Sexy Look Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting mask

Enriched with Pearl Barley and Hyaluronic Acid to brightens and smoothens skin while give it ample moisture.

Oh dear, I have such a chubby face. Anyway, this mask is just a mask. I like the fact that it has the hooks. I feel more secure that way. That’s pretty much the only thing about it. It doesn’t really moisturize my face, as what it claim to be. I guess I tried others that did better jobs on moisturizing, so this is a let down. It also doesn’t whiten my face. I don’t see the “brighten” effect. The only time I like to use this is in a really cooling room. It feels like you put on cool wet towel on your face. But I can do that with regular towel, I don’t need to pay so much for masks. So ya, not a fan.


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