Stippling brushes

I wanted stippling brush two months ago. Now I have three and I still want the elf mini stippling brush. I am that greedy.

So before my no buy, I went to and decided to buy some stuff to make my own setting spray. In the end, my checkout basket is filled with a bunch of brushes. I told myself that it’s a present for myself for birthday and Christmas and whatever holiday. Just a bunch of excuses. I cannot help but open up the stippling brushes though.

I got myself the E.L.F stippling brush and the Real Techniques stippling brush.
RT is smaller, more dense, shorter and slightly more stiff as compare to ELF. If I have the smaller elf one, I think it will be a better comparison, but they don’t have it on the website. The ELF one is slightly more flexible. I guess the cause its longer(the hair) therefore it can move around more. Plus it kind of spread out. Both brushes are really soft. Even the Sephora stippling brush is not this soft, I did the wrist test in the store. Both has a couple of fallout during the first wash. After, it doesn’t shed anymore. I am really impress with the quality of the brush.

The other one was a gift from a dear friend. He said it was so soft that he just had to get it for me. It is indeed very soft. He got it in Bkk for about S$10. The brush is from Cathy Doll and its number 03. I extremely love it. It’s softer than the other two. I mean all are soft and it’s hard to compare, but keep touching them as you’ll know which one is the softest. I know when it comes to brushes is about the application, but I love touching them.
As you see the comparison between the 3. Cathy Doll is slightly bigger. The brush height is the same as ELF, but it’s just wider. It also has more bristle. The only bad thing is that it absorb the product, that after washing, the foundation still stay. I use Johnson baby shampoo. Even though using olive oil remove foundation better, the shampoo is cheaper. Olive oil is quite expensive here. I also like Daiso sponge cleaner, but I have not go to Daiso in forever.

The handle for CD is also kind of long, making it look more of professional feel. I like the wording on it, as its printed in pink, but it just has a 03 as compare to the others with the name of the brush. The ELF is pretty simple, white wordings but I mean you can tell how much the brush roughly cost. You get what you pay. RT has a pink handle. One side has the brand, the other the type of brush. It’s pretty and I like how the flat handle makes it able to stand on its own.

I use all 3 for everything, foundation, blush, concealer, etc. It probably is just a phase, but I like to use stippling brush for everything now. I’ve neglected the rest of my face brushes.
RT is smaller, so I use it mostly for blush, cream or powder.
ELF and CD for the whole face.
I like how stippling brush makes makeup appear more flawless. It’s also a lighter applicator than a normal foundation brush. It doesn’t matter if I stipple or drag the brush. It does its job. I love my stippling brush. So far, it’s kind of my favorite.

Use code ZTV730 for $10 off your first purchase of minimum $40 ($5 off on smaller orders) from You have to pay for shipping to Singapore. Either $4 or $8 depending on the carrier. But I find that it’s worth it. Plus it only takes 6 days to reach me, even though they said in 10 days.


2 thoughts on “Stippling brushes

  1. Thanks! I just went to iherb n bought the brushes too, along with many other things.. Haha. The promo cod helped!

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