More baby lips color lip balm

I got 3 more baby lips. I wanted to get 4 but cherry was sold out. So now I have 4/5 of these babies.

I really wish my lips are not so pigmented. Maybe the color would show better. Just look at the picture below.
From left to right:
Pink Lolita, Berry Crush, Rose Addict and Coral Flush

Surprisingly, the lightest color(packaging) show up the most on my lips. Not exactly the color shown, but just a hint of color. That’s why Pink Lolita is my favorite. It is more noticeable than Berry Crush. And you can see Rose Addict is actually the most sheer.
Coral Flush gives an interesting orange hint. I kind of like it as it’s not the usual pink. It just feel refreshing having that color on your lips.

The application, texture, moisture, lasting power is the same for all. I love to use it before I go to bed. And when I’m rushing, I will apply this in the lift. It gives a hint of color, so at least you don’t look dead. Plus it’s just a lip balm with SPF so you can’t go wrong applying this without a mirror.

I still want the US version of baby lips though.


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