ZA two-way foundation

My first powder foundation. Well not the this exact piece, but basically I’ve been using ZA one for such a long time. I probably used up 4 or 5 refills. 20121009-021914.jpg

I’m using shade 22. There used to be only 4/5 shades. Recently, I went to Watsons and found out that they came out with more shades. So after this powder hit pan, I wouldn’t know what shade to get. Cause they sort of add and change the numbering. I have to try finding the right shade again, which I really hate. I do not like finding shade to match my skin tone. I just feel silly trying them out. Plus most of the time I try it on my hand, so it doesn’t really match correctly.

Anyway, a long time ago, this is enough to cover my face. As in, it gives enough coverage in my opinion. Like I wouldn’t need to use any foundation before hand. But now it barely covers anything. I feel naked. Some days I don’t mind so much. But these few days, I’ve been fussy. I just feel dull and imperfect with this light coverage. So I use this as a setting powder. It matches my skin tone, it kind of bring any foundation or bb cream into the proper shade for me. It just looks nicer.

The powder doesn’t give a full coverage, but it is not exactly transparent. Not really buildable, as it will just look caked. It last for a reasonable amount of time. 6 hours? My face will get slightly shiny after, around the T-zone. Then you can apply it again or even before that. But if you layered it straight after you put the first coat, then it will be too much.

I trusted ZA and its products suit my skin, so I do not have any problem with them. I am not exactly in love with them. Just that I can always count on them to work on my skin. It will pretty much be a bias opinion. I guess you just have to try them to see if its actually good enough for you.

So if you get the new one, it will be call perfect fit two-way foundation and here is a chart of the new shade. Oh, the casing and refills are sold separately.


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