Chanel travel collection palette

There is just something about Chanel.

This is the Travel Collection multi-use color palette. It came with 4 eyeshadows 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses.
The eyes colors are pretty much neutral and pigmented. They all have a satin finish with little sparks of glitters. It is barely noticeable, but still can show up. Smooth to the touch and pretty vibrant on the eyes if you use all the colors over eye primer.
I tend to just use the warmer brown for my whole lid. It’s rather soft with the tiny sparkles making it not boring, but also not too much. Prefect for a lazy day.
The lip colors are not the colors I will use on a day to day basis, but nonetheless is pretty fun and unique. The first two colors are the glosses. They are not sticky which is good, but the pink one is not as pigmented as the gold. The lipsticks are more metallic than I would like. It is also harder to apply as the formula is more drying than the gloss. Use sparingly, it creates a really pretty color on the lips. I will use it over a balm for easy application.


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