Clinique 3-step program

The make up remover is not one of the step, but I did not try the cleanser. I do not like this remover as you have to rinse it off. I rather get a proper all in one cleanser if I were to use water anyway.

The second step is tone. Clinique has 4 types of toner in this range. The one here is no.2 which is for dry combination skin. So this is the wrong toner for me. But I just used it and it is really drying. I do not like it. Shouldn’t for something claim to be for dry combination be more moistening? I’ve read reviews and its not me. People do find it drying.

Next up is the dramatically different moisturising gel. I kind of feel hydrated using this, but at the same time I am scared it will turn oily really fast. And true enough, it does just that.

I am glad I got to try my cousin’s stuff, as this just do nothing for me. My cousin has sensitive skin though, so this work just well for her.


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