Kiehl’s samples

Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser is something I do not like. It strip off the moisture after you use this. It’s oil-free but really drying. It cleanse well, but doesn’t give my face a nice feeling.

Ultra Facial Oil-free Gel Cream is a gel like consistency making applying moisturizer fun. It gives off a matte finish. Moisturizing, refreshing as gel tends to be cooling and makes face feels really smooth. Love it.

Calendula Herbal-extract Toner is a strong toner. A little goes a long way. Not a big fan of it. It makes my dry area appear red that 3 layers of thin foundation doesn’t cover it.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution This, you apply all over or just on certain areas. I don’t see any major difference when using this. But it feels nice on the skin. So I don’t mind so much. Additional steps to make my face better, I say bring it on.

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