Strawberry sorbet smells super super nice. The scent is exactly like strawberry sorbet.

I still love the lip balm. It’s moisturizing, after you break it. The hard dome shape makes it a bit waxy. But once you swipe it off, it becomes so much better.
It’s clear and not minty. Great for a base.
I love the packaging as its just so unique and round. Great for putting on the table.

My 11 years old sister love it. She doesn’t wear make up. Doesn’t like make up. But she likes “the egg” as she calls it. She doesn’t like mint too. So this is perfect for her and she loves the scent too.


5 thoughts on “EOS

      • My boyfriend and I are hoping to incorporate Hong Kong into our five week trip this January, I am happy to hear I’ll be able to get my favorite lip product there. Any advice for 5 days to a week in Hong Kong? 🙂

      • I didn’t know EOS has shaving cream. That would be interesting.

        Oh I miss Hong Kong. I love it there. They have lots of lunch and tea (proper food) time which is way cheaper than dinner time pricing and the portion of the food is still the same.

        For drugstore makeup, check out, Sasa, Bonjour, Colormix. They have a lot of those shops around the area. The prices varies between those 3 shops and depend greatly on sale. I love to compare prices before actually buying them. Watsons and Mannings worth checking out too.

        Lan Kwai Fong is a great place to chill after dinner.
        Stanley market is another nice chilling place with lots of cafes.

        Oh you have to go eat at Tim Ho Wan, famous for their dim sum. There are a few places but the one I know is at Central, IFC mall.
        Din Tai Fung is good too, but it’s more of Taiwanese dishes.
        Traveling wise, MTR which is their train can take you to most places. For accommodation, I like Tsim Sha Tsui area, but that’s because I like to shop. 🙂

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