the inside of my lips will be darker than the outer. But if it’s all even, this will give a really beautiful stain. I guess, you can’t have everything. 

Yves Rocher Organic Raspberry Shower Gel

Let me say this will be much better if the cap is one that you can pop open instead of having to turn open kind. As in the opening in this is way too big. It’s also time consuming and troublesome to open and close the bottle. Especially if you just want a quick shower. 

The scent is lovely. It does lather on quite alright. But I have to use quite a fair amount for my whole body. So 400ml will be used up quite fast. Not really worth the money. But this will be nice in the bath or shower with those beige tiles. It will just fit into the background. Other than that, really I don’t see the benefit of this. 

RT brow

So I bought this cause I wanted more brow brushes. The brushes handle are slightly angled. I find that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be. I only use the brow brush. The others 1) the definer – I don’t need it, 2) spoolie – is way too small. 

I like the tweezers. But I only use the angled one. I find that the detailing brush is quite hard to use. It’s pointy and sharp. I thought it will be easy to grab the loose stubborn hair. But I can’t even. It’s hard to get a grab on the hair. So I use it for other purposes, like pulling off loose strand on my shirt. 

So the best thing out of this kit is the angled tweezer.