natur vitalnatur vital
Shampoo and hair tonic that I’ve been loving lately. In fact, I just finished the shampoo. It’s a very nice daily shampoo. Its for oil control which it did quite well. At least I am able to last more than 24h with this without oiliness. But I still have to wash my hair daily. Even though this is hair loss control product, I did not see much of a difference. My hair still drop.

The tonic is a very watery product. It’s cooling which feels nice on the scalp. Most of the time I feel that it just longer on my hair and never really reach the scalp. It just feels that way. I do not see much difference too, so I don’t regularly use this. Well, maybe that’s why. I am not a big fan of the opening as I prefer spraying. And it really don’t feel any different than any other hair tonic. But this one cost much more than the usual one I use.


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