VDL beauty moisturizer

I have to tell this story so bare with me. I was walking around Orchard with a friend and we crossed over to Tangs to collect some Lancôme samples. Orchard underground really scare me especially on weekends. There were just too many passerby and too many people giving out flyers. But I feel bad for them and will always take the flyers given out. So I got this VDL flyer and dump it in my bag.

At the end of the underground, another girl was giving out the same flyer. Since I already took one, I don’t feel the need to have another. I guess cause everyone ignored her, she said, “its a moisturizer.” And we were just surprised and I asked my friend if she wanted one. We really had no shame, turned back a couple steps to collect it. The girl gave me one too. So then I have two.

It’s a really good sample packaging/flyer/information/marketing. I really am impressed. It’s such a neat way to get people to know the brand. Include a little sample and everyone is happy. The problem is, if they never tell us, we wont know there is a sample. It’s our world, we been thought that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even people are wary about those distributors giving out free tissue. I guess that’s why company like Kiehl’s are doing the try before you buy. They are trying to be awesome, which they are, and be different.

Anyway the moral of the story, don’t ignore the distributors, take those flyers! You never know what you may get. 😀
So the product is beauty moisturizer with prune which is super hydrating. Beauty moisturizer cream treats sign of aging and fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barrier, maximizing moisture-retention capacity for healthy, soft results. I don’t know know why it states to be a cream, when its a gel like substance. I used this twice, once on a normal day, and once when my skin feels really dry.

I kind of like this when my skin is dry. It really helps to moisture it. It goes on gentle and takes a second to dry. I don’t feel the dryness anymore. On the normal day, it’s too much for me. It makes my face looks oily. It doesn’t dry as fast too. So I conclude that this product is probably best for dry to normal skin.

The back of the flyer/sample is filled with Korean words, so I am guessing its a Korean brand. I guess you can check out VDL from the website here.

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