True White Plus Prismizer

Whitening lotion 150mL
Effective whitening lotion formulated with Prism Enhancer and Super Whitening Ingredient

Love this toner. I just feel so clean and refresh after using this. You can say this is my HG. I always have a backup. Even though I am using a few toners and am always trying out new ones. After playing around with samples, I still choose this. Unless I am travelling, then I will just bring any other toner. It was said that toner is not really a must in skincare, but I also read that if you have oily skin, you need toner.

If I am lazy or in a rush, I tend to skip this step. But I just like the feeling of this on my skin. I will splash a few drop onto a cotton pad. Then wipe the under of eye, my forehead, cheek and neck. I turn the cotton around and start for on other side. And my skin feel extra cleanse.


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