Silkygirl duo eyeshadows

During one of the social dance performance, our makeup require us to wear black and white shadows. So I found this. The packaging is simple and compact. It has a tiny sponge brush, which is useable.
yin yangyin yang
This is Ying and Yang. The colors are rather powdery. As pigmentation goes, it wasn’t bad. The shadows sadly doesn’t last very long. Maybe at most 2 hours? Using primer helps though. Without it, the colors fade easily and it just smudge badly. Considering the black is so much more stronger than white, the latter cannot be seen at all.

Then I couldn’t resist picking this at the same time.
smokey sparksmoky spark
I choose Smokey Spark as I like the colors. It’s smokey silvery better than the others. There are many duos to choose from but I got my eyes on this. The pigmentation is slightly better than the black color, but staying power is roughly the same. It just smudge off easily. Rather disappointed considering brands like MUA selling £1 shadows. I’m spoilt, cheap and picky. I don’t think I’ll be buying Silkygirl anymore, as I bought these for $6.90/$7.90 each.


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