Blotting powders

This is my favorite powder. Cause it is small and compact and blue and looks super groovy. It’s the ZA Groovy Smoovy. This is not exactly transparent. It goes on a bit whitish on my face. But I just need to smooth it with my hand and I’m good to go. It takes off the oil and shine in my face. It goes on smooth and really light. Been loving this more as said to blotting papers, as it control the shine better. Plus it looks cuter, and not as gross when you touch up your face in public places(ladies room). It cost $17.90. So it’s on the pricier side with just a 5g(.17oz) worth of product. Oh, I do wish it came with a mirror. But I do go through these powders really quick.

I have only 2 MAC product to date. One is this and the other was the Studio Fix powder. People get puzzle when they know I love makeup but I don’t own any MAC product, especially the lipstick. Anyway, I love both powders I tried. One is a blotting powder, the other just a cover up powder. Before I used foundation, I just use powder to sort of cover my face in. I find that it stayed on my skin really well. The blotting powder is just a nice translucent powder that take away the shine on my face.
Eventually like all powders or product, you will hit pan. Now, this is where I do not like MAC. For both product, when I hit pan, I find that the powder tend to be dry. It became hard to apply. It goes on cakey. I don’t know what it is, but it just makes the powder bad. It’s like it touches water and it became really wet and hard. Really hard to transfer on the puff.
Don’t tell me it’s cause it is exposed to the metal of the pan, so the compact became unusable? Or am I just unlucky? Do anyone has this kind of problem?


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