Canmake eye nuance

I got this from a Canmake Christmas random pack set. There are other colors but I decided to stick to neutral. I always see this brand around, but the price is a bit higher than Maybelline and etc. This cost $17.90 alone.

I don’t think I’ll ever need more eye shadows. Plus it’s a Japanese brand, so everything is in Jap. Made it hard for me to really understand the product. Even though its just a simple eye shadow or blush or something.
Maybe mascara might be a problem, as you don’t really know if its lengthening or volumizing. But ya, usually there’s picture illustrate to help. And some come with English language stickers for clarification. It’s just me though. The feeling I get with non-English product. I just rarely get them.

Anyway, back to topic.

The colors are lovely. Pigmented when swatch on fingers. Quilted design but ain’t rough to the touch. In fact, it’s smooth, not chalky. Not a matte shadow, more of a shimmer, but not shiny type. This is in shade 13. The lightest color is a pale beige yellow. Followed by a shimmery golden light brown and lastly, a dark coppery brown.

Then I put it on. I saw nothing. I was late for class, so I had no choice but to ignore my eyes and leave. Came home 6 hours later and up close, the colors are still there. My lids are more oily, but it bring out the intensity of the colors more than when I put them in the morning. Weird.
Next day, put on after primer. Still light, barely there. I checked like 10 hours later, up close the colors intensity is so much better than when I put them. Really weird.
From a distance, you can’t really tell though. I mean sure there’s a little sparkle, but that’s it.

I found that it’s hard to blend the shadows together. And the color doesn’t transfer on my eyes. Even with primer, it doesn’t help at all. So pretty when swatch, but useless when used. So disappointed. It’s so pricey and compact, but just so bad.

Oh, I did read a review of someone who is fair and she loved this product. Apparently it transfer well on someone with fair skin. I guess if you have a very light skin, the color does transfer well on you.

P.s. I tried finding her blog again, but I just cant find it. So I cant link her.


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