L’oreal total repair night essence

I love this for 2 things. First, you apply it wet. Second, it’s a night essence. So technically you can have wet hair and go to sleep.
If you don’t know, sleeping with wet hair can give your hair and your pillow a really awful stench. Especially if you do it often. I know of some old neighbors who do that. For some reason the smell doesn’t go away. That is my experience and what my mom told me, and you know mothers know best. Of course there is a saying if you sleep with wet hair with air-con or fan blowing in your direction, you will likely to get sick. So maybe that is the real reason.

Nevertheless, I do not sleep with wet hair, I don’t lie down too. If I’m tired, I will rest with my head on the edge so my hair can be dangling from the bed. The worse part will be if I fall asleep, then I will wake up with really bad neck ache. Why don’t I blow dry my hair you may ask. Well, I don’t really use hairdryer. Only in hotels, when it’s convenient.

Back to the conditioner. I don’t only use it at night. I use it after shower if I forgot to use conditioner. I use it when I feel my hair is dying. I use when my hair is frizzy. If I see split end, I cut it off then use this. And finally I can at 4 am after I towel dry my hair as best as I could, use this, then go to sleep. It is after all best for a total hair repair night conditioning.

It is an overall good conditioner. It is this gooey gel like texture that smells really nice. Conditioned the hair leaving it really smooth. One pump is all I need for my chest length hair. The thing I don’t like is that it will leave my hand with the product. It will dry out and you won’t feel sticky or anything. When you wash your hand, only then you realize the residue sticking to your hands. So that part, it’s rather irritating.


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