First Impression: Rachel K cc cream

Rachel K cc cream
I think Rachel K is awesome. As in the woman not the brand. I only tried this cc cream, so I can’t really say much about the brand. But the woman bring some glory to Singapore for “creating” the famous cc cream.

I am sorry to say this but I don’t like this product. It’s a thick beige color consistency. I find that with or without primer, it’s still hard to blend into the skin. I use primer on half my face. I really don’t like that kind of foundation as I do not like to tug on my skin. I find that it can be drying and it always flake. The main reason I don’t like this, my pores around my nose area is very obvious.

The cream itself is quite light on my skin. I am a MAC NC30-35. So I bronze my hairline on my forehead as the flakiness of the cream and the lighter color just looks like I have dry scalp. Anyway the cream oxidize and it turn out to be the exact match for my skin. Well at least it looks good to me overall. Except the nose area which I really hate and very conscious about. In the end I remove around the nose and just use a powder to cover it.

I use this for 10 hours. It doesn’t make me oily. But I don’t really get oily around my cheek. The t-zone test is a fail coz it’s a different product. So I can’t say about the oil control. I just know that they state the end effect is flawless, non-oily and radiant. It also has a SPF of 35. Really a pity.
I really wish that it had work for me. But it doesn’t. Oh well.


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