Elianto shadows

I’ve been meaning to do this review, but for some reason I keep forgetting. Anyway this is the two eyeshadows I managed to grab from Elianto. They have a little shop at JB City Square and Tampines Mall, so it’s quite convenient to check them out.
I went a little crazy with colors. Usually I will pick neutrals, but I guess I was bored that day or something. I choose two different kind of shadows (I allow myself only 2) that is unique to me and paid for them. They have so many types of shadows and so many colors. I picked up Ardour shadow 05 Forest Green RM8 and Luminous shadow 13 Sapphire Blue RM12.
Ardour shadow has a soft, smooth texture. It is also a matte finish. It glides on easily. An affordable matte singles with unique colors. Can be powdery, but not a major problem for me. The only thing bout Elianto is that the shadows come in a pan form. So you need to have your own palette or purchase from them. It doesn’t have magnet and the pan is plastic.
Even though its green, but it’s a muted one. So it is different than browns but it still doesn’t scream look here. It’s perfect for me.

Luminous shadow, one word to describe it will be velvety. It just feels like velvet on your fingers. I don’t apply this with a brush, I always use my hand as I just love touching it. It is a frost texture, stay perfectly and make smokey eyes more glamorous. Love it. Even though its kind of dark and bold at the same time. I really like the staying power.
I know I’ve said this but I really really love touching it. Price is RM4 more expensive but it’s so worth it.

I don’t know the prices of the others, but Elianto is not exactly a really “cheap” brand. It is consider affordable but it’s not cheap. They have bright colors, but I heard its not as good as safe colors. I guess you get what you paid for.

You can check out Elianto at www.elianto.biz/.


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