Sunsilk hair fall solution

I’ve been using this conditioner forever. It doesn’t smell horrible. But it doesn’t have that fruity or flowery scent that I would prefer. I’m so used to this that it became my conditioner smell and I don’t know how to describe it.
I also have the hair treatment. This is to be left on for 3 minutes, like a mask. Unlike the conditioner which is to be left on for 1. But it just gives you the softest hair after.

Both smell the same. The conditioner is more user friendly with the tube. But if you want softer smooth looking hair and don’t mind the wait, you should use the treatment. Well, use it only once a week. Its much more richer than the conditioner though. Oh and cost more by $2.
But after using that, you can ignore the conditioner for 3 days. Cause your hair will be as smooth as when you applied conditioner. Well for me at least. I was born with annoying only to me soft smooth hair. But hair product and stuff kind of spoil it (e.g. curling my hair). So now I need conditioner. But ya, use the treatment and you have yourself smooth tangle free hair for 3 days.

So that’s like 1 minute wait = 1 day.
3 minutes = 3 days. Haha.


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