MUA lip liners

As time passes, I get to try more products. I always think lip liners are not necessary but once you’ve tried you realize how good they are. You can use them as a base color. Sometimes it will help to alter the color of the lipstick. You can just use a clear gloss over it. You’ll have instant color gloss. It helps to prolong your lipstick. As your lipstick fade away, the lip liner will sort of still be present on the lips. Your lips will still has color. Lip liners are of course use mainly to shape and define the lips. It also helps to stop lipstick from bleeding (going outside of the natural lips). Such a good makeup item I think everyone should have.
I have here Softly Lined, the lighter pink and Pink Me Up, the darker. Both liners are soft and creamy, but the darker one is easier to use. It glides better than Softly Lined and it transfers better too.
I like how these liners came with a sharpener. It makes thing so much easier. Convenient as I do not need to bring extra sharpener.
Softly Lined above as you can see is rather frosty. It appears darker on my lips than when swatch on hand. I like it but I feel I use more product to line my lips.
Pink Me Up is really pretty. It’s not really a hot pink. It’s just pink. I love the color.


7 thoughts on “MUA lip liners

  1. I always find that lip liners are one of those things that I forget about! I have quite a few lipsticks but not one lip liner. Think gonna add one to my list of stuff to buy and see how I get on with one

  2. Kazz1n, you are not alone. I don’t even have a lip liner… Shall think about getting one too. Thanks lov3less for the post!

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