Mini toner reviews

Shu Uemura vitalizing refining lotion has a kind of scent that is refreshing and girly. Very florally but not flower like. I don’t know how to describe. But its the scent that make this toner different.

Lancôme renergie lift volumetry really feels like you are putting water on your face. Just that it takes longer to dry and doesn’t give you the refresh feeling water can. The container is good as it just pour out one droplet by one, so you won’t waste the product. I feel that 2/3 drops is enough on a cotton pad to cover the whole face.

Estée Lauder radiant vitality energy lotion intense moist. This is thicker than the other two. Kind of remind me of Hada Labo, the liquid consistency is like that. Smells like the vitalizing refining lotion. It’s nice. Since its thick I tend to. Pour a little on the cotton, but I find that it can’t cover the whole face. But pour too much, my face tend to be soaked. It’s a bit too much for me. Like its just too hydrated.


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