Liebster Award

The lovely Kaitlyn nominate me for this Liebster award. I think its a fun tag as the person who had nominated you have to come out with 10 questions. By doing this tag, I can’t even think of 5 questions. So its impressive that many girls can come out with a list of interesting questions.

A shout out to Katie from The Mask of Beauty for nominating me for the Versatile award. I already did that which you can check out here.

These are the questions Kaitlyn gave me to answer.

1. High-End or Drugstore?
Drugstore. I am budget that way. I rather be disappointed in a drugstore than a high-end product which I have occasionally. I guess its the expectation of high-end that makes you feel ugh when it doesn’t match your standard.

2. What’s your favorite perfume right now?
It will be Anna Sui Secret Wish. I love the clean spring scent. And it’s kind of a cheaper alternative to Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace which I really want to own.

3. What’s your biggest pet peeve with other people’s makeup?
I cannot stand people who put too much foundation which is super obvious and make them look really fake.

4. Is there any makeup or beauty related skill that you think you could improve?
That will be a lot! Applying falsies, drawing an eyeliner, putting mascara without smudging, contouring, getting the right foundation shade, etc.

5. Top 5 Nail Polishes?
L-R: Revlon Minted, OPI Russian navy suede, Deborah Lippman Yellow Brick Road (so pretty for jelly nails), Elianto S05 and Lieole polishes (love the broad brush of the polish).

6. In your opinion, what are the most essential elements to a decent skincare routine?
I read somewhere that you do not need anything on your face except sunscreen and that is to prevent getting cancer. Then I read somewhere that nothing is as important as washing your face. Cleanse is probably the most important step in skincare. In fact, you do not need any fancy serum, as long as you wash your face, you are good. I guess it is true to a certain extend, as you know that people centuries ago did not have access to much skincare, so I am sure we will survive too.

7. If you can recall, how did you get into makeup/skincare and what sparked your interest?
After O level, I wanted to be a makeup artist, but instead I followed what the norm of either going to JC or Poly. In Poly, there was this girl who has the most flawless fair skin. For some reason I always wanted to be fair. So I asked her what she put on her face, then I beg my mom to get me some Olay moisturizer. I was 18 then and I never use moisturizer. The horror!
For makeup, only after starting this blog then I become obsessed with them. Before it was just mascara and colored lip balm I cant live without.

8. Let’s say $1000 popped into your bank account, what would you spend it on? Makeup, Skincare or Fashion?
All of them? I definitely love makeup more. But I really do want to get a super good expensive mask to pamper myself. And use a bit of it to get myself a Lorac Pro palette and SUQQU brushes.

9. What’s your opinion on ‘appropriate’ lip shades for ‘appropriate’ occasions?
What is appropriate in the first place? I feel that if you are comfortable wearing them, then it will look good and people wont judge as much saying that its not appropriate. But I guess try not to wear bright shades for funerals.

Oh, this is totally random but for weddings, Chinese brides love wearing red as it matches their qipao. But how do they kiss their husbands? Don’t it kind of transfer onto him? Cause watching my wedding makeup tags on YouTube, they put on gloss over it. And it just makes me wonder.

10. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one makeup tip, which would it be?
“Please apply sunscreen everyday!” That’s not makeup, but hmm. I guess it will be curling my lashes. Since I am still learning bout the techniques that work for me, I still will not be able to teach my teenage self anything helpful. Oh I will tell her to invest in good makeup brushes as it makes putting on makeup more fun. I will also make her learn to apply falsies and eyeliner. You gotta start young I say.

So that is it. I hope it wasn’t too long and boring to read. I know I am suppose to tag some people but I am lousy at it. Plus I cant think of 10 questions. So, I am just going to ask anyone reading this to comment below answering my couple of questions. I love to know your answers.

1. What is the one item you cannot live without right now? May it be beauty related or not.
2. If you can only choose one color lip product for the rest of your life, what will it be?


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