Neutrogena hydro boost gel

Gel SPF 30 PA++ provides up to 4 times more moisture to dry skin continuously over 12 hours. It shield skin from darkening and photo damaging rays.

This smell amazing, like watermelon. Love it. It’s watery and easy to apply. I tend to get carried away and use more than I needed. I just like the scent.
It is indeed lightweight, just like water. It is really hydrating too. I guess it’s really good for people with dry skin(Duh! The description said it provides moisture to dry skin. Face palm self!), or just normal skin who went out under the sun a lot. In Singapore that’s pretty much all the time. For my oily skin though, it was good at first, but my skin get oily after a couple of hours. I was just wearing this and nothing else as I did not went out. So ya, it’s not for me. But the scent is what made me used it up.

Under a really good foundation it is really good. Doesn’t get oily fast. So ya not bad. Worth trying it out. I don’t know the full price though.


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