Lioele glittering jewel liner

glittering jewel

After much talked about Holika holika eyeliner on Gmarket, I came across an offer on Lioele liner. I choose the color glam bronze as it is prettier than just plain brown.

glittering jewel

The color doesn’t do justice on this picture. But it is such a beautiful bronze. Shiny, metallic and doesn’t smudge no matter how hard you rub it. It glides on pretty nicely on my hand too.

Problem is it was difficult to actually apply it on your eye. It is not smooth and I have to really force it on my eyes, which can be painful. But the color is still gorgeous.

The pencil is plastic but can be sharpen, so it can be pointed again. But it broke so easily, so I have to keep shapening. I don’t know if I got a bad pencil or if all is like this.

I love the color too much to give this up. Maybe I just have to really learn to apply this in a proper easy way.

Edited: after finally sharpening and doesn’t get it broken, I left it in its a cap. When I tried it again, it completely dried out. It can’t be use anymore, not even as a hand paint. So now I use this to write on my sticky note, so not to completely waste the product. Why does gorgeous color comes in such bad product?


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