Bebe perfume


Created by Francis Kurkdjian for women, a floral oriental. Top notes are juicy mango, sweet pea and tuberose. The heart is composed of black jasmine and night blooming rose while the base consists of sexy sandalwood, musk and golden cedar.

I actually fell in love with Bebe sheer back in Sephora. So I got this thinking it was it. Alas I bought the wrong one. Smart huh?

At first it was just a nice perfume. Not too sweet not too tart. It is pleasant and feminine. Then eventually, it became not bad. I end up actually liking it. It was only a 30ml bottle, so after about 9 months it is almost finishing. Well, I alternate with 2 others, so ya. It smells pretty powdery actually with a hint of flowers. I guess it’s the jasmine and rose.

I will miss this scent. It has been my go to perfume for these few months, that the scent has been link with leaving and conquering the day. Girl power!



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