Vaseline healthy white perfect 10

I got this from Cozycot. They made you take some survey and gave you this whitening and anti-aging lotion to try out. It was their new body lotion back then. Two years ago, I think.

This is a 10 in 1 skin benefits lotion. It’s basically what women want, the top 10 skin needs.
1. Visible skin lightening
2. Even-tone restoration
3. UVA & UVB protection
4. Dark spot reduction
5. Radiance boost
6. Skin feels firm & tight
7. Visibly reduces fine lines
8. Skin renewal
9. Intense moisturization
10. Deep nourishment*
*within epidermis layer

They also tell you to use it twice a day for best results.

When my TBS lotion finally used up, I have to use this as its been on my dressing table for ages. Even though its just a mere 25mL, it takes awhile to finish this. I slather this on all over my body. But the opening of this tube is bad. The watery lotion just comes out too easily, you really have to control your pouring.

I really like the smell of this. It’s like florally but not really a flower smell. I don’t know. It’s just scented. Oh. Like powdery. A floral powder.
I also like how it’s so creamy and easy to apply. It just blends really well. And it absorb really fast without leaving any stickiness.
I also notice that my knees are not dry anymore.

So I guess number 9 is correct. Moisturizing alright. UV protected? The spf was not listed on this packaging. The rests of the points? I don’t really see much a difference. But I really do like this lotion. I will have a really hard time deciding what body lotion to buy next time. I still have a few to play around with at home. So we shall see.

2 thoughts on “Vaseline healthy white perfect 10

    • I wore it every morning after I showered.
      I’m not sure about skin whitening property. But for most Asian products, skin whitening is making your skin fairer, at least that’s what the commercial always tell us.

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