April Bellabox

I received my April box earlier this month. From the way it was described, I thought I’ll be receiving products with tasty scent. I guess, I was just taken away by the sweets picture. Anyway, I like the green polka dot wrapper with the orange sticker.

The goodies. I received 6 items. One hairband, one drink, 2 masks, shower gel and a serum.

This is like the only thing I am excited about in this month box. The day before I was walking with Huimin at Watsons, and we were talking bout Twistband. I just wish that I got it in another color. I tried it, and pulled it off my hair, and a strand came out. So much for it being the “best” hair band on the planet right now.
Anyway, it wasn’t that bad. I do think the one I have is too long, as I’ve seen shorter version on YouTube. The shorter ones will be the perfect length for an arm candy.
Cost: $15.95/3 pcs

Faust’s Asleep Potion allows you to rest your mind and calm your body for a night of undisturbed repose. This potion includes effective ingredients that help absorb and negate the effects of alcohol, improve relaxation, detoxify and re-hydrate your body so you can wake up feeling like your best self.

Keep this little potion on hand for when you come home after a late night out, or when your mind is racing from a busy day. The red berry flavour adds a sweet element to your sleeping efforts!

Faust’s asleep potion is pretty neat. I’ve been trying to find a better drink for helping me sleep. I’ve been drinking RedBull to help me sleep and wake up fresher during exam periods. So, I cannot wait to try this. RedBull is not for sleeping, so it works well for waking me up. I am just weird, I take RedBull to sleep.

With this, I do not know if I will be able to wake up in like 4 hours time, so I shall wait till one day when I really need to sleep peacefully.
Cost: $24.90/5 bottles

Nuxe creme fraiche 24hr de beaute masque
For tired skin, for aging skin, for dry skin and all skin types in between this quenches and restores!

I’ve seen this brand around, but I do not know how good it is. But it is a mask, I love masks so it is worth trying.
Cost: $48/50ml

The highly rave Bioderma, but this is the Atoderm gel though. Just the perfect sixe for travelling. How I wish I am at some beachy island now.
Daily skin wash suitable for kids and adults
Formulated for dry, sensitive skin
Over time, increases skin’s protective barriers
Leaves skin soft, hydrated and supple

The Skin Pharmacy collagen building serum.
The shopping center closest to my house is Parkway, and recently, The Skin Pharmacy and Nuxe shop started appearing out of nowhere. I am not the type to go in expensive looking place, so I always pass by and ignore the shops. But with these samples, it just makes it easier for me to decide. If I actually like it, it will be much easier for me to buy them.

Contains Sodium Hyaluronate for collagen building
Firms skin, protects against moisture loss
Absorbs fast, is light as a feather, never oily

The serum is not bad. It absorbs fast and its not sticky. I do not see much of a different. But I guess that’s just me, I can’t really tell about the wonders of serums.
Cost: $59.90 (unknown size)

Lastly, this Cellilux glacial mineral gel. This is the other mask. I also can’t wait to try this out.

Clay and Glacial water deeply hydrate and cleanse
Exfoliating properties remove impurities
Fruit extracts protect against environmental damage
Suitable for all skin; face and body

Cost: $78/60ml


4 thoughts on “April Bellabox

  1. This box looks really interesting like a relaxing spa box. I never really see the difference with serums either. I also adore face masks so I’m always up for trying a new one. I hope it works well for you :).

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