YSL bronzer

I love this baby. As I get tanner, I realize my face appear lighter with the foundation I am using. So I need to sort of darken my face to blend better. My option is bronzer. Instead of using them to contour, I use them all over my face, sort of.
It is slightly brighter and more orange than others I have. It looks like it has shimmer, but it doesnt transfer on the face. So its not exactly matte, but its not sparkly too. It doesn’t make me orange despite the color. In fact this bronzer suits me perfectly. It is pretty as a blush and it works as a contouring powder. I don’t really contour, just roughly go over it. I still don’t know how to contour properly so this is perfect. It’s light enough for it not to appear dirty but its pigmented enough for the color to show. I like to outline my face, so my hairline will be covered. With a lighter foundation, the color of the face is just so different from everywhere making you look weird. So bronzer is the way to go.
Even though its pigmented here, with a bronzing brush, it just nicely dust the face. I never thought I will be using bronzer as much, but I just love it so much. The prove, I got these a few weeks ago, and the YSL imprint is disappearing soon, if fact there is a little dent. I just love how natural I look with this. It just give me a glow but not a shiny one.


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