Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipsticks

I bought 2 more of these during their one for one sale. I pick up Pure, a nice natural color. I would say it is rather brown with a pink tone. These lipsticks are moisturising and has a creme finish. It doesn’t last long though. I do however think it is worth when you buy it at $6, as it still leave some colors after 3 hours. It sort of like tint your lips without staining it. So even without touch up, you do not have a plain looking lips.

The second one is Appealing. It is much more brighter and has a more orange tone in it. More coral, I would say. I am not so keen on this color, as it can look a bit caked on, if that make sense. So you really have to apply this lightly. I just like to tap this onto my lips instead of sliding it across.


So this is a comparison between Naked, Pure and Appealing.

As you can see, the color is not much different. They all belong in the same family. Naked and Appealing look alike. But, Appealing is more orange. When swatch, Naked seems more red, Pure more apricot color and Appealing is coral peach.

I don’t know why Naked look brighter here. In real life, Appealing is the one that is more out there.

I love pure the most. Appealing is the one I like the least. I find that it doesn’t cover chapped lips as good as the other two.


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