Nip+Fab body butter in mango smoothie

Even since I saw it at Watsons for $2.50, I fell in love. So not only its a body butter but it smell wonderful. However it smell more of strawberries instead of mangoes. Nevertheless it still yummy.

It’s yellow and it feels exactly like butter. Ever touch butter and feel them between your fingers? It’s exactly like that but without the grease. Plus the fact that it’s yellow just bring the image of butter in your mind. So not only it looks like butter, it feels like butter.

It’s really moisturizing. It spread on easily and get absorb by the skin really well. Non greasy and the scent kind of linger without being overpowering. I love the fact that after a while when you touch your skin, you can still feel the smoothness and moisture. It’s not sticky which is good. It’s not watery, it’s not too thick. The consistency is just right.

Really really love this body butter. Really love the feeling of the lotion. Love putting it on. It just feels really nice. For $2.50 is really inexpensive. I’ve been trying to find it all over Singapore, but I can’t find it anymore. Kind of sad bout that, but at least there is a legit reason to go into Watsons now.


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