Shower gels

I always make it a point to have a shower gel and a scrub in my bathroom at all time. Not those hard core scrub, just a gentle body scrub. I also like to have milky shower soap, just for days I feel I need to moisturize myself fully.
Beautain wellness treat skin illuminating bath and shower scrub. This is really gentle but I feel that I remove dead cells after using this. It is also very cooling and refreshing.
Dove sensitive skin. Don’t you just love the smell of Dove soap? I love the shampoo too, but it’s too moisturizing for my oily hair, so I never use them. But the scent it lovely. It’s milky and really moisturizing. Doesn’t strip your body of moisture after you rinse them. It’s just a classic, rather boring body soap.
Neutrogena rainbath refreshing shower and bath gel. This smells like a five star hotel. It smells like holiday. We’ve been trying to remember which hotel(s) use this shower gel, but we can’t remember. Anyway, it smells so good that the scent linger after you leave the shower. It lather on really well and can be use as a shaving gel. It’s moisturizing and you feel pampered after using this. I guess cause the scent brings back memories for me. It’s quite pricey in my opinion, as its just a simple shower gel. 473mL for like $20.


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