DIOR Silver Star Eyeshadow & Lipgloss Compact Ltd Ed

A super heavy compact. Pretty solid. Good for throwing at unwanted stalker. Haha, just kidding, but seriously this palette is super heavy. I’d been using it as a paperweight. And the casing is metal, which leaves thumbprint all over. I can never keep the casing clean.

So, 4 eyeshadow and a lipgloss in the center. I had the Dior D’Trick Makeup Palette (2006), which is really pretty but I find the shadows really bad. The only good thing about that is the mascara. I just throw it two years later and kept the casing, which this year I finally got a good use for it; I am using it for my depot lipsticks.
So with this compact, I was pretty skeptical too. I refuse to touch it for the longest time. Plus the color is just so bright. I mean, I love blue but I doubt I’ll wear them. Even now, I still don’t really use blue, except for mascara.
So ya, the highlight colour is a pale yellow matte and its on the right, which is weird. Usually the lightest color is on the left. Anyway, it follow by pink, light blue and cyan. All shades are matte which is nice. When you blend it, or smudge it, it turned metallic. Like the highlighter will have golden shimmer. It’s actually very pretty.
The shadows are smooth to the touch. Love swiping it with my fingers. Pigmented? I guess. But it doesn’t last. It tend to fades off. Last time I do not know of a thing call primer, so I never did apply with that. When I did, it doesn’t help much. It is smooth so it doesn’t crease, but it just fade and blend together. My hooded eyelid did not help.

The lip gloss is alright, but it sort of melt, and became sticky. I just took out a chunk with tissue so it doesn’t touch the mirror when close. A pity since I love lip product the most.

People love Dior product. Like I read beauty bloggers raving bout how pretty the Dior eye shadows are, but I had used 3 Dior palette and I can say that Dior doesn’t make an impact on me. I love their mascaras, but I guess that’s about it. I do not know if the new shadows are actually better, or its pretty much the same. But the price make it hard for me to try them out.


2 thoughts on “DIOR Silver Star Eyeshadow & Lipgloss Compact Ltd Ed

  1. Hahaa… i love how you would throw your precious Dior palette at stalkers! LOL, a girl gotta defend herself yah?? But u’re right, i’ve never been a fan of Dior… except for their lippies! ;P

    • 😀
      Oh Gish, I’m so glad to hear someone else is not a fan of Dior. I feel so weird for not liking something most people actually adore. Haha. I do like their mascara though.

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