Cleansing wipes

tea tree
I do not like this at all. It just smell funny. Even though my face do not have a problem with this, I just don’t like it period. It is a bit drying. It doesn’t remove makeup as good. Plus it just kind of smell weird.

There is texture on the sheet, I don’t know if you can see that. This is indeed a daily essential. I use this everyday either to remove light makeup or just cleanse. I am as I have said before a lazy person, so I like to use wipes to clean my face. I try my best to clean my face properly, but sometime on those draggy days, you just want to be clean fast.
The texture sheet helps to softly exfoliate the stuff off my face. So it’s really good at doing its job. I mean I’m sure there are better cleansing wipes out there, but I am happy with this. I just wish it can remove heavy makeup.

This is for removing dirt and de-shine your skin for a clear matte complexion. As it said Teen Care on the packaging, I’m guessing its for teens who don’t wear make up. It is just like wet tissues, and I do not get matte complexion using this. It is scented and cheap. I think I bought it for a dollar.
Anyway, it can remove makeup, I’m impress. And so I use this as my brush cleanser, for spot cleaning. It works wonders.


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