Nivea lip butter

I have really high expectation for this. People rave about it and said it feels like putting on butter. I so disagree. It feels smooth ya, creamy even, but it doesn’t feel like butter. I guess because of the Nip+Fab body butter which to me is exactly like butter, so this is not buttery enough. At least it smells nice.
You know when you mix red with too much white, it becomes pink with more white? It is what this gives me. Too much white. I guess it’s suppose to be pale pink, but it feels white. I am very generous with my lippie, so this doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I always take too much when all you need is just a bit to cover your whole lips. If I do that, I don’t feel like I put enough. So I take more, and it feels nice on the lips but makes it look messy. The product covers the surrounding lips too. So had to wipe it off and ugh just troublesome.

Its a good lip balm, but I had expected more, so I’m disappointed. Next time, don’t expect so much. It should always be a serendipity. I have the caramel one too, its clear so it will be better, I hope. I just don’t know when I’ll use it. As this one, 19ml, is really a lot.


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