Bellabox March 2013


I finally cave in and got myself a Bellabox. It was for half price at $9.95 for the first time subscription. I got the March issue. It was theme Spring in your step. The box is so pretty with the cherry blossom stickers on the front. The box is pretty sturdy. A good box for recycling. Just a small box, that can probably fit 2 and a half iPhone 4 in width.

I cannot deny I was excited receiving this box, I was trying my best not to tear this open. Even though I already seen what the samples are. They had 2 shipping, earlier of the month and the 20th shipping, which I got. I just love receiving stuff in the mail or from anyone actually.

So this is what the inside looks like. Thin tissue paper covered the goodies held inside.

bellabox march 2013
I know like usually, you will get like 4-5 samples per box. I got 6 samples. And one of them come in 3. I guess as first timer, they trying to hook me in by giving me more?

pure dkny
So first up, a perfume sample. This is the Pure DKNY a drop of rose. I actually was hoping for the Taylor Swift wonderstruck enchanted but oh well. I was kind of disappointed as I do not like roses at all. So I spritz this on, and found that the scent is not that strong. It is in fact quite pleasant. Strange.

· Sourced from local farms for sustainability
· A rose scent that smells fresh, just-picked rose
· Perfect for day or night

Fresh roses from the garden smell heady, potently feminine, divine. But it’s not an easy essence to bottle. Many fragrances incorporate rose into a floral scent that feels stuffy and old fashioned. This is where Pure DKNY a drop of rose comes in. Using rose petals sourced from Anatolian flower fields in Turkey, they’ve been able to preserve the integrity of newness that virtually sings of just-picked petals. What’s their secret? These roses are hand-picked in the earliest hours of the morning, carefully processed through 26 stills and infused into a fragrance that like the name promises feels pure; clean, and totally essential. Smell for yourself. The term English rose has nothing on DKNY’s pure Damascene drop of the same floral family!

It really is a nice scent. Not so strong. Very girly, if you know what I mean. Usually roses smell so strong and adult and feminine and powerful. This one smell so sweet(nice sweet, not sweet sweet) and for a better lack of word, girly. Pure and clean.

lemongrass house
Lemongrass house shower gel. I love this. I love the smell. It is just so yummy and clean. Smell so peaceful and calming without it being a lavender smell. I wonder if it will be sticky as gel can sometime be. I hope not. I really like the smell. I wanna buy this.
· Blended by hand and made fresh to order
· Paraben and sulfate-free
· Made with all natural ingredients and preservatives
· Scented with essential oils, not artificial fragrance
Price = $19.26 /260ml
Dr.Ci:Labo bb perfect cream. Another BB cream. Another new brand.
· So many benefits, all in a waterproof formula
· Acts as foundation, base, and concealer
· Brightens and lightens skin
· Moisturizes, nourishes, protects expertly

Dr.Ci:Labo super cleansing ex is a makeup remover. You know, I am still confuse about cleanser as in makeup remover or cleanser as in the face wash. I guess face wash also usually for removing makeup and cleansing. Oh well, I will eventually learn.
· The ultimate in anti-aging and makeup removal
· Encapsulates and softens debris to lift it away
· Improves blood flow
· Introduces moisture and vitamins

vichy bi-white med
Vichy bi-white med whitening replumping gel cream is a really nice gel. The texture of it is nice. It is an all in one whitening, moisturising and anti-aging gel. It uses cutting edge technology for fast results, includes peony + 5 essential oils. Plus it provides protection and simply beautiful skin.
Price = $59/50ml
Sample = 15ml, so its $17.70.

vichy vichy
This is Vichy bi-white med deep corrective whitening essence. I guess this will be use to compliment the gel. Like this is the serum, and that is the moisturizer. So I will try that two together. We shall see.

So I have not really try any of the product except Pure DKNY. Maybe I will, one day. In the mean time, I am trying to finish more product, so I can finally proudly get rid of them.

I like getting random boxes, but the price can take a toll on you. Plus I prefer makeup product than skin care. So ya. I shall see if I actually want to spend $20 every month on samples.

These are the other version of March Bellabox:

  • Sungstar Dolly received 5 totally different items.
  • Yvettia another one with some different products.
  • Silverkis have the same box as me. Apparently those invited to Bellabox event received the same box as this one.

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