Jane Iredale sugar and butter

I like how this is call sugar and butter. Cause the scrub is sugar and lip plumper feels like butter. I never read that it’s a plumper, I just use them. Then 5 seconds later, there is a tingling feeling on my lips. I kind of like it. It’s one of the stronger tingling feeling I’ve experience. It feels really smooth too. Makes rubbing your lips together really nice.
The exfoliator is rather thick, compact, dense and hard. Strangely it transfer onto lips rather easily. I go over my lips with it then use my fingers to scrub it. After 10 seconds, I wipe it off using a tissue or wash it off. I find cleaning it with wet tissue is best as the sugar will transfer onto it.
Really like how it turn out. Somehow it makes my lips look bigger and well more plump. Love it. The color is nothing special. It’s just a hint of neutral pink. Really soft, and it’s just pretty much a better color of your lips with a tiny frost finish.


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