MeMeMe Cosmetics

I won a contest from MeMeMe Cosmetics Singapore Facebook page a few months back. I really wish I won the Top 10 products contest instead, cause its more products. But oh well, I did won! *smiles.

I always wanted to try MeMeMe box blush, and I did not get the chance to get it from the UK. So I am really grateful that I won this contest. It’s like, I’m lucky I did not buy it then. Anyway, this is the content of the bag.

So I got a nail polish, a blush and a gloss. The nail color is a pretty coral nail color. It’s really creamy and need two coats to really get them to be opaque. It’s shiny enough without the need to use topcoat. The brush is really wide, which I like. And the polish pretty much is in tack after 4 days, before I had to remove them because of work. So I don’t know how long it can actually last. And without a topcoat too. So it’s really not bad.

Next is Blush Me in coral. It really is a pretty coral. I think I swatch it badly here, in reality its really pigmented. I am almost afraid to use this. As I just swipe it once across my cheek, and it made my cheek really bright. A little really goes a long way. You have to lightly tap your brush onto the blush in order to use this. The blush is also very soft to the touch. But because it is in a box, it is not as nice using your fingers as other kind of packaging.
But I still like the packaging. It is cute like the benefit box blushes. It has a mirror which is nice. The brush that came with it is also not bad. It is dense, but really soft. I don’t know why they make it so dense when the blush itself is already so pigmented. It is not magnetize though, so you cant really bring it out. The cover can just fall out anytime. I guess that’s the only down side. Other than that, I am liking this new addition to my blush collection.

Thank you MeMeMe Singapore for having the contest. If you are in Singapore and wanting to try out MeMeMe, you can purchase them online here. Alternatively you can check out Carmine Avenue Facebook page.


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