Esthaar Hair Energy Shampoo

Korean shampoo brand?
This is my second bottle. The green cap, from Google search shows that it is for oily hair. Just what I need.
I just use one pump, and it came out thick and is able to cover all of my hair (mid-length). In fact, if I just use half a pump, it probably is enough.

This is pretty good for my hair. It helps with the oiliness but it doesn’t last for 24 hours. I still have to shampoo my hair every day. So oil control, check. Hair thinning? Nope, my hair still drop. Now more so than ever. Blame it on school stress.

If you leave it for a minute or two before you rinse it out, there is a minty feel to your scalp. Doesn’t smell horrible. Smell like normal shampoo. How does normal shampoo smell like? Well, just that it’s not fruity nor flowery.

Overall it’s alright, but I’m still searching for a more perfect one.

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