Essence smokey eyes set in brown

essence smokey eyes
When I bought this, it was S$5. Now it cost S$5.10. Yeah an increase of 10c, but it’s still an increase. I used to say Silkygirl is one of the cheapest recognized brand in Singapore. But ever since Essence came to town, it took over. It is cheaper and yet it’s really good. Really awesome in quality. Well I swatch them in Watsons, most of the Essence products.

Since comparing the price in Singapore and overseas, it will still be cheaper overseas, I only got this smokey eyes set. Well I got 2 sets, one brown one black.

The set came with an eye shadow and eye liner. Powder base and gel base. It also came with a small two sided applicator, which can be useful if you are using this on the go, or for some reason you do not have make up brush. The back of the package gives you directions on how to apply them.
1. Use brush to line the eyes with the eyeliner.
2. Apply powder shadow over it with the sponge. Smudge carefully.
essence smokey eyes
As you can see it is pretty pigmented. It is brown so its not as harsh on the eye. It wear pretty well. Easy to apply, easy to achieve a smokey eyes. Good tool for beginners.
It can crease and doesn’t last for the whole night. It started to wear off about 4 hours after use. It is good to use a primer as the color will be more vibrant, wont crease and will last longer.

Overall it is one of the things I bought in Singapore for a small amount of money but gives off such a good value. Pretty happy with Essence.


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