VIVO lipsticks

Got my hands on some VIVO products during their free shipping sale cause I have no self control. Research shows that VIVO and MUA are pretty much under the same household. But I just couldn’t resist trying out new brands especially one that is on sale. So first up will be their lipsticks. I picked up 3 of the lipstick and 2 matte. This will be the 3 lipsticks.

Nougat shade 7, a pretty natural brown shade.
Pink Pout shade 5 is a shimmer duo-Crome pink with coral gold.
Barely There shade 8, a natural cafe color but when swatch appear more pink.
I am really bad describing the colors, but they are what it appear to me.
The colors are really pretty when swatch on the hand. Not so much on the lips.
Barely There is not a really good color on me. It kind of crease when you wear it. It isn’t as smooth appearing on the lips. Really a pity, I like the color. For Nougat, as its darker, it’s easier to wear, but I have to have a really smooth lip underneath. Can’t wear this with even the tiniest crack lips. My fav got to be Pink Pout. It’s a pink base with gold glitters, so it looks like you put on a coat of shimmering gloss. It’s pretty.

However, having to choose all over again, I probably wouldn’t buy them. It was alright, but can be better and I have way too many lipstick.


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