The artiste collection

I just had to buy all the MUA product, don’t I? So I got my hand on the artiste collection palette. I find that it will be nice to have everything in one palette. It will be so much more convenient for oversea trips. Plus I don’t have any highlighter.
This is what the whole palette looks like.

The eyeshadows are not the most pigmented of its kind, but it’s pretty alright. Some are better than others. The marble effects are only at the surface of the shadows, so once you used it, it will be just a plain color. It won’t be that pretty to look at anymore.
The blushes are kind of powdery. Especially the Primrose. The colors are not exactly pigmented. Sometimes I find that it doesn’t show. It is better for light skin girls I feel. If your skin is darker, you have to pick up lots of the color for it to show. I just think that you have to blend a lot with this blush. Since its powdery and all, you do no want any harsh line showing through. Not my favorite kind of blush, but it is alright.
As for the highlighter, I think it’s really pretty. The color payoff is great and it blends well giving you the glow that you need.
The bronzer is actually a nice color. Slightly darker than my H&M. As long as I contour with a light hand, it really goes on well. I am still practicing, but I feel it’s good enough pigmentation for contouring.

Overall it’s a good palette, but the blushes can be better.


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