Blanc Expert Neurowhite X3

Ultimate whitening hydrating emulsion moist. The SA recommended this a year ago, together with the serum. She is really nice. I like Lancôme SA from PP, they just give my samples when I have the email/messages without asking much. They even tell me how to use them with a smile on their face. A+ for customer service. They never push you to buy product too. Just tell you what you don’t have, you can buy, if have then dont need it. That’s what I don’t get the toner as I’ve been using the ZA prismizer.
I tried this first on its own without the serum. I really like it. It’s watery, a hint of fragrance, non sticky, cute little pump for easy usage. It dries quite fast. It gives moisture to my face. If I left it alone, my face looks sort of oily. This helps to even out my skin tone, so it’s great.

Cause the products I bought reached a certain target, I got to get the mini travel size and some other products. This is just nice for traveling, but the packaging is not as nice. Just a plain tube.
But ya, I really like this moisturizer. I tried and still trying others along way, but I used this as the standard to balance out my skin. If I’m trying out new serum for instance, I use this moisturizer to see if the serum actually work for my skin. So ya I love this.


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