Murad intensive wrinkle reducer for eyes

It said with durian cell reform. Durian! I am just excited to try this for the durian. Such a fruit can also be use for skin care, it’s just beyond something. I’m speechless. It’s interesting.
For the eye cream itself, lets see. I have been having dry patches on the high point of my cheek(the spot where you put on highlighter). For some reason, the Kiehl’s samples made it red and obvious. So I’ve been religiously putting on eye cream every time I’m not using makeup when I look at a mirror. This is really hydrating. Even though the scent can be off putting. Not that it smell like durian, which would be nice, it’s more like herbal scent, and I don’t like that.
The texture is like facial wash, where there is micro beads but doesn’t feel like it. I’m suppose to put this onto the brow bone and beneath the eyes. For a wrinkle reducer, I don’t see any difference. I don’t feel it tighten my eye area either. Strangely when I put it on the back of my hand, I can feel that it got tighter. Does that make sense?
But ya, it feels tighter. If it works on the back of the hand. Shouldn’t it work on the eyes too. Especially since the eye area is so much more sensitive. Oh well. I still don’t know the science behind eye cream. But I am glad it help to moisture my under eye dry patch.


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