Cleanser: foam, gel and scrub

I’ve tried plenty of facial wash, and none seem to suit me as much as my Beautain. It is not the best, but it gives me the best feeling. As long as it feels nice, I got no complain. So I was saying I tried plenty of cleanser or facial wash and this post is going to be a review on those that can be found in my bathroom right now.

acnes cresson za foaming gel

Acnes cleansing foam. I actually like foaming facial wash. It is gentle on your face. It is said to prevent oil from building up and creating more acne on your skin. Well as the brand Acnes, you can tell it is for acne prone skin. I don’t really see much different. Especially on my sister who uses this. Her young face is still covered with pimples.

Cresson is another Korean brand that my local beauty supply provide me with. Well they say that this is good. I got this when Cure natural aqua gel was the biggest hype in Singapore. Everyone seems to want it. The only problem was that it is pricey. Cresson Soft Peeling Gel, basically is the same thing. Or similar. I don’t know how good Cure is, but if Cresson is similar, then I’m glad I did not spend money on Cure. It is ok, but not awesome.
You have to use it dry. Then take a small amount and rub it all over your dry face. It will act as a peeling agent to remove your blackheads and stuff. I guess at the point of washing, you will feel it. But when you leave the shower, it just doesn’t give a new face feeling. It’s like sure I feel clean, but my blackheads are not totally removed.

ZA cleansing foaming gel. True to its name, a gel. I like rubbing the gel together. Pretty fun to play with. I just apply this directly to my face, wet. Eventually it will foam up. Then wash down with water, and my face will feel really dry and soft.

Dariya soy milk foaming wash is a really gentle foam cleanser. Use one pump and its all you need. Clean off dirt and makeup (face) pretty well. It isn’t drying, in fact it’s moisturizing. After searching online for so long, I finally found an online shop selling this. Here is the link.






eucerin scrub  Eucerin DermoPurifyer scrub had tiny beads. It is very gentle on the skin. Many people in my extended family rave about this. But I just find it so-so. Sure it clean up good. Removes blackhead. Skin feels smooth and soft. But if I use this for too long, it will break me out. I am just weird like that.





za cleansing foamZA True White cleansing foam. This has tiny little small balls of beads that can act as a micro scrub. Smaller than Eucerine scrub. More like grains of sand. But it feels round, like tiny dots. I like this as it can lean towards a scrub. This is nice. As it has just a hint of texture to it. It makes my skin feel extra clean.
Even though I read somewhere that the more gentle the face wash, the more it clean better. And here I am liking the opposite. But you see, after I read that little clipping, I learn to appreciate foaming cleanser more. However, I still prefer scrubs.


20130406-232634.jpgGatsby facial wash triple scrub is for men, but I use it anyway. It is just ok, pretty gentle on the face but has a very refreshing effect. So it’s really nice if you want some cooling effect on your face.






ZA Total Hydration Fresh and Moist foamy cleanser. Both is from the pink series of total hydration. The Fresh one is more a scrub. Has tiny blue granules, pretty similar to the true white one, but that one is in yellow. So I guess it is different type of granules?
The Moist one has no granules.
Both clean very well. It just depend if you want a scrub effect or not. Either one will work just the same. Lather up really quick and easily wash off. However, both will leave me feeling very squeaky clean. Which I guess you want to feel really clean, but those squeaky feeling is just not nice. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel good, you know what I mean? Like, all the moisture is being suck out from your skin. So it wasn’t as pleasant as other face wash.

That’s all the face wash I tried right now. Yes, you may call me insane, haha. I’m trying to finish off the product so I don’t have that much. I still have a few more samples I really wanna open up and use. So wish me luck.

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