Full of promise samples


Treatment serum for uplifting days is rather sticky. It’s just a normal cream like texture. Not a fan, as I said its sticky. Takes sometimes to dry. So not really good for my routine. Totally different from the night serum. It leaves me shiny too.

Treatment serum for volumizing nights. LOVE IT!
It feels like a solidified gel oil. But once it’s gone it’s gone. As in it doesn’t leave behind residue unlike oil. It’s so unique, really fun to put on. My skin feels really smooth. It leaves my skin looking matte. The best part was, I woke up with a clean, non oily skin. Totally matte. But I did sleep with a bit of air condition. I have to get another sample and test it out before committing to this.
My skin feels really moisturize that I did bother with moisturizer. It’s just really cool. Really loving this. I am 80% sure I will get it, once the rest of the night serum is gone. Cause even with moisturizer, I still wake up with semi matte face. It’s like the product is absorb into the skin. But ya the 20% will have to see if it works without air con. I probably will still get it though. The gel is really fun to put on.

Dual-action restoring cream for volume and lift. I find this as normal a moisturizer can be. Nothing that special about it. A bit thick, but blend-able. A little goes a long way. I don’t really get what the volume and lift does. But I don’t feel any difference using this.


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