May Bellabox

My Bellabox for May came on the 10th. It was themed Ready for Cannes.

I really like the little sticker that hold the wrapper together
These are all the things I got this month. 5 + 2 bonus items. When I first open the box, I was quite shocked to get 7 stuff. I love it, the more the merrier, but I guess the value of each product should be less huh. I also finally got a makeup item, sort of. Do lipgloss count as makeup?

Talika eye therapy patch, well it said 3 pairs on the packaging, but I only got one. It is a reusable eye contour patch with essential oils and ceramide 3. Each pair can be used 3 times, so that’s good. I only wish it came in the container as the picture shown. So you use it and in 30 minutes, your eye area will be firmed, tightened, smoothed and it even reduces scarring.
Price= $120/6 pairs
So this practically covered the whole box.

Dr. Morita’s hyaluronic acid essence mask comprises truly natural, truly beautiful ingredients for your hydrating, anti-aging skincare needs. Cucumber extract, Ceramide, Marine Collagen, Licorice and Seaweed all combine for highly effective benefits you’re going to have to see to believe.

Every month, I got a mask. I guess it is an easier product to give out in beauty boxes. Who doesn’t love mask? I know some people don’t but hey, it’s a good way to relax. I never heard of Dr. Morita, so it will be fun to try this out. By the feel of it, it contains lots of essence(liquid). Can’t wait to try this out. I have till February 2016 to use this mask.

Lavin Me Eau de Parfum is a unique blend of licorice, blueberries mingle with tuberose. I can tell you I am already in love with this perfume. It is very feminine and floral but it’s not full blown floral, just a hint. It is very soft and “sweet”. Not exactly sweet, but I just can’t describe it. I will say it is a spring perfume cause that’s what it remind me of. After a while the scent kind of set in and blend better on to your body. So then it will smell like a day out at the Shoppes Marina Bay Sands. Very classy, fresh, clean and just plain lovely.
Price= $108/50ml

Borracha wine wipes promise to remove stains, freshen breath, eliminate germs and protect your mouth. It is an interesting concept. I don’t really like to drink red wine outside cause of the stain. So I’m pretty happy with this.
Price= $8.70/20 pcs

Lash card is your answer to clumped lashes, flat lashes and wet mascara that can run to your under eye area before it dries. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and this simple idea takes care of your eye beauty needs.

The curved edge provides a perfect barrier to unwanted smudges, while also providing a solid backdrop that allows your lashes to be splayed out for maximum application effect. What’s more, you don’t need to worry that multiple coats will add mascara clumps. It works perfectly, whether you’re on first coat or your last! Small, individually wrapped and transportable, it fits easily into all your bags for on-the-go touchups!

Ok, I just copied the whole thing from the website, but I just agree with the description. They gave us 2, so that’s really nice. I know people from overseas received their lash card from beauty boxes before us, I guess we are just kind of one or two steps behind. I do like that this come with 2 curve sides.

I used old business card trick I learnt from Michelle Phan’s video here. It doesn’t work that well for me though. I am not sure if the lash card is going to be the same or will be better. I think you can make your own “lash card” if you do not have one. But I guess if you are lazy to cut the curve shape all the time, it is nice to have one of these around.
Price = $8.90/10 pcs

ModelCo’s shine ultra lip gloss is a shimmering gloss with non-stick formula that glides on evenly, leaving your lips with a luscious, long-lasting shine. Housed in a sleek and stylish bottle, SHINE Ultra Lipgloss fits perfectly into the smallest of evening bags and comes with an inbuilt mirror for on-the-go applications. That is not true. It is rather big. My Jolly Rancher lip gloss is like a midget comparing to this. And I can’t fit that lip gloss into some of my evening purses, what’s more the ModelCo’s. I do love the mirror on the side of the gloss. It’s very practical.

Lastly, I was really happy when I saw this in the box. Cause I was about to throw mine out, but I haven’t have the time to buy a new one. Plus Sasatinnie eyebrow razor is so tiny. So this is definitely useful.
Price= $1.80/2 pcs


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