Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus and more blue stuff

This is a blue mascara. I’ve been looking for some colored mascara for a while. I used to love ZA blue mascara. It has the perfect hint of blue, but it wasn’t a baby blue, pastel color, it’s a navy blue actually. I just cannot find it anymore. So when I see this and it’s on sale (of course, I buy everything on sale), I just had to get it.

But first lets take a look at what I found. It’s funny when you buy something, some old stuff in the same category started showing up.
YSL volume infini curl mascara (blue) and Bourjois volume clubbing in disco blue.
As you can see, the Bourjois is a really pigmented baby blue. It did gave color on my lashes, but it sort of clumped. I guess it gave the volume that was promised, but you have to work on it. It wasn’t a practical mascara to use daily back then. Thinking back, if I would to use it today, I think I would have like it better as long as I have my lash comb with me.
The wand in YSL is much smaller and it’s just a regular wand. The blue gave a nice hint of color making your lashes look different. It is like the ZA but the fact it’s for volumizing, it didn’t do that well. It clumped. The formula is much more drying than Bourjois. At that time, I was using my ZA and loving it, so this was pretty much neglected. That’s all I remembered of this lashes.

Now back to Majolica Majorca.
This is the wand. It’s basically a comb applicator, and I don’t know why I think it will be easier to use comb than the normal bristle wand. What seems like a good idea, it just doesn’t perform as such. The wand has 2 sides, one is straight with wider comb and the other a curve with a narrow points. I always use the narrower side, as I want my lashes to separate as much as possible.

I find that I have to really be careful applying this mascara. There’s tiny extra fibers that suppose to expand your lashes. Make it thicker and longer. But I always have fallouts and that really suck. I got so panic when I find those fibers on my cheekbone. I thought my lashes drop. The same thing with removal. This mascara last really well and you have to use oil based remover to get it off. So sometime I got shock seeing those lash-like-extras on the cotton pad; is it my lashes? -Thank goodness it’s not.

Anyway, yah, I have not really master using this just yet. I don’t use it daily or regularly. The blue doesn’t really show up on my lashes unless you stare real close and that would be creepy. I tried other mascaras from Majolica Majorca and I love it.

1. The price (MM mascaras) on average should be about $25.95. So it’s kind of pricey in my eyes.
2. The main purpose of getting this was for the pop of blue, but it became just another of the masses.
I thought of wearing this for some special occasions, but putting 1&2 together, it doesn’t serve it purpose. Good thing it was in sale huh.

Overall it’s still a good mascara.


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