I have to put this up in order to link my blog to Bloglovin. Just trying out to see how it all work out. I guess follow me there too. Thank you. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Since this is a random post, I wanted to add that I am doing a 3 mth No Buy. The day after I decided, I bought a bunch of stuff online and I justify it as my birthday gift to myself this year. So after that day, I am more determine to do a No Buy. So I guess it will be starting from this date. It’s a start to stop hauling.

I also am doing project 5 pan. I mean that’s the purpose of this blog in first place. But these days I seem to have collected more stuff. And I kept alternating using different products and trying something new before the old one is finished. So I am determine to finish 5 items. Hopefully ASAP, or not in 3 months. The items are my ZA base, ZA lipstick, MUA lip plumper, Kiehl’s lip balm and TBS body lotion.


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