Hada Labo cleansing oil with high purity olive oil

Another sample from Hada Labo. I like them as a brand. For giving little samples now and again, it’s really nice.
Simple, superior cleansing.
No fragrance, color, mineral oil, alcohol.

It’s a make up remover, and I use this in the shower. This feels really nice and after, I just feel that I do not need to actually wash my face. Cause I feel that clean.

Now, I actually like this one from Hada Labo. It is indeed cleansing and doesn’t feel sticky after. This remind me of the Biore cleansing oil. The texture is the same, the feel is really similar. Just that Biore smell really good. Like grapefruit or guava or some green fruity type. I do prefer this though as it is not as oily as the Biore one. When I use Biore cleansing oil, I have to rinse my face twice in order to feel really clean and oil free.

So this one is better, but doesn’t really remove my eyeliner properly. As in, you really have to use your hand close to your lash line and rub it off. You can’t just go over your eyes gently, you have to go deeper, if you know what I mean. You don’t have to scrub it, but you have to be detailed on washing the part of your eyes.

Anyway, if I manage to like empty all my make up cleanser products, I’ll probably be getting this. But I have a lot of sample and as the time pass, I will most probably acquire more stuff, so I doubt I will get to buy this. Maybe during sale period then.


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